Title: Days like these

Just a Dream. That is all you were. A dream. I found it hard to believe at first, the fact that you were never truly real to begin with. just a figment of the Fayth, the dream hero. I find it sickening that you did so much and in return gained so little, my heart is hardly compensation for your life. The hero is supposed to live happily ever after with his true love. Those are just silly fantasies though, aren't they?, and this is real life.

Sometimes I find myself sitting at a dock, looking out at the sea. I find myself looking for something, anything... and then I whistle.

Then I wait.

Sometimes I hear your response carried gently on the breeze, a sure sign that you must be out there... somewhere.

most of the time i hear nothing but my own heart shattering, pieces falling slowly into an abyss. I'm afraid that all this heart ache might kill me. After all I am real.

Aren't I?

There are cool summer days were I sit at the beach in Besaid and wonder if it all really was just a dream. Not the Fayth dreams, but my own. You are too perfect for me, they could never have dreamt that up. I like to think that if it really were just my own dream that means you are alive somewhere. Living day to day passing the hours playing Blitz ball on an island somwhere. Letting summer drift away and fade to fall where you tiredly pick up your things and head off to school.

I like to think of you as a child, because you always had a childish air about you.

Silly, isn't it?

Then there are those days where I figure that I'm just a dream, your dream. that somewhere you rest peacefully on a bed somewhere, sleeping away the lazy summer days. While you sleep my life is your dream and all this heartache will slip away when you wake up.

I pray that you do soon.

Sometimes the memory is too painful.

Of course there are days where I face reality from the moment I wake up. I accept the fact that you've faded away from me, I accept the fact that we defeated sin, I accept the fact that my whistles will never reach, that I'm real and you are not.

It's painful, but it's true.

It's days like these that I sit back, soak in the sun, and remember that what I sacrificed was never really mine in the first place. It's days like these when I smile at the sun and thank the Fayth for giving me the memories, no matter how painful, I thank them for giving me you.

Even if you weren't meant to be given.


That's Rikku, she's just returned to Besaid. Probably to whisk me away to some unknown region of Spira to hunt for more spheres. You see a while back I joined a group called the Gullwings. It all began when I saw this sphere of you. But you already know that.

It's days like this one in particular, where the sun is warm, the oceans are clear, and you lay beside me on the hot sand, watching the clouds pass us by. It's days like these that I reflect on my silly musings. The musings of a girl who lost all hope, only to regain everything through misinformation.

If I had never mistaken him.. for you.. well then I never would have gotten you back.

Silly isn't it.

It's days like this one, where I thank the Fayth for giving you back.

It's everyday.