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A Not So Forgotten Past

Ch 3

A woman lay on a cavern floor, light flooded in from an ancient staircase that leads upwards. Thick red blood pooled around her body flowing from a deep gash on her torso. Her auburn hair was clumped together by grime and blood and around her neck a silver crystal glowed weakly against the crimson red. She breathed shallow ragged breaths each one becoming fainter and fainter by the second; she opened her dark green eyes. Looking up at a girl whose clothes were stained red from blood trickling down a wound on her neck kneeled next to her she spoke.

"You must go now child before he comes back." Her words were weak with the loss of blood.

The girl looked like she was about to protest but was silenced when an eerie shadow blocked out the light.

The auburn haired woman's eyes widened in worry. "Quickly take this and go!"

She pressed a small brown package into the girl's hand and the girl ran as fast as she could through the cavern. The woman called out to her.

"You must never forget the true origin of this terra's tale in both life and death." Her words faded through the caverns walls disappearing almost instantly.

The girl ran holding the package tightly, tears streaked down her face as the woman's words hit her heart as she ran into the darkness.

Darkness swallowed everything.

Then out of the void a deathly voice spoke with a harsh snarl "Your next!"

A brown and blue wolf leaped forward in the eyes of the beholder and attacked.

Piper bolted up right in her bed. She was breathing heavily as she gazed around her room. The clock read 1:53 PM it's hands frozen in place from were it had stopped. Piper then stood her heart calming as the effects of the dream began to wear off. Thankfully still in her uniform she opened the door and walked out nearly tripping over Radarr. The small blue sky monkey rushed down the hall on all fours with a tube of hair gel clamped firmly in his mouth.

"Radarr! Get back here with my hair gel!" Finn chased after him his arms flailing wildly as Radarr rounded a corner out of sight.

Piper just watched the spot the two had vanished from with a blank stare before continuing down the corridor towards the bridge. The door swung open as the navigator entered, Aerrow looked up and smiled, Piper didn't return the favor and simply walked over to the map he was leaning above. Aerrow looked worriedly at her wondering why she was acting this way. Amurg flapped over to Piper and hovered above her shoulder deciding whether to land or not. Finally alighting down upon the table he curiously cocked his head and cawed once before flying off to the window. Aerrow sighed and put his hand on her shoulder;

"Piper, are you okay?" Aerrow asked, but his only reply was Piper shrugging away his hand and mumbling before heading for the bridge door again saying,

"If you need me, I'll be in the training room."

She then headed towards the left wing of the Condors hallways were the training room was.

About five minutes after her departure multiple bangs and crashes echoed through the room causing Stork to jump and once more bang his head on the controls. Radarr and Finn ran into the room, Radarr's fur was wet and spiky from use of the hair gel.

"What was that?!" Finn yelled as another bang sounded making him jump.

Each of the male Storm Hawks raced to the source of the noises each thinking of a terrible outcome. The sounds lead them to the door of the training room were they emitted from. Opening a door a crack they peaked in.

Piper was murdering the work out dummies with a series of kicks and punches that blurred when they made contact. Her eyes blazed with hatred and fury as her attacks became more powerful and critical. Piper continued her assaults until the dummies seams couldn't take it any more; its head went flying across the room after one particularly strong kick and hit the other wall with a soft thud. She stopped momentarily to catch her breath.

"Remind me to never get her angry again." Finn whispered quietly, eyes wide.

Before long Piper was at it again this time though she pulled out her staff and continued to obliterate the dummy. The blue haired girl's movements once more became blurs.

As she commenced with her training the guys soon noticed her movements were slowing down, meaning that the end of her practice session was nearing, and that Piper wouldn't be too happy to find out they had been watching her all this time. She ran forward for her final blow, putting all of her pent up rage to good use she jumped into the air using her gained momentum she released the staff from her hands. It thrust it's self perfectly into were the heart would have been.

Aerrow heard Junko gulp loudly from beside him and saw Stork flinch as the weapon had made contact with the dummy. Piper was panting heavily, sweat rolled down her neck when she went to collect her weapon from the dummy that looked like it had been through a blender. The guys backed up slowly from the slightly ajar door obviously afraid of their female friend's furiosity. When they were out of earshot of Piper, Stork spoke.

"Well that was a….near…doomed experience. And before we crash into a mountain I think I better pilot the ship." His eye twitched.

"You go do that Stork." Aerrow said as his green skinned friend left the room.

"Hey Aerrow?" Junko asked. "Was it just me or did it look like Piper was upset?"

"Yeah." Aerrow responded slightly detached form the conversation as he gazed down the hallway towards the work out gym, deep in thought.

Aerrow sighed, still deep in thought, as he sat in a chair staring out into the clouded air. He was jolted back to earth as the door slid open and Piper, followed by a hysterically cawing crow, came in. She walked over to the windows and stared out, her eyes darting, as if she was searching for something.

"Hey Piper…You okay?" Aerrow stood up and walked over to her attempting at a conversation.

Which failed miserably.

Piper didn't as so much as acknowledge his presence instead she just turned her head away still staring into the sky. Amurg on the other hand swooped passed Radarr and did a series of flips and turns trying to get a message through to the Storm Hawks. None of them took any notice, except for Radarr who was trying to keep the bird from ripping his fur off. Amurg landed on the table and clicked his beak in annoyance, he didn't like being ignored. But soon he forgot completely about that.

Everyone slammed against different parts of The Condor as it dropped sharply for no apparent reason before leveling out again.

"What the heck just happened?!" Finn and Junko yelled in unison.

"We lost an engine!" Stork yelled back as he frantically started flipping switches and pressing buttons before the Condor dropped sharply once more. Stork held onto the controls as everyone else clung to pipes and different objects. As the Condor once more became level, a dark storm swirled around them.

"Oh great just what we need!" Stork shouted sarcastically, Aerrow noticed Piper's expression change to a snarl and her grip tightened around her staff.

Just like in the gym Aerrow thought but he shook his head knowing this wasn't the time to ponder this. Suddenly the clouds parted and he could just barely make out a terra not to far away.

As if Stork read his mind the merb went full throttle as they knew the Condor could break down completely any second leaving them to plummet into the Wastelands.

Things only went down hill from there. The last engine exploded sending them crashing into the uncharted terra. Stork pulled as hard as he could at the helm trying to pull them out of a head dive.

The bottom of the ship scraped against the black flat stone until it finally came to a screeching halt.

"Is everyone alright?" Aerrow called through the smoke that bellowed from the blown engines. Junko helped pick up Finn who had been buried under a pile of hammers, screws, bolts, and wrenches when they had crashed, they both nodded. Radarr was trying to detach a pan that had stuck itself onto his head, and Stork, eye twitching, slowly unclenched each of his fingers one at a time from the helm controls.

But one fatal thing was missing.

Piper and Amurg had both disappeared.

"Piper?" Aerrow called. There was no response.

"Piper!" He yelled her name.

"Uh Aerrow" Stork said trembling, he pointed towards the window. Aerrow gazed out; it was to dark to see very far but a bolt of lightning struck, so close they could feel the tension of the storm. The light showed a black figure coming towards them as no more than a shadow. Aerrow shivered from the dark unearthly essence.

"Who is that?" Finn said from beside Aerrow.

Another bolt of lightning struck.

This time it revealed a female silhouette and a bird sprinting towards the figure.

Without another word they all rushed out onto the blackened ground chasing after the soon to be dead girl, that is if they didn't get to her in time.

"Piper! Stop!" Aerrow called after her along with the mad screeching of Radarr.

But it was all in vain, she was blinded by rage and the thirst for revenge, the only thing Piper could hear was the blood rushing through her ears.

She attacked at the man, thrusting her staff at him with enough force that it could kill.

But he was faster.

With a flick of his arm Piper was sent crashing into the ground with so much power the rock cracked when she made contact. He then pulled out his weapon and aimed it threateningly at the advancing group.

"Stand down, I am only here to take the life of this one." He said his fiery orange eyes glinting as he thrust his sword at the still stunned navigator.

Without having any idea what he was doing Aerrow rushed at the man his swords glowing intensely in the dark.

In the darkness an unseen scowl flickered across the man's face and he swiftly kicked Aerrow aside and threw multiple crystals at them leaving them unable to move because of the ice that held them tight to the earth.

"This is not your battle! Unless you wish to die." He snarled at all of them. Then he activated his weapon.

A blood red light swirled across the stone, it shone from the very blade itself. The sword was long and sharp and had three claw-like points attached to the hilt.

But that wasn't what astonished the Storm Hawks.

His skin was dark and bore scars of past battles, he had short midnight blue almost black hair, and orange eyes as cold as ice. A black cloak covered his body like the night over the sky.

"Who the hell are you?!" Aerrow shouted at the man, voicing all of their thoughts. The resemblance between the two was painfully obvious.

Piper grimaced as she stood, wiping a small trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth.

Keeping her eyes trained on the man she spoke "I'll explain later."

Piper chanced a look at them from the corner of her eye.

A regrettable mistake, he slashed open her back in one swift movement.

"There won't be a later for you." He growled in an inhumanly voice. Piper gritted her teeth in pain, the wound burned her skin as if someone had put molten rock down her back. His sword had literally scorched the skin it didn't even touch.

"Never turn your back on an opponent. Especially to me." He said an angry flame danced in his eyes.

Swallowing the terrible pain she attacked staff extended. Once more he struck her down with a series of blows so fast they were a blur. The Storm Hawks watched helplessly as she received this onslaught.

Piper fell to her knees, staring at the blood as it pooled around her fingers.

"It seems… Your final hour has come to an end."The man advanced ready to deal the last blow. Piper unsteadily to her feet, she knew that she would die if she didn't fight back.

Her body weak with fatigue and pain she staggered which broke into a desperate run as she headed towards a semi-steep incline of rubble that lead into a brown almost dead vegetation and trees.

"Stop running and face your death! Or are you just going to run like Jay." He knew he struck the right nerve.

Piper stopped and lunged at him, "Don't ever talk about Jay like that!" she yelled all pain forgotten as the rush of adrenaline took over. She smashed her fist into his face.

Blood leaked out of his nose and mouth, his fury would bring her life to an end.

"Go to hell half-breed!" With pure malice he retaliated. He thrust his sword at her.


The Storm Hawks stood frozen, unable to help their friend.

Aerrow opened his mouth but nothing came out for it had fallen upon deaf ears.

Blood, slowly at first, started pouring out from between broken flesh and searing blade.

He had thrust his sword completely through Pipers body, the end of the blade stuck out of her back.

Piper stood immovable, her eyes wide as she gazed down at her own blood. She couldn't breath, blood and bile swelled in her throat, pouring out. She knew that know living for her was impossible, the man had torn through her body.

He then pulled his weapon out, giving her no mercy to the pain, blood streaming over the sword.

She fell on her hands and knees truly feeling the effect of the flame now burning inside her.

The remaining Storm Hawks hadn't a clue what was happening because of the underbrush obscured their view but by the silence gave them a good idea of what had happened. Until she spoke again.

"I w-will not die to you." Piper responded to him through blood. He frowned and tore the crystal necklace from her throat leaving her to drown in her own blood.

"Ishtar was a fool to put her faith in you"

He tossed the blackened crystal beside the dying girl.

"and you were a fool to live." But before he finished…

Piper was dead

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