Chapter 3: Aftermath

Willow was barely able to catch her breath back from being flung onto the bed, before Angelus collapsed on top of her.

"Well isn't this cozy?" Angelus asked as he levered himself up onto his elbows and carded his fingers through her hair. "I don't know what is sweeter the fact that I finally have you where I want you or how much shit I had to go through to get you here."

"Can't breathe," Willow gasped as she tried to push against him.

"Don't worry we can fix that." Angelus said as his face suddenly shifted and he used his grip on her hair to pull her head back.

Angelus woke up cursing as he tossed back his covers, and propelled himself towards the argument that had woken him. He ripped open his door to face the two minions that had been arguing in front of his door. "I really hope that it was worth it." He snarled as he picked them up by the throat and slammed them against the wall, hard enough to stun them. He then pried their mouths open and ripped out their tongues. "Get out of here." He ordered as he kicked them in the ribs as he turned back towards his room.

"Get up on the wrong side of the bed, mate?" Spike asked as he wheeled himself around the corner.

"Get over here." Angelus snarled as he ripped his door open and gestured to the room. Spike sensing that now was not the time to be his usual charming self. Angelus waited just long enough for him to clear the doorway before storming in and slamming the door. "I need to know everything that we have on the BPRD." Angelus said as he reigned in his temper, and started to put on some clothes.

"Well they are an international based group that deals with the study and defense against supernatural activity. They handle everything from haunting to dimensional rips." The brit said as he pulled out a cigarette. "They really became a power during world war 2, when they got their hands on their own demon."

"What kind?" Angelus asked as he snagged the pack from him.

"A big red one." Spike replied, giving Angelus smirk when he growled. "That is all that anyone knows. There is some rumor that he is the heir to a throne of hell, but I haven't gotten anything solid on it. They named him Hellboy." He continued as he grabbed back the cigarettes. "They mainly high researchers and scientist, but they also go for psychics and beings of supernatural powers and origins."

"That explains their interest in Willow." Angelus mused as he took one last draw from the cigarette before heading for the cabinet set against the same wall as the door. He pulled out a glass and a knife from it ignoring the whimpering figure that was chained to the back of it. "We are all going to have to be at our best if we want to get the prize." He said as he slit his wrist over the glass holding the wound open until the glass was half full he then quickly put pressure on it to speed up the clotting. "Well drink up, and when your done have someone come and clean out the cupboard." He said as he walked out of the room taking a moment to smack the side of the tall cupboard with the side of his fist prompting a muffled scream from its occupant. "It's gotten stale." He threw over his shoulder.

Willow was in heaven, she was currently seated in her own lab, "her" lab, she still couldn't believe it. It was filled with state of the art computer equipment along with books and files waiting to be logged into her database.

"First day and I'm already backlogged." She muttered as she started organizing the files on items that had been gathered in Sunnydale. She was about midway through the downloading and already trying to figure out the most effective way to catalogue the information when her first distraction of the day came through the door.

"Settling in alright?" Kate asked as she set another armload of case files down.

"I am getting there." Willow replied with a smile.

"I 'm glad." Kate said with an answering grin. "So we go the latest reports from Sunnydale if your interested?" Kate asked carefully unsure how their newest team member was going to react.

"Alright, is it in that pile or?" Willow asked.

"Third from the top." Kate replied as she turned to leave Willow alone. Willow didn't immediately reach for the file instead she had a staring contest with the stack for a while. Before she overcame her nerves and reached for it. It took her close to an hour to read the material that had been gathered from when she left till now. The Hellmouth itself seemed to have gone quiet, but the Scooby gong weren't being allowed to enjoy it. It seemed that Angelus was going on a rampage he was going after humans and demons alike looking for something. What they had no idea since he wasn't leaving anyone alive to tell. Though it seemed that he had found what he was looking for in the last couple days.

The Scoobies themselves seemed to be falling apart. Xander was withdrawing trying to come to terms with his actions towards her. Giles was trying to arrange her return via the council. Buffy was acting like nothing had changed and that she was going to come crawling back and Cordelia was Cordelia. But what was interesting to Willow as a set of amulets that had been buried by to doorways of their residences. They were known as the Judas Knots. Their purpose was to create strife and mistrust among a group. But the Scoobies were unaware of this it was one of the questions listed in the report was whether to inform them or not about the amulets.

"Hello," a deep child like voice called out pulling Willow from her thoughts. As she turned to face the door she found herself facing Roger the Homunculus.

"Hey Roger, can I help you with something?" she asked the child like giant.

"Hellboy wants to know if you are interested in going out into the field." He asked as he came fully into the room.

"Ya, I could do with a change of scenery." Willow replied as she jotted something down on a post-it which she placed in the Sunnydale report that she then placed in the outbox.

"So were exactly are we headed?" Willow asked as she joined HB in one of the organizations helicopters.

" An estate outside of New York. They contain one of the largest supernatural collectins that is privately owned. They have agreed to let us scan it. And even better they are not going to be there." Hellboy replied.

"Why is that a good thing?" Willow asked.

"Last time I was there the mother was using the coins from a dead man's eyes to blind her husband to the fact she was having an affair with a succubus. Who had been summoned by their son in the hope they would kill each other leaving him a rich orphan." Hellboy explained.

"Sounds…interesting." Willow replied thinking just how easily that family would fit into Sunnydale.

"Ya, a real Brady Bunch." HB said as he light up one of his ever present cigars. "Willow," he said pinning her with his eyes. "I want you to be careful. I would not put it past them to have booby trapped the house." He warned "You get me."

"I got you." Willow replied. "Have we checked that the libraries contain just books not demonic prisons or anything?"

"Oh, right the Moloch thing." Hellboy muttered "Don't worry we got psychics double checking everything."

"Don't worry you said." Willow accused as she glared at Hellboy through the containment glass. "Everything is being double checked you said."

"Now little red." Hellboy soothed as he held his hands up in a placating manner.

"Don't little red me you over grown billy goat." She snapped startling more than a few chuckles out of the surrounding personal. "Look at me."

"Now Willow you know that every mission is without its risk." Abe soothed as he laid his hand on the side of the unit.

"I am aware of that." Willow sighed trying to get herself under control. "But no one said anything about being turned into an elemental."

"Yeah that one doesn't really get covered in the handbook does it?" HB said as he scratched the base of his horns. Willow's response was to form a giant stone fist and smash it were his head would be.