"Hoo, hee haha, hee hee hoo haha…" the rough voice said articulately.

Sirius eyes burst open, and she was blinded momentarily by a white light. She turned her face to the side, grimacing from the sudden shock of the light.

"Well, good to see you're finally awake ah, my dear!" The white light shifted somewhere to the right of Sirius. She opened her eyes to slits and saw the Joker's pale, made up face illuminated by the hospital regulation operating room bulb. His scars were covered by a white paper face mask.

She was laying completely naked on a silver operating table. She could see nothing of the room she was in, other than it was completely pitch dark. There seemed to be no windows or noticeable doors… Only a monitoring machine next to the cold steel table… and a rolling tray of sharp instruments.

She began to realize how much trouble she was in. The academy had always told their young spies that there would be danger involved in this job, that some of them may never make it out alive again… that some would lose everything they loved. Sirius had always expected to be found in a ditch somewhere with a bullet square in her forehead. With no one to call to tell of her passing. She had planned to die alone.

But maybe her plans would work out after all. Her parents hadn't spoken to her in years, and she had no friends to speak of.

She looked back into the Joker's eyes. A dangerous glint shone off his brown eyes. She wondered if perhaps he had once used those lovely doe eyes to communicate affection to someone… she supposed not.

"I'm glad you're awake…" he paused to lick his lips, "Because ah, I've been planning something quite special for you!"

He smiled a wicked grin, and moved around the head of the table, all the while looking at her, and breathing hard.

"You see, I've always been interested in medicine… or well, using it to heal things I destroy… So when I saw the chance to perform these experiments on you, I just couldn't resist!"

She tried to move her hands and legs, but was stopped by metal cuffs welded to the table. Obviously, the Joker had prepared all of this long before he had ever caught her.

"Now, I have forever to practice my theories on you!"

Sirius tried to think of anyway to get out of the situation. Suddenly it dawned on her.

"Well that's just too bad for you…" she whispered just so he could hear her. For one second, the Joker's pupils widened. His blonde hair was pulled back into a low ponytail, and his white makeup creased on his forehead.

"Why would that be bad for me, Missy? Ah, I've been waiting forever to practice!" He pulled the operating mask down, in order for her to see the scars.

"You see, Ace…" Sirius said, trying to seem brave. "I've been trying to find you, in order to give you a… very interesting proposition. I'd had a more, tasteful pitch in mind, but if this is just how your meetings go…"

Sirius could see that the Joker was hooked line and sinker. How could the insane young man ever deny that he didn't just love a good bargain?

She gave him a soft smile and watched him finger the silver scalpel, gleaming in the bright light. Her body gave an involuntary shudder, and she saw his chest rumble with an inner laughter.

She waited till his moment of amusement had passed, and her blue eyes focused on him once again.

"You see, I've got information you've never even heard of..." Her weak voice began to grow stronger, as she played with his head. "I know secrets you would just die to share. I know everything about you…"


"I could tell you so much more!"


"Just let me go, and I'll tell you everything… about the code of the spies."

The Joker smiled. He knew that she had been lying about most of it, but he decided to give it a thought anyway.

He reached down and picked up a full syringe off of the metal tray. He watched Sirius' face as panic began to set in. Her body began to shake as he tested the needle, clear liquid shooting out onto her naked form.

"Don't worry my darling… I've decided to consider your offer while you sleep… but just in case I refuse, don't be too surprised when you wake up with an extra limb."

He smiled softly.

"Or with none."