Song by Kate havenik- timeless

I just love this song, quite different to the usual preferences but it's addictive.

Short but painfully sweet...

hope you all like, x

Sam wonders about if this life was over, Dean wants to carry on...after dad

Love is a cure

A promise

Still so pure

Rise like the tide

No need to hide


Just like before

Sam just wanted to end it, end it all...he just wanted normal, all he'd ever wanted was normal and after could he expect anything to ever even work out as good as he had with her.

She was everything...and like fire does, it eats everything up...after all it ate up their family and his mom so many years ago.

Oh, here we go

They're all waiting for a cure

Dean always got psyched up for the hunt, it was adrenaline pumping action that he loved, it was taking a stand and doing something for people to save them, it could've saved Mary and...maybe even Jess but they didn't know, they have to be prepared and nothing's safer than to be be in the hunt.

He knew Sam would disagree, but it was the hunting that had kept Sam and himself alive for this long.

Breathe in

And let go

I've seen

How you crawl

Let go and hover

Still changing colors

But nothing

Can break this calm

Dean knew it would come to a conflict sooner or later, Sam was out to kill the demon, maybe go back to school after what happened to their dad, he didn't want to see that happen to Dean...he wanted a normal kind of safe for Dean, something where Dean could feel like he was part of something and not the dwindling family he and Sam were left of.

Sam wanted something for Dean, to be appreciated, to be loved...

Sam did love Dean, more than he ever knew but he didn't think he had the heart, or the soul to carry on with the hunt for the rest of his life...

The amount of pain and worry and endless searching was too live everyday, no solid place to stay, the impala their only home.

Sam couldn't live without knowing...he couldn't live on blind faith like Dean would.

Oh, here we go

They're all waiting for a cure

Oh, here we go

They're all waiting for a cure

"'s waiting for us, with mom and...Jess too hell, maybe we'll see them a lot sooner than you think but...stay with me, fight it out with me...stay...please."

Sam's eyes shed a tear and turned to face Dean.

"You can't ask that much of live like this...with nothing but more questions every day...I can't Dean...I've forgotten how this job affects me so much, it's too hard every day"

Sam turned away, but a strong hand grabbed his shoulder.

"It's meant to be hard Sammy...we can get through it, together...c'mon Sam...what's a little longer on the road trip with your big brother..."

"We've gotta' find the end to all this..."

"I've been waiting too long..."

"Yeah, and we will. But we have to do it together."


love to know your thoughts...