Hello to all readers! This is my first Scrubs fic (but not the last in my writing plans) so please go easy. I'm a relatively new fan to this awesome TV show, but I've watched almost all the episodes by now (so I didn't sleep for a while, big deal!) and I've finally gotten around to posting this. Enjoy!

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Slighly AU- JD never broke up with Kim during "My Hard Labor" and consequently they are together and "both" "happy" in the story and Dr. Kelso is still Dean of Medicine. Other than that, the story concurs with all you see on TV.

Stuff in Italics is JD's thoughts. Stuff in bolded Italics will be his imagination nation!

"Listen up Newbie! I don't care that we are ' bumper buddies'. I really don't. In fact, I will never, I repeat, ne-he-ver care."

"But Dr. Cox, I was jus-"

"I don't caaareeeee!" Dr. Cox finished in an annoyed singsong voice as he shoved me and continued on his rampage.

I just shrugged and went to get my charts.

"Wow, Bambi! Aren't you chipper today!" Carla greeted me, handing me an impossibly large pile of charts.

"Why, yes I am, Carla, yes I am!" I responded in my best deep voice, Shean Connery impersonation. Carla just shook her head, but kept smiling.

Yup, girls just love the voice of that old bast-

"Hey, Mr. Nickols!" I said to the glaring senior as he rolled by on his wheelchair. The white bearded man just continued to glare at me though.

Okay, so maybe senior citizens have now developed mind reading powers from their loads of wisdom…hmm, I'll have to be more careful around old 007 fans.

Once again, I just shrugged and went to my lovely patients.

Nothing can destroy my good mood today. Absolutely nothing!

"The rain clouds are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!" I sang as I strolled to the hospital cafeteria after what seemed like only a few minutes after checking up on all of my patients.

"Oh for the love of man! When are you gonna grow a pair and stop singing like the world is made of chocolate and candy and rainbows and other cute and furry things that make me want to choke you!" Dr. Cox yelled as soon as he heard me.

"Nope! Not listening to you today Dr. Cox! I'm in my own little bubble of joy!" I told him, before he could go on with his rant. Dr. Cox glared nukes at me, but I still refused to let him bring me down.

Everything is finally working out. The house is finished, Kim's the picture of motherhood, my friends are awesome and happy, Dr. Cox gave me a half sincere shoulder pat yesterday, I got myself a car, today's dessert is chocolate pudding, the little back felt box is safe and snug in my scrubs pocket, and my son's first birthday is in 4 months. I'm finally gonna have a family! And if Dr. Cox weren't glaring more radioactive missiles at me right now, I would squeal like a little girl from all this happiness. Nothing can destroy my good mood today. Absolutely nothing!

Poor J.D. He thinks his happiness is gonna last. Too bad this story is labeled as angst/drama. I plan to continue this and make a sequel when this story ends. I've got it all planned out so please review and don't let all my hard work go to waste!