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Zuko's POV

I must've been the most idiotic person alive in that moment… What were you thinking dipsy do?! Oh great now I'm making up words and to top things off Katara won't even look at me! Is it a really bad thing to kiss- almost kiss me…? I never meant to scare her off… I just- Just what Zuko? Wanted to kiss her? As if she wants a kiss from you… I sat down in my seat for history. Jet was glaring at me and I knew his intentions.

Katara's POV

"Suki! Suki! I've gotta talk to you!" I pulled her away from my brother and in the direction of our first period class.

"Chill out, what's going on?" She had stopped me a few feet away from the door and she watched as Zuko walked in to class. "Does it have to do with him?"

"We were in the art room this morning… I slipped he caught me." I looked to the ground. "We almost kissed…"

"You did not! What happened? What's wrong with that?"

"I- I don't know I never felt that way before… It was scary but exciting and heart warming and breath taking I just… I'm afraid."

"Tell me everything in a note…" we walked into class and suddenly both Zuko and Jet jump up. Before I knew it both Suki and Zuko were in a fighting stance between me and Jet. He opened his mouth to say something but the bell rang and Jet jumped back into his seat putting on his mask of perfect student. Even with his black eye Jet looked strong so when Prof. Zhao opened his office door I sat next to Zuko and in front of Suki. The only time either of them left me was when Suki gave Zhao her doctor's note from yesterday. I wrote everything to Suki and barely looked at Zuko until he put his own note on my desk right before the bell rang. He and Suki walked me to class of course but he didn't look at me and kept his distance. Mind you he was close enough to kill anyone who came near me but far enough that there was no way we could accidentally touch.

Once in Choir I read the note since we had a Substitute.

'Dear Katara,

I'm sorry about this morning… I don't know what came over me. All I know is that my body started acting without me. If I confused you or hurt you in any aspect I apologize severely. If you're still upset with me after this… Tell me and I will remove myself from your presence. If you don't say anything I'll leave anyway for fear I may try to kiss you again. Perhaps I should make arrangements now… What I did is unforgivable especially after what Jet put you through… I should've known better.

With Sincerest Apologies,

Zuko Sozin'

My vision was blurred from tears and I tried to blink them away when Suki came up to me asking me what was wrong so I took her to the corner of the room and handed her the note. Was it really an accident? Did he really not want to kiss me? Why do I care?

"He has got it bad for you…"

I stared at her shocked. "How can you say that? He just told me he didn't mean to try and kiss me! Why does it hurt so much Suki? What's wrong with me?"

She hugged me and said softly, "By telling you he's truly sorry a million times he's proving he cares about you, plus he's been protecting you from Jet. And that maybe why it hurts to think he didn't want to kiss you, when he so obviously did. Or maybe you care about him just as much… And from the looks of it… You guys care a lot more about each other than you know."


"You heard me… I think you two are in love with each other, you just can't see it because you've only known each other a few days." She handed me the note and walked back over to Sokka and Zuko who were talking but now greeting Suki. Zuko looked at me and we stared at each other a moment before I looked away blushing. I grabbed my stuff and left as the bell rang.

Zuko's POV

I must be seeing things… there's no way she'd be blushing after what I did. I grabbed my stuff and left for Chemistry. I sat down at my lab table with a worksheet in front of me. I heard Sokka come in and Jet slam the door shut. I turned to see what was happening when I realized it was me, Sokka, Jet and Haru. Haru turned to see what was happening too. Jet made sure no one else could get into the room including the teacher who just so happened to leave the room 30 seconds before Jet walked in. I stood up feeling the energy in the room tighten. Haru looked at me then to Sokka and Jet then when he tried to stand up Jet yelled out, "This has nothing to do with you, so sit down and shut up!" glaring menacingly down at Haru. He did as told.

"Haru, you don't have to take his crap, he's all talk no action." Sokka called to him but Haru stayed where he was.

"The only reason you're involved Sokka is because Katara's YOUR sister."

I held Sokka back, having moved over to them, "What did you do to her?!"

Jet laughs and takes a step forward, "Oh so your Darling little sister didn't tell you?" I could nearly hear him planning it all out. "Well let's just say she's no longer as-" I cut him off snarling at him.

"She's just as innocent as she was before! No thanks to you! If you come within twenty yards off her I swear I'll castrate you myself!" Sokka now Fuming at the realization of what Jet had tried on his sister tried to lunge at him. I held him back as he started yelling profanities. We all heard the door shaking and we all heard the late bell ringing. But that didn't stop Sokka's anger or Jet's devious plan. "Realize this Jet, Haru is the witness. He knows exactly what's happening."

"I put sleeping powder in his water from this morning, making him pass out." I looked over to Haru and sure enough he was out. Jet laughed and walked towards us.

I whispered to Sokka, "Don't strike first, that way we have the defense excuse." He nodded and calmed as Jet got closer and he pulled out a chair and threw it at us, we both narrowly dodged it. I dug around in my pockets looking for something to set off the sprinklers. I looked on the Professor's desk and saw a set of matches and I ran for them. I lit one jumped up on his desk and held it up to the fire alarm. Sure enough that did it.

Haru's POV

The three of them thought I was asleep but I knew there was something wrong with my water when Jet willingly gave it back to me so I smelt it and it had I very light odor to it. Very light, so light that I'm surprised that even I caught it, but I didn't drink the water. I heard the match light I looked up and saw Zuko with a match at hand trying to get the sprinkler's to go off. I grabbed my bag and snuck over and got Zuko's stuff and as soon as the sprinklers started up I pushed Jet and unlocked the door. "Sokka, Zuko, Hurry up!" Once we were out I jammed the door and said to the guys, "Jet 'slipped' right guys?"

They looked to each other clapped me on the back and we all ran out and found the principal.

Zuko's POV

Haru handed me my stuff and I thanked him and we found the principal who was with Professor Jeong Jeong, not surprisingly. Haru Spoke First, "Madam McPhee? Jet locked the three of us in the Chem. Lab. He threw a chair at Sokka and Zuko. Zuko found a set of matches on Professor Jeong Jeong's desk. He lit it and set off the fire alarm so we could get out of the room. I don't know where Jet is now but he slipped on his way to chase us."

"I'm sorry I set off the fire alarm. I was the only way I knew to get everyone out of the building so no one else would get hurt." I admitted quietly.

She sighed and pulled me aside, "Why is it Jet seems so keen on hurting you?"

"I stood up for his ex girlfriend."

"He's never had a girlfriend."

"Ma'am I'd beg to differ. Katara was dating him until he tried to rape her last Friday. And from what Sokka's told me, he's slept with all of the cheerleaders and half of the dance team."

"I'm his grandmother. I think I would know if he's had a girlfriend."

"Madam McPhee, with all due respect, would you have told your grandmother if you had a boyfriend you wanted to sleep with, let alone your parents? I know I'm new here and all but… He's not a good kid. I'm sorry. Ask Mr. Kuthruk if you don't believe me…"

She sighed again but then she smiled at me, "Thank you, unfortunately I have to tell my hardworking daughter and lazy son-in-law about that."

"I'm sorry… and I'm sorry about the fire alarms."

"I'll make sure Jedadiah cleans the building."


"He goes by Jet, but his Name is Jedadiah."

"Oh, is it okay if we go back to class now?"

"Yes but first I need to make an announcement that classes in building C will be in the auditorium until further notice." She said this as we walked back over to Sokka and Haru.

We stayed outside for the rest of the class and went to my locker for my swim trunks and then to fourth period when the bell rang.

Katara's POV

I was bored out of my mind drawing myself hugging Zuko writing beside it, 'Don't Be Sorry'. In the picture he's shocked and I'm content, almost as if he's never had a hug in his life but you can tell he's trying to hug me back. When the announcement came on through the intercom I was shocked the find out that the fire alarm went off. I paid no mind and continued drawing. It was amazing; even I had to admit it. I was going to give it to him but I wanted to scan it, print two copies and color in one of the copies and scan and print a copy of that one so I'd have a copy of both, he'd have a copy of both, and I'd have it on my computer/ deviant art account. When the bell rang I went to my locker and got my one piece and went to the locker room. I changed and went upstairs to the pool. Soon the herd of students came in. I looked up at Zuko who was staring at the ground. Suddenly I got up and followed him he sat furthest from the rest of the class on the corner and was surprised when I sat down next to him.


"You're not mad at me?" I was staring at the water kicking my feet; I smiled when he said this.

"For what?"

"For this morning… What happened was completely uncalled for."

"You caught me, stopped me from hitting the ground, what's so bad about that?"

Zuko's POV

So she just wants to forget about it? "I guess nothing…" Gym class went on and he taught us things we knew and we left early to change dry off and change, but the only thing running through my mind was, does she like me?

The bell rang and Katara and I went to our respective math classes and I suspect nothing happened because nothing was said about it at lunch. I put my lunch tray down on the table about to sit down, feeling sorry for myself, when Sokka walked up gave me a hand shake like high five and we half hugged (Man Hug). I laughed and played off as if I was fine.

"What's with you two?" Haru sat to my right and Sokka next to him, Suki next to Sokka, then Aang, then Toph and Katara to my left.

"Me, Haru, and Zuko set off the fire alarms and got away with it!"

I rolled my eyes, "I assume you're skipping the most important part to protect her?"

"That was really cool though… getting one of the most popular guys suspended, just for hating on Zuko."

"Haru, you know that he doesn't hate me for-"

"I know but, now his Grandma knows and honestly… I'd say he's in for some serious crap from his, what was it? 'Hard-working mother and lazy old dad'?" Zuko and Sokka laughed at what he said but the rest of the table was shocked.

"Haru… you're really talkative today. You've turned into a hero, smooth talker, and a curse kid, all within 24 hours, how'd you do it?" Toph joked lightly.

"You should've seen the way Zuko took action! He was really quick to tell me not to do anything and he said-" Slowly the conversation faded as I ate my lunch then Toph and Suki picked up on my sour mood. It seemed as if the conversation had been over for a few minutes when Suki came and took me aside.

"Zuko, what going on?"

I sighed not wanting to embarrass Katara, "Well it's really up to Katara to tell you what happened this morning…"

"And she did, but what's wrong with YOU?"

"Well, she's acting like it didn't happen! At first she wouldn't look at me, which makes me think she didn't want it to happen and now that she's completely ignoring it… I feel like she's repulsed with even the idea." I looked at my feet and continued speaking openly to Katara's best friend, "I don't know why I care so much or why it hurts so much to think that… I know I'm not the greatest looking guy, nor am I the strongest, sweetest or funniest of guys, I've always known that but, why does it hurt so much?"

"She cried when she got your note. She thought you regretted it. That you didn't want her that close to you. I told her the only thing I can think of to tell you. You guys have got it bad." With a smile, she simply walked back to the table. I took a second to gather myself then headed back.

Katara looked at me a little worried then Aang called her. I sat down and finished my lunch; I put my tray away and turned around to see Katara standing there. I practically jumped out of my skin. She giggled softly and then quietly asked me, "Do you like plays?"

"Uh…Yeah I guess, why?"

"I stopped by the drama room and picked up a few audition forms and wanted to know if you were interested in auditioning with me, Aang and Suki."

"What play is it?"

"It's 'The Sound of Music', I really want to be either Maria or Liesl. So, what do you say?"

I blushed and mentally slapped myself for blushing in front of her, "I-I guess so, but when are auditions?"

"That's the thing, there's the acting part tomorrow afternoon and the singing part of the audition is Thursday morning. To audition for lead rolls, like Maria, Captain, Liesl or Mother Abbess you have to not only sing a song you know but one from the play too. Will you do it?"

The way she was pleading with him was just adorable, "Yeah, I'll audition." She squealed and hugged him tightly right before the bell rang.

Katara's POV

We walked to Art together just talking about what we'll sing for the audition, I even invited him and Suki over to my house to practice a skit for tomorrow. After Suki had told me what he had said to her she knew she wanted Zuko to be there on stage with her. We got to the Art room and sat in front of our canvases and Professor Bumi came in. "Today I want you to use charcoal and draw someone near you…. BUT I simply MUST point out two pieces of art work that students in THIS CLASS made last night." Zuko and I stared at each other wide eyed and sure enough he showed the class our works of art. We obviously chose each other, so Zuko went right to work on me and so I drew him, starting to draw me. His left hand was holding the canvas as he drew me with his right hand, his head was turned towards me slightly so you could see the right side of his face a little, but drawing his scar was really hard. His mouth had a slight upward curve to show his smile. I felt bad for Zuko though, he had to draw my wavy hair, I had decided to leave it half up half down today, but when he was done, I thought I was beautiful. He had got every single detail of my face. He even drew my mother's necklace.

Zuko's POV

That was the best I've ever drawn anything! Maybe I should sketch her more often; I should ask if that's okay… but what if she says no? Maybe I'll do it in secret for a little while and who knows maybe she'll like them. I hope I can hang this one though. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met. "Can I see yours?"

She blushed and showed me hers; it was me on the stool smirking while glancing at her so I could draw her. My scar even looked like it fit on my face, instead of making me look hideous. The eyes looked so focused with a sort of light to them. "Katara…. You astound me."

"How? The way you drew me… I- I just, it's amazing."

"My eyes look so life like! I can see emotion in them!" I initialed it in the lower right corner and so did she. I went up to professor Bumi with my canvas. "Professor?"


"Is it okay if I keep this?"

"Let me see it, I have to give you a grade for it you know." I showed him my drawing. "Ms. Kuthruk? You did a splendid job, on both projects. I'm giving you A's on both"

"Thank you, that means a lot to me."

"Yeah, just don't smudge the charcoal!" I went back over to where Katara was and took out two of my new thick sketch books.

"How many of those do you have?"

"Tons, why?"

"Just wondering."

"Do you want one?"

"Would you really give me one?"

"Yeah, it's a great way to vent. I have a whole shelf and a half just for these. And those are just the finished ones!"

I handed her one of the sketchbooks and started drawing her eyes on the first page of mine and put her name at the top in nice neat cursive letters. K…A…T…A…R…A. Katara. She has such a beautiful name.

"You have gorgeous cursive."

"Thank you." I turned was about to pull out my colored pencils but stopped short. I packed up my stuff, "Do you think I could bring my canvas to English, or would I be murdered on the spot?"

She laughed, "I've taken mine to class before, why are you taking it home?"

"Yeah, I asked him if I could and he said yes, he gave me an A on it too."

"But WHY are you taking it home?" I blushed.

"This is my best work, Katara, and…. If you don't mind of course, I'd like to hang it up."

"Really? You want me hanging on a wall somewhere in your house?"

"Yeah." I rubbed the back of my neck setting my stuff down once we walked into English Class.

"That's cool."

"Really? I thought you might be creeped out."


"So when did you tell Suki to go over to your house?"

"Like seven thirty-ish because her parents want her to eat healthy so they make her eat at home, but you could come over early like seven and have dinner with us. I'm probably going to end up cooking again anyway. Do you like smoked Salmon?"

"I do actually… Dinner with your family sounds great but… I couldn't leave Uncle to have dinner alone."

"He can come too! My dad is going to see my grandparents tonight and Uncle could go with him. They're all really close friends and my grandparents only live like two houses down."

"Alright, seven?"

"Better make it six forty-five after all I want to get some rehearsing done with you, right?"


"Alright class open up your books to page 314!"

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