Demons I get…

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The story is pre-season1, Dean is 16, Sam 12.

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Demons I get…

Chapter 1

He could not panic.

There was absolutely no reason to panic.

Dean forced his breathing to calm down, fighting the rising panic that constricted his chest and throat.

Ever since that day, about a years ago, when this thing, this freaking poltergeist up in Montana, had trapped him in this coffin-like box where he had been stuck for more than three days, claustrophobia had become a huge problem for him. Far more of a problem that he could, would have led on, especially in front of his dad and brother. He had to be alert at all time, that was expected from him, his job, his purpose, the only way to watch out for Sammy.

He had gone through the movements many times before.

- Just breathe through the pain, the panic. Think of wide open spaces, picture the ocean, the sky…

It had worked pretty well the last couple of weeks, he hardly ever had a real bad attack any more, at least not at one of their many "homes", one of the crappy motel rooms they usually stayed at.

But this situation was different.

The weight pressing down onto his chest war crushing and what made matters worse was the fact that he was, literally spoken, in the dark.

They'd pulled a cotton sack over his head, tied it around his neck to keep it from slipping off. He could actually breathe fine through the rough fabric, but the panic, the claustrophobia, had its claws around his throat and this was the hardest fight for him at the moment.

He could hear them laughing, talking, voices muffled by the sound of his own blood rushing in his ears.

The one sitting on his back was now finished tying his hands.

The bonds were tight, some kind of hard plastic with sharp edges, cutting into his flesh.


He just couldn't believe what was happening. This had to be some kind of bad dream, like a nightmare, a movie he had seen on TV and was now dreaming about.

One more time he tried to shake off the one sitting on top of him, squirming to get away from him, but the attempt only caused them more laughter and the weight on his chest, if ever just slightly out of balance, only came down on him harder. He coughed, panted for air, but this only made matters worse for the fabric that covered his face plastered itself to his mouth and nose with each inhalation and increased the feeling of panic even more.

He didn't understand why they'd put a blindfold on him, he knew who they were, anyway. This was only to humiliate him even more, to show him, that they were completely in control.

He forced himself to think about something else, even though that was very hard to do, to think of anything but the panic, that was seizing him with iron fists.

-Just breathe slowly, try to relax. What can they do to you? They only try to scare you, won't really hurt you…-

"Do you think he can breathe under this thing?"

This was Janie's voice, stricken by doubt, but too weak to give any real resistance, even if she'd wanted to.

"Don't worry, Jan, he'll be just fine."

Another laugh.

"It will only be another couple of minutes!"

Dean squeezed his eyes shut, ran his tongue over his cut lips. He didn't know what the best attempt would be, should he ask them to release him, should he beg, swear that he wouldn't turn them in if they'd let him go? His pride said no, they wouldn't dare go any farther than they already had. Those were smart kids, rich kids, their daddies lawyers and managers.

Surely they'd know, that they were now taking it too far.

They'd probably abandon him somewhere, take his word not to tell anyone and then just let him go.

They'd had their fun, had scared him, even hurt him, surely they wouldn't go any farther.

The car caught a road hole and Dean groaned as the boy sitting on top of him was riding the bucks out like a cowboy attending a rodeo. He was momentarily lifted up to come crashing down again heavily onto his back, laughing as if this was the most hilarious thing in the world. Dean felt tears stinging his eyes, the urge to retch so strong he almost gave in.

-Only a couple more minutes…!-

Then, suddenly, the car stopped.

Dean felt the car swing as the others got out, then the one holding him down got off of him and only one second later he felt someone grabbing his ankles. He got pulled halfway out of the vehicle, then someone took hold of the rope around his neck, pulling him up backwards.

Dean stumbled backwards, not able to keep his footing, stumbling and finally falling. He fell hard onto his shoulder, but before he could even as much as roll onto his side he was again pulled upwards, this time by more hands, holding him up, walking him away from the car.

The ground beneath his feet was soft, damp and he could hear the rustling of leafs as he trudged along.

Then the texture changed and he could hear a door or large gate being opened.

A second later they were inside a room, more like a hall, for the echoes of their steps came back at them from the walls surrounding him. An empty hall, from the sound of it, large, metallic.

He felt the panic rise again, well, not that it had ever really left.

His legs felt wobbly, he was afraid that they would betray him any minute.

They led him through the hall, like leading him to his execution.

With every step Dean felt less sure that they would let him go eventually, that this was only a sick game. They stopped.

"What now?" Peter's voice this time.

"Over there…" Joe, the one holding on to Dean, said.

"Cut his hands free, we'll fix them to that hook up there."

Dean felt his body go rigid.

This may be the only chance he was going to get.

He heard them moving around him, nervously trying to locate where each of them might be. Yet he was taken completely by surprise when suddenly a burning pain passed through his arms as someone was cutting the bonds on his hands, using a knife and not being too careful with it.

But he couldn't worry too much about the pain now.

Before he could even think it through, Dean acted.

Had he thought about it, he would have probably come to the conclusion, that it was all in vain, that he stood no chance against 5 of them, blindfolded as he was, not knowing his surroundings, not seeing. He darted to the right, the side where he thought he would find the least resistance, actually running into someone there, pushing him to the ground. He fell right on top of him, painfully cracking his knee but managed to regain his balance and get back onto his feet.

He started running again, blindly, hands groping fiercely at the bag over his head, trying desperately to free himself, to be able to see where he was going.

He didn't get very far.

A horrible blow suddenly hit his side, basically lifting him off his feet and sending him flying for at least a meter or more before he hit the wall full force. His scream was drowned by a gurgling cough as blood rapidly filled his mouth, made him gag, forced him to vomit into the sack covering his face. He instinctively rolled over onto his knees, ignoring the terrible pain in his side, fingers desperately trying to get the fabric away from his mouth, to keep him from drowning in his own puke.

Then another blow sent him skidding down the wall again, his forehead hitting concrete as someone kicked his head with a heavy boot.

After that there was, thankfully, only darkness.


"Where is Dean?"

John gave Sam a quick once-over as the boy entered the motel room, school bag slung over his left shoulder.

"Don't know" Sam replied sullenly.

To be honest, he was a little pissed at his big brother for not picking him up after school, as he had promised only this morning. Sam had planned on showing off a little to his new friends, he knew how his fellow students would look at his brothers car, hell, even at his cool brother himself.

Sam had waited more than an hour before finally taking off on foot, to walk the 2 miles to their current residency by himself.

When he had found out that Dean apparently wasn't there either, he had gotten even more pissed, suspecting that his big brother had probably forgotten about him over some girl he had met at school and was now driving around with in his car.

But even though he was mad as hell by the time he entered the motel room to find his father doing some kind of research, as usual, he couldn't let on about how he was really feeling, knowing, that if he told his dad that Dean had ditched him, he would be mad as hell at Dean for not watching out for Sammy.

He'd most definitely yell at him, lecture him about his responsibilities towards his younger brother, ground him for nothing but hunts for at least a month.

The worst thing would be that Dean would just listen to all of it silently, rigid, eyes unwavering but just a little distant, jaw set. He would accept his punishment silently, always dad's good little soldier who knew that he must have done something wrong because surly his dad would not punish him without reason, right?

Even at the age of twelve Sam was well aware of the fact that this was not the way were supposed to be – not in "normal" families. Not that he considered their family to be normal, but still it did strike him as unfair that his father would put such responsibility on his oldest son's shoulders.

Dean was only 16, he deserved to have some fun once in a while.

Still, he was just a little pissed for beeing stood up.

"You know when he'll be back? We might have a hunt tonight, I'm still waiting for confirmation from some sources…"

"Don't know, dad, I guess he just went to the mall or something. I'm sure he'll be back for dinner."

Which would be pizza or burgers, depending on what Dean would bring, if he thought to bring anything at all. Sam doubted that his dad had planned anything in the cooking-departement for tonight.

John just nodded absentmindedly, already engulfed in his research again.

Sam quietly slipped into his and Dean's room to take care of his homework and stay out of his father's sight until his brother came back home.


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