School Boy Crush

School Boy Crush

Present Day-ish


Summary: What if Zuko was a regular kid until his family's apartment caught fire and he tried to save his mother? What if after, he has a scar and his father blames him for his mother's death? Zuko must move to his uncle's house in a small town, he meets a beautiful girl named Katara who is in an abusive relationship with a guy named Jet. After Zuko and Katara meet, zuko tells her it's not okay to just let Jet take control because he won't change.

(Azula will rarely show up in this story and Mai is Zuko's Ex so this is a full on ZUTARA fan fiction so if you don't like Zutara then you shouldn't read this! (Aang is Katara's long time friend so they never saw each other as datable so it's also a slight Taang story too!))

Katara: 16 years old, over-achiever, who's good at nearly everything, She's Shy and modest. She Loves music and she is very quiet unless she's making a point. She is an optimist and tries to make everyone happy, even if it hurts her. She sings dances and plays many instruments but favors guitar and piano. She has Dark Brown hair, Electric Blue eyes, caramel skin tone, athletic but slim figure like the dancer she is and is average height, and loves the colors blue, white, and silver.

Zuko: 17 years old, punk-rebel (at least that's how he dresses), he's slightly dark and depressing, he is very out spoken but also very shy when it comes to meeting new people or experiencing new things, very athletic. He also loves music, but he also likes to draw and write. He's a good singer and guitarist as is Katara. He has Black hair, Honey yellow eyes, slightly pale skin tone, lean athletic structure and is very tall, and loves the colors red, black, and gold.

Sokka: 17 years old, terrible comedian, loves meat, Suki's Boyfriend and Katara's older Brother. Tall, brown hair blue eyes lean figure outgoing.

Aang: 15 years old, short, spiky brown hair, and grey eyes, outgoing. He loves animals; he has a Golden Retriever, Appa, and a Siamese cat, momo. He's a vegetarian. Lives with his Uncle Gyatso.

Suki: 17 years old, pretty, funny, shy, sweet, and sokka's girlfriend but one of Katara's best friends. Brown hair, brown eyes, strong and tall.

Toph: Blind 15 year old, smart, funny and sees with her feet. Black hair, and clouded teal eyes. Loves music.

I'll get into more detail during the story, however it's getting late here and I wanted to put the description of my Zutara story out there! I know the aging is close but I mean come on if I want this to work they have to be in school together! Anyway, Sokka and Katara live with their dad; I don't want it to be like he's off in Iraq or something because that's terribly sad. So, Hopefully I can write a chapter a day but with school coming it might be hard! Okay I think I'm gonna pass out, Night Guys hope you guys like it when I start posting!

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