"NO" Sango Screamed.

Miroku looked sad until he clenched his jaw tight and pushed Sango back.

"Is it because you love someone else" Miroku screamed.

"I died for you Sango!" Miroku continued.

"Sango I shot my self after you died" Sango looked pissed.

"You killed me I didn't DIE!" Sango screeched. Miroku looked a little taken aback.

"Sango don't you scream at me" Miroku slapped her.

Sango gasped before turning to see Bankotsu sneak up behind Miroku.

Bankotsu punched Miroku in the back of the head before hopping over him and grapping Sango's hand and running out the door into the hall.

"Bankotsu you got to leave" Sango yanked her hand free and pointed to the exit.

"Sango come with me" Bankotsu pleaded.

"Bankotsu I'm dead." Sango looked down.

"Not to me" Bankotsu grabbed her chin to look at him. He slowly lowered his head.

Sango stared into his eyes. Bankotsu pressed his lips to hers.

"SANGO" Miroku called. Sango pushed away from Bankotsu and grabbed his hand and ran for the door.

Bankotsu sped up picking her up making her gasp. He ran through the door and some how Sango remained in his arms. Sango was sure that the house would take her back but it didn't.

A sound Sango hasn't heard in along time.

Bump, Bump, Bump

The sound made Sango laugh and jump out of the confused Bankotsu's arms.

"What's the matter with you, we just about lost our lives Sango?" Bankotsu raised an eyebrow at her.

Sango grabbed his hand and put it where her heart was. Bankotsu blushed bright red when she put his hand on her chest, but he soon got over it when he felt the-

Bump, Bump, Bum bump,

He smiled she was alive again somehow. Then he noticed she frowned and dropped his hand. She pointed to the house.

He stared at her trying to figure out what she wanted.

"The others baka!" she throw her heads up. "I fell in love with a moron!" She said pacing. "oh" Bankotsu rubbed the back of his neck.

Bankotsu picked up a rock and throw it at a window. It broke the window and they heard a " WHAT THE HELL" and "WHO THEā€¦" Sango laughed when Inuyasha opened the now broken window to look to see who broke it.

"BANKOTSU!" Inu yelled. "GET EVERYONE UP WERE LEAVIN THIS DUMP!" Bankotsu yelled to Inu! "Why?" "Cause I said so now lets go! I'll buy you a beer" That got InuYasha's attention. He ran through the house waking everyone up.

Everyone walked out side to notice Sango there.

"Isn't that, that ghost that was tormenting us" Kagome asked not liking one bit that she was near Bankotsu.

"Yes in fact it is" Sesshomaru nodded to Sango. She smiled back.

"Let's go" Bankotsu turned and wrapped his arm around Sango's waste.

With Miroku

Miroku watched all of them walk out of my house.

"Sango, my dear, this isn't over" He declared disappearing in a cloud of smoke as the door slammed shut.