Lab analysis

Lab analysis

This might have a couple more chapters, but then again, it might not. It was written in one evening on the spur of the moment.

Doctor Ceverty peered at the badger sleeping peacefully in his glass cube. "I don't see anything," he grunted.

His cohort Doctor Wurtnor winked. "No, not right now. But watch this." He flicked a switch and brought an image of a rat onto the screen in the cage's walls."

"A waste of expensive technology?" suggested Ceverty. "Really, I don't understand why this badger's so special-"

"Wait," commanded Wurtnor. He pressed a button, sending out supersonic waves that woke the striped beast. It stretched, growled, and glanced around at its surroundings with mild brown eyes.

As soon as it saw the rat image, the creature went berserk. It jumped out at the pixel screen, lashing with its paws and screeching. Luckily, the screen was behind another layer of glass, and insulated from the scything claws.

"Interesting," commented Ceverty, "But still not that impressive."

Without a word, Wurtnor conjured up a data screen of the animal's vitals. The heartrate had increased beyond anything that the simple fighting maneuvers would cause and blood was pumping through the veins with the force of a small waterfall.

The last measurement showed the brain, and Ceverty was surprised to see almost no activity, other than what was keeping the body going. "Kinetic memory alone," he noted. "Instinct."

"Observe the blood flow to the eyes," Wurtnor said smugly. Ceverty looked and noticed that the flow had increased by twenty-five percent.

"And now," finished Wurtnor with a childish grin, "The in-cage cameras."

He froze a full-on shot of the badger's head, suspended in its fierce battle against a digital rat. At first Ceverty saw nothing, then he gasped.

The badger had ferocious blood-red eyes.

Yes, very short. Sorry. Wow, our scientists are so stupid when it comes to the Bloodwrath. Nonetheless, it was fun to write…

So, you tell me- should I write another chapter?