A/N in this story i will put instead of a cuss word you can think of a cuss you want in it's place

(Bankotsu Shichinintai of the age 18 going to Tashio High.) Story startes when Ban is off to school with his gay brother Jakotsu and bald brother Renkotsu.

"BANKOTSU, WAKE UP" shouted Bankotsu's older brother Renkotsu. Bankotsu groaned and pulled ther covers over his head, "go away" Bankotsu said said groaning. Ren tore the blankets off Ban. "get up you lazy ". Then Ren walked out of the room mumbling to him self, something like, That lazy Jakotsu ran into Ban's room jumping up and down like a kangaroo on crack. "YAY TODAYS THE DAY FOR THE FIELD TRIP" He sang very off key. Ban groaned and got up and went to the bathroom and changed into camouflage pants and a plain T shirt with combat boots.(A/N he looks like his going to the army) Rebraiding his very long hair. He walked past Jakotsu who's smiling like an baka. Ban grabbed some toast and walked out the door. "HEYYYYYYYYYYY WAIT UPPPPPPPPPPPP" Jakotsu yelled running up to him. "what Jaky" Ban asked carelessly he didn't give a what Jaky wanted. Renkotsu walked up. "let's go." Ban said in a 'what a drag' kinda way.

10 excruciating min.

Jakotsu still smiling like a baka. There was a bus stationed out side the school. Today Ban's class was going to a Mansion like house for 3 1/2 weeks. Ban's class includes- Jakotsu, Renkotsu, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Ryura, Kaogme, Kikyo, Kouga, Ayame, Yura, Abi, Suikotsu, Naraku, Kagura, and Hiten. Kikyo and Kagome share a room, Yura and Abi share a room and Jakotsu share a room with Renkotsu, the rest get their own rooms. The class all gathered around in groups to talk, Kagome came over the Ban, Jaky, and Ren. "Hey, Bankotsu" She said not even noticing Jaky and Ren. "What's up"Ban sighed Kagome was always trying to get him to ask her out. "nothing much, what about you" She said getting into his personal space. "can you, like, back off" He said backing away.

Kikyo walked over and grabbed Ban's arm and walked onto the bus let go of Ban and walked back to Ayame without a word. "thanks" Ban Mumbled Sitting next to Hiten. "what's up, man" Hiten said all smug like. "nothin' dude just thinking"Ban said just as smug like Hiten. "I saw Kagome get all up on you, you know she's like the hottest girl in school" "i know, dude, but she needs to back off, i'm not interested in her like that." Hiten sighed Bankotsu was like the hottest guy in school and he gots all the girls lookin' at him. Hiten already had a girlfriend who happened to be Abi, she wasn't all up on him like the other girls used to be, kinda like how the girls are to Ban. Ban put on some head phones and listening to 'Twisted Transister' By Korn. Kagome walked by and batted her eyelashes at him, Ban glanced at her the went back to staring at the back of the seat in front of him.

The bus jerked and started up, Jaky and Ren sat behind Hiten and Ban chatting away. Hiten and Ban shared words every so often. Abi sat in front of them with Yura, Abi would sometimes turn around and talk to Hiten. Ban and Hiten started to talk about the trip 'cause they were bored. "Hey, Dude ain't it cool that we get to go to some Mansion for couple of weeks, with no work what's so ever." Hiten said. "Yeah it's cool but they said that house used to be owned by a girl around our age" "where is she now" "dead, she died 10 years ago." Hiten startes at Ban confused."how'd she die" Ban shrugged. "What was her name." "Sango something or other i don't really remember" Ban shrugged again but more out of confusion" "how do you know this anyway?" "Asked " Ban replied.

The Bus Stopped at this kinda creep but big house. Kikyo felt eyes on her and looked at a window where a girl stud staring angrly at them with beautiful brown eyes filled with hate and pain. Kikyo blinked and the girl was gone. She shrugged and walked over to Ayame.

Ban walked into the house after he showed people to their room.

Naraku in the first room to the right, Kagome and Kikyo next to him, Jaky and Ren across from Naraku, Abi and Yura next to Jaky and Ren, Kagura across from them, Ryura across from her, Hiten next to Ryura, Kouga next to Kagura and Ayame across from them, Sesshomaru next to .Myoga walked farther down the hall the last room. "Here you are " said. "who's room was this" Ban asked. "Sango Hiraikotsu's room, she was a beautiful young lady, around your age i think" /Just great i'm sleeping in some dead girls room/ Ban thought sacasticly. Ban smiled and thanked . "dinners at 7, Good day" said walking out of they room swiftly.

Ban turned on the sink but no water came out he hit the sink and a drop of redish goo fell out, Ban wiped it with his finger and smelled it./Blood?/ Ban thought. He walked out of the bathroom and looked around. Then this hord smell of like burning flesh came to his nose, covered his nose but the smell was strongest near the closet. He carefully walked to the closet slow. He grabbed the handle and slowly opened the closet and turned on the lights he screamed bloody murder when he saw a girl hanging in the closet burned and a bullet through her head, she looked up at him "look what Miroku did to me" She said. The the rope snapped and she fell to the floor with a thud.

Hiten came running through the door and saw Ban on the floor pale like he seen a ghost. "Bankotsu, Man, you alright." Bankotsu jerked then looked at Hiten then back to the closet where the girl was and she wasn't their any more. "Ban i heard you scream so i came to see if you were alright, but what happened to you, Man, your whiter then milk." "i don't know"