OKay..this is chappy two...:D

Hope you guys are enjoying, this song is Vindicated by Dashboard Confessions

A little darker setting than chapter one, but hope you guys like this chappy has more of a future tilt.

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Vindicated- Dashboard Confessions

Hope dangles on a string

Like slow spinning redemption

Sam can feel it, creeping, luring, moving inside him.

It's evil.

It's dark.

And it's sinking, Sam can feel it sink in him, he can feel it pulling him down into the depths with it where he can never breach the surface again.

He's afraid he'll take Dean with him, if he goes 'dark-side' he won't be able to return to what's good and pure in his life.


Dean is his hope, Dean is the only light Sam can ever believe to see, there's no pearly white gates and angel wings waiting for Sam.

That was decided a long time ago and so Dean's decided with him.

There's no heavenly light for Dean either.

Because Dean swore to never leave Sam, after they broke the deal it was only going to be hellfire.

Only going to be hell on earth, and they couldn't abandone each other now.

Not when everything depended on them.

Winding in and winding out

The shine of it has caught my eye

Sam thinks he can be himself again, feels his and Dean's relationship start to mend all that's been ripped apart in-between for what feels like too long.

It's not a neat scar that's healing but it's closing the rift between them, and that's all that matters.

Sam starts to feel like a brother again.

Dean starts to feel something grow again too, something between him and Sam and he likes it, actually genuinely likes it. He missed this.

Sooner rather than later Sam starts to feel the darkness in him flee at the light he's feeling, his and Dean's bond has grown and they joke and laugh and actually take vacations now, oddly enough it feels normal, like he's living normal with Dean.

"You think they'll notice we've dug up their rose bush..."

"Oh I don't know, I'm pretty sure their cat could've done that with the freakin' size it was...I mean did you see the way that thing looked at you, swear Garfield was gonna' eat you there and then...talk about fat cats..."

Dean's smile just makes the light he's feeling grow, like things between them are better than ever.

Dean's even started one night stands again, and Sam's had his first-last-kiss since Dean's deal.

Things feel good, look good, even the hunts are easier.

And roped me in

So, mesmerizing, and so hypnotizing,

I am captivated, I am

Things genuinely look better.

But they're not, a trip to Bobby's confirms there's been an increase in demon-possessions over the last few weeks, and Bobby feels there's something else coming.

Something big and bad and new. A new eye to the foreboding storm.

Way to break the silence, and skate on thinner ice.

So they get ready, they prepare this time, for anything and everything.

Because fuck it all to hell, Sam isn't dying again, and neither is Dean.

They've sworn on it, and they're not about to let some up-new-comer get the drop on them.

Not now.

Not after everything they've sacrificed...

Dean just had Sam and Sam just had Dean. They physically couldn't lose anymore.

So Dean never did see it coming after everything they'd prepared for when Sam got possessed.


And Bobby and Dean both took a hell of a beating.


And from their favorite enemy...because they hadn't seen her in oh-so-many months.


Queen B of hell.


I am selfish

I am wrong

I am right

I swear I'm right

Swear I knew it all along

But as usual Bobby had more than one trick up his bloody sleeve.

And soon, Meg wasn't exactly back in hell...but more of a permanent fixture to Bobby's living room and expertly caged this time.

Sam apologized a million times, blaming himself for every hair harmed on the heads around him, even beat himself up over the door he slammed too hard.

They eventually put it behind them, another one for the books, another win for Winchester.

They were brothers and after awhile things fell back into sync.

Dean finally got round to be being okay when Sam brought up possessions, they could talk about things again. It wasn't awkward, no hesitation or confrontations.

They were honest.

And again the small rip in their healing wound began to close, small stitches made way into a large patch.

And it patched over the arguments and the fall outs and even when Dean came 'home' too drunk one night and flat out punched Sam. They got over it, they dealt with it. They spoke and they fought but they stayed strong, together.

They healed, but they did it together as one.

Things were working...well at least until the next obstacle crossed their paths.

And I am flawed, but I am cleaning up so well

I am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself


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