Train sat up in bed, breathing hard from his nightmare. He had seen the wolf again, and he was truly scared. I haven't been this frightened since I saw my dead parents, he thought. Then again, I was scared for Saya when she died… His thoughts trailed off and went to Lugart Won.

He said that he was going to come back and challenge me when he was ready again. Hmm…

With this, Train glanced at the clock and saw that, to his horror, it was 3:25 in the morning. Ugh! I need to stop taking naps during the day—it screws up my sleeping schedule at night! Train sighed quietly and turned over. He fell asleep within minutes.

Later that morning, Train got up and decided to take a stroll around town. He pigged out on eggs, French toast, and bread that was in the fridge, showered, got dressed, left Sven a note so that way the green-haired sweeper wouldn't freak out, and then headed out the door.

After what seemed like an eternity of walking around Elsida, Train started to wonder whether Lugart was really there or not. He then rounded the corner of the sidewalk that he was currently walking on. Sure enough, he spotted Lugart Won leaning against a brick wall, seemingly waiting for someone to come and get him in broad daylight.

Now, why would someone like you, who's constantly sought after for your bounty, do such a thing like that? Train smirked. He remembered from last time that Lugart wasn't easy to fight, but he wanted to get his bounty. He casually walked into the throng of people who were standing around, talking to each other and going about their daily business. He then strode up to Lugart and said, "Hey, remember me?"

Lugart took one look at Train's tattoo and realized that the sweeper was issuing a challenge. "Yes," he said. "Let's start from where we left off, shall we?"

Train smiled. This was going to be fun…and interesting, he thought. "Certainly," he said. Lugart led the sweeper into a back alley where he knew that they wouldn't be disturbed.

Train decided to take the first move. He lunged at Lugart while saying, "I hope you're ready for me!"

Lugart grinned in response, something that Train personally thought was creepy. "I sure am! I've been training just for this rematch, Black Cat!"

Train felt a smirk form once again. Let's see how well you've trained for this! He thought as he sprang onto one arm and kicked Lugart in the face with his outstretched feet. Lugart was prepared, however, because he grabbed onto Train's feet as he fell backwards and pulled Train down with him. Train wasn't worried, though.

It hurt more for him than it did for me, he thought while getting up. Train was determined to get Lugart's bounty more than ever. It could erase our debts! He thought with excitement from the realization that he had just had. He felt his determination skyrocket. Nothing was going to stop him now!

He then proceeded to get up and kick the crap out of Lugart. Lugart, however, wasn't so keen on being beaten this fast. Lugart took Train's foot and pulled on it with all his might, causing Train to fall on his back and be slightly winded. Train struggled to breathe as Lugart got up and kicked Train in the abdomen repeatedly. Train then mustered the strength to swing his feet around and trip Lugart so that the assassin was on the ground once again.

This is ridiculous! We keep knocking each other onto the ground! Train thought. This is getting old fast. He then got up and slammed Lugart into the ground. Blood spurted out of Lugart's mouth. Lugart then swung his feet up and tried to kick Train in the face, but Train dodged it just in time. Train launched himself at Lugart and punched the assassin in the face and sent him flying across the alley. Time seemed to fly as Train and Lugart's battle continued.

Lugart was breathing hard by the time he finished kicking Train for what felt like the hundredth time. Train was also breathing hard and kind of bloody. Train decided that it was time to end this once and for all and be the one who captured Lugart Won and secured his bounty.

Train decided to launch himself at Lugart with everything he had and punched him square in the nose. Blood flew out and Train felt Lugart's nose break from the force of his punch. Lugart landed limply on the ground and Train stood for a moment, not sure whether he had knocked Lugart out or not. He gathered his breath and felt Lugart's pulse. Sure enough, the assassin was unconscious.

Well, this is it, Train thought as he picked Lugart up and carried him to the police station. This is where our debts get erased.

After handing the unconscious Lugart in to the police, Train walked back to the apartment after washing his face in the bathroom to avoid getting any more suspicious looks from people on the street. He entered the apartment and declared, "I'm back!"

"So you are," Sven said while looking up from his newspaper. "Thanks for the note."

Train grinned. "No problem. It's a good thing you're sitting down, Sven."

"Why?" Sven asked.

"'Cause," Train said while pulling out Lugart's bounty money, "I got this."

Sven's eyeballs nearly fell out of his head as he screamed, "HOLY CRAP!" from sheer shock. Train's grin grew wider as he saw Sven process the fact that he had arrested Lugart Won, a class-A criminal. Sven then grinned too, knowing that their debts were erased, and then some. Sven immediately stored the money in the bank to keep Train from using it to pig out on food, and told Eve and Saya about it. When Eve heard the news, she said, "Ah. It was about time that we stopped eating ramen noodles." Saya hugged Train, and the male sweeper blushed. He hugged Saya back.

The group celebrated by going out to get seafood. Train ordered his favorite, and Saya wasn't too particular about seafood, so she got a cheeseburger.

"Really, Saya?" Sven asked, incredulous. "You're at a seafood restaurant, and you're getting a cheeseburger?"

"Yup!" Saya grinned from ear to ear. Train started laughing at this, and Sven did, too. Eve smiled and Saya couldn't help but join in laughing.

Train stopped laughing and stared at Saya's laughing face, imprinting it into his memory. He realized that Saya had stopped laughing and was staring at him, too. Train realized this and blushed deeply, quickly taking s swig of his milk. The rest of the evening was spent celebrating the capture of Lugart Won and the erasure of the debts that Train and Sven had incurred.

Meanwhile, the wolf form of Medulla aestris sighed. "Why can't he just fall in love with her already?" he complained. "Jeez. Men are so SLOW when it comes to romance!" He disappeared into thin air after that.

Train felt tired and remembered the symptoms of Medulla aestris. Oh, no, he thought. I hope that it's not coming…

Train was about to be proven dead wrong.