I recently discovered a mild and possibly unhealthy obsession developing. Every time I walk near the local cinema, my best friend has to hold my arm (tightly) and pull me in the opposite direction. The object of this obsession is the world's favorite movie at the moment, The Dark Knight. In order to satisfy my obsession, I have allowed my creative mind to go to work (much to the detriment of my University studies). The result is this story, which I hope you shall enjoy.


Title: Broken

Rating: T – M for later chapters

Disclaimer: I do not own Batman or the Dark Knight characters. I'm just borrowing them to make a smoothie.

Summary: Rachel's life as a secure, confident and intelligent woman, lawyer and human being are damaged severely after she survives that which was meant to kill her and is forced into watching the two men she loves most falter and suffer as the world they know turns on them.


Chapter One: Rescued

She heard him yelling through the speaker and felt her heart sink. She really was going to die. She listened as he shouted at the people who were saving him; she tried to talk to him.

He was Gotham's white knight; he was the man that Bruce could never be. Every one knew his face, and knew that he was fighting crime by putting every person who harmed Gotham's society behind bars. It was right that they were saving him.

She was just an ADA; she was the woman behind him, and she wanted to always be, not just professionally. She was the woman who carried the bags, who knew all the cases, all the files, possibly better than him. Yes it was an unjust world where the man was the leader, but she loved that man, and knew that every person in Gotham loved him too, even Bruce in his strange way.

Bruce, she had no words to describe him. She knew he would be hurt when he read her note, but how could he not. He disappeared on her when he went to college, and then when he traveled the world. She was overwhelmed that day when they kissed amongst Wayne Manor's ruins, but now she was done waiting.

Yes she was possibly being unfair, but she wasn't as young as she used to be. She wanted her life to be simple and quiet, and know that her husband would come home every night. Bruce would never be that, it would never be easy being Mrs. Bruce Wayne; he had everything money could buy: fast cars, jets, a helicopter, hotels, a huge palatial house being rebuilt and a penthouse over-looking the Central Business District of the greatest city in the world.

"Rachel! Rachel!" She heard Harvey shouting her name. She couldn't think of how to respond.

As her head fell forward, waiting for the inevitable, she heard the door burst open. Looking up, she saw Gordon ahead of 6 other men racing onto the rooftop, saving her.

"No, you can't, you'll die!" She shouted at them as they raced to her and the detonator.

"And we're not about to leave and let you die either!" Gordon said to her as he cut the cords binding her hands and legs.

But as Gordon pulled her to her feet, pulled her out of the building and pulled her too safety, Rachel was utterly perplexed. Why hadn't Bruce come to save her? Didn't he care for her enough? Or as Batman, was his mind free of her? A part of her couldn't bear to think he could ever forget her.

"Br- Batman?" She asked Gordon as they raced down the stairs.

"Dent." But the way he looked at her as he responded gave her a chill down her spine.

They burst through some doors and out onto the street, and were barely out of the building when it exploded into a fireball. Feeling her knees buckle with fear, she collapsed onto the ground, a sickening feeling filling her gut.


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