Title: The Cousin Of Ipswich

Author: Kyra

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don't own it! If I did, I probably wouldn't be writing fanfiction.

Summary: After refusing the Dark Mark the summer after 5th year, Draco Malfoy runs to his cousin Reid Garwin in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Pairing: Draco/Tyler, Caleb/Reid…and Pogue is still a surprise, so you have to wait to find out who he's with.

HP – Starts the summer after 5th year, so everything up through OotP. Covenant – Starts the summer after the movie, so almost a year later. Chase is dead and all four Sons have just graduated and they've all Ascended.

Warnings: Slash! You have been warned!

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Chapter 18: Caleb's Birthday

"Seriously, guys, where are you taking me?" Caleb asked from his position between Reid and Pogue in the backseat of Tyler's Hummer.

"We already told you; it's a surprise," Drake replied. "So just sit back and relax."

"That would be a lot easier to do if you hadn't blindfolded me," Caleb shot back dryly. "That by itself is making me nervous."

Reid smirked at his boyfriend even though he knew Caleb couldn't see it. "Really?" he asked slyly. "You've never complained about being blindfolded before…"

"Oh, I didn't need to know that," Drake groaned and Tyler nodded his agreement as Pogue reached around Caleb to smack Reid upside the head.

"Keep your kinks to yourself, we don't need to know them," Pogue said.

"You're just jealous you don't have anyone to blindfold you," Reid told him petulantly, pouting as he rubbed at the back of his head.

"You're really not going to tell me where we're going, are you?" Caleb asked, bringing the conversation back on track.

"Nope!" Tyler happily.

"Don't worry, we're almost there," Drake told the oldest.

"Why couldn't we have just gone to Nicky's?" Caleb asked. "I would have been just fine with going to Nicky's."

"Because we always go to Nicky's," Reid replied. "It's your birthday, so we figured we'd do something different; go somewhere and really celebrate."

"And wherever we're going requires us to dress like this?" Caleb asked skeptically, shifting slightly in his seat as he remembered how his jaw dropped when he first saw Reid earlier when they came to pick him up.

Reid was in a pair of skin tight blue jeans and a tight grey t-shirt, and a pair of combat boots along with his customary finger-less gloves. Caleb's jaw had dropped on seeing him in something other than his normal loose clothes; all the older boy had wanted to do was drag the blonde up the stairs to his room and have his way with him, do some private celebrating.

Caleb himself was in a pair of skin tight dark blue jeans and a white wife beater tank top that Reid had insisted he wear. His hair was gelled perfectly in a way that made him look like he just got laid.

Pogue was in a pair of leather pants that fit him like a second skin and a tight black sleeveless t-shirt; his outfit leaving little to the imagination and showcasing all of his gorgeous muscles.

Tyler was in a pair of light wash jeans and a light blue shirt that molded to his upper body and brought out the blue in his eyes. Like Caleb's, Tyler's hair had the 'just got laid' look.

Drake's outfit had made Tyler's jaw drop when he saw him, the older boy going completely non-verbal when he saw his boyfriend. Drake was wearing the leather pants he had bought when he first moved to Ipswich and they still looked like the youngest teen had had to paint them on they were so tight. He was wearing a tight black wife beater tank top with a dark green silk button up shirt over it, the buttons undone. He, too, was wearing a pair of combat boots.

"It's not required," Drake said, answering Caleb's question, "but we definitely won't stick out, if that's what you're worried about. Trust me, Caleb, you'll have fun."

Caleb made a soft non-committal sound at the back of his throat before leaning back and resting his head against the back of the seat, smiling softly as he felt Reid start to lightly run his fingers over his thighs.

A few minutes later, the Hummer slowed to a stop and the engine cut off.

"Are we there?" Caleb asked.

"Yup," Drake replied with a grin.

"Can I take the blindfold off then?"

"I suppose," Reid said as he reached over to remove the blindfold from his boyfriend.

Caleb blinked owlishly as he suddenly got his sight back. Once his eyes had adjusted, he looked around, trying to figure out where they were.

"Come on, it's time to celebrate!" Reid said as he opened his door and pulled Caleb out behind him.

Caleb looked around in confusion, not recognizing the area they were in. "Where are we?" he asked.

"Salem," Drake replied, "Right outside the wizarding district. Come on." He led the others to the entrance to the wizarding district of Salem, turning away from the shops once they were in.

Five minutes later, they arrived in front of a large brick building. The muffled sound of loud music reached them as they got into the line outside the door.

"Avalon?" Caleb asked as he read the glowing sign above the door.

"Wizarding club," Drake replied with a grin. "Similar to Muggle clubs, only everything is magic instead of electric, there's wizarding music, wizarding drinks, and no one gives a shit what your orientation is."

Not long after, the five boys stepped inside the club and looked around, each of them looking impressed. Avalon was mostly made up of a huge dance floor. Along the wall directly across from the door was the bar while both side walls were lined with booths. Each corner held a staircase that led to a catwalk that encircled the dance floor from above. Lights flashed in time to the pulsing beat of the loud music, bodies writhing and grinding together on the dance floor.

"Where to first?" Drake asked loudly so as to be heard over the music.

Caleb shrugged as the other four boys looked at him. "Bar?" he suggested.

Nodding, the five of them headed across the dance floor to the bar. Caleb, Reid, Pogue, and Tyler blinked in confusion as they stepped off the dance floor and the music suddenly dropped to a more comfortable level.

Drake laughed as he noted the others' confusion. "Muffling charm," he explained, "so you don't have to yell to be heard."

The Sons nodded and the five boys approached the bar, each of them studying the menu posted every ten feet or so along the mirrored wall behind the bar.

"I've never even heard of half this shit," Pogue said as he studied the food and drinks available.

"That's because half of it is wizarding and half is muggle," Drake replied then turned to the bartender that had just stepped in front of them. "Five Firewhiskeys."

The bartender looked at him dubiously. "ID?"

Drake sighed. "Look, it's my friend's birthday; we just want the one shot each. They've never tried it before," he explained.

The bartender hesitated for a moment as he studied the five teens in front of him. "How old are you?" he asked finally.

"I'm sixteen," Drake replied. He motioned to Pogue, Reid and Tyler, "they're eighteen. And he's nineteen today. We just want one celebratory shot, then we'll stick to non-alcoholic drinks, I swear."

The bartender nodded and poured the shots. "You're friends are legal; legal drinking age in the wizarding community is eighteen," he said as he slid the shots over, looking around to make sure no one saw as he gave Drake his shot. "But you didn't get that from me."

Drake nodded in reply and turned to smirk at the others as they all picked up their shot glasses. Drake quickly downed his shot, grimacing slightly as the liquid burned down his throat.

Caleb, Reid, Pogue, and Tyler all watched as Drake swallowed the shot before glancing at each other and shrugging slightly and tossing back their own shots. All four swallowed and immediately started coughing, Drake grinning and laughing at their reactions.

"Holy shit!" Reid gasped. "What was that?"

"Firewhiskey," Drake replied.

"Where has this shit been all my drinking life?" Reid asked as he motioned to the bartender for another.

Drake snorted and shook his head. "Go easy with that stuff," he told his cousin. "I'd rather not have to leave in half an hour because you got shitfaced."

Reid pouted but nodded his agreement. "In that case, I think I need a distraction," he said before grabbing Caleb's hand and dragging him out to the dance floor, pulling his boyfriend's body close as soon as they were lost in the crowd.

"Ya know, as much as I hate to admit it," Tyler said, "I think Reid has the right idea…" And with that he pulled Drake out onto the dance floor, the blond grinning in response and immediately grinding his body into the older boy's the moment they stopped.

Pogue just laughed as he watched his friends, joining them just a few minutes later.

The hours seemed to fly by and before anyone knew it, it was getting closing in on two am. Caleb and Reid had spent a majority of the night ensconced in a dark corner booth, the two of them making out like there was no tomorrow, hands suspiciously out of view. Tyler and Drake were on the dance floor as they had been for most of their time at the club, and Pogue was by the bar, flirting with a cute witch as he bought her a drink.

Drake and Tyler looked up Drake felt a tap on his shoulder, neither one of them bothering to hold back a laugh as they saw Reid practically hanging off of Caleb.

"Well, at least he spaced out the firewhiskeys…" Drake managed between laughs. "This coulda been him thirty minutes after we got here if he hadn't listened to me."

Caleb sighed and nodded. "I think we should probably get him home though," he said and the two youngest nodded.

"I'll go get Pogue," Tyler said as he started toward the bar, "we'll meet you out front."

Caleb and Drake nodded and slowly started maneuvering the highly inebriated Son toward the front door. Not long after they made it outside, Tyler and Pogue joined them. The moment Pogue saw Reid, he burst into laughter just as the two youngest had done.

Reid merely looked up at him and grinned. "Hiya, Pogue!" he exclaimed before breaking out in a fit of drunken giggles.

The walk back to the car was interesting and slow-going as Reid swayed and stumbled and randomly broke into giggles the entire way.

Arriving back at the Hummer, Tyler gave Reid a severe look as he unlocked the doors, "You puke in my car and I'll make sure you regret it," he stated evenly.

Reid sketched a drunken salute in his general direction. "Whatever y'say, B'by Boy," he slurred.

Tyler narrowed his eyes as he watched Reid's hand settle dangerously low on Caleb's waist as he lowered it from the salute, "And no sex or sexual acts in my car either."

Drake pouted at his boyfriend, "I don't think I like that rule."

Tyler smirked at him. "It's my car; rules are different for me," he replied.

Drake grinned in reply, letting his eyes rake over his boyfriend.

Pogue rolled his eyes as he helped Caleb load Reid into the backseat of the Hummer. "Cool it, you two. Ty still has to drive home," he said.

"Ruin all my fun," Drake muttered, sending a mock glare in his friend's direction before rounding the car and getting into the passenger's seat.

Soon all five boys were in the car and heading back to Ipswich. The ride was quiet for the most part, the silence mostly broken by random bouts of giggles from Reid and 'dammit, Reid's from Caleb whenever the blond's hands would wander into dangerous territory and the nineteen year old would be forced to fend off his boyfriend.

As they neared Caleb's house, Pogue looked over at his friend. "So, how was your birthday?" he asked.

Caleb chuckled softly as the car rolled to a stop. "Well, it was definitely better than last year," he replied, climbing out of the Hummer and dragging a half-passed out Reid with him. "I'll take him with me for the night," he said, smiling softly at his boyfriend as the blond snuggled into his side. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

The boys said their good-byes and Tyler, Drake and Pogue watched as Caleb helped the staggering blond up the stairs to the front door before Tyler shifted into drive once more and headed for Pogue's.

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