The next morning came quickly. By mid-morning, Teno and Soto were outside, in the fields that surrounded the little hut. All morning Soto had been trying to get Teno to try to earthbend, but she wouldn't. Soto gave in, after realizing it was hopeless.

Later that night, Teno, Soto, and Gino sat down to a meal cooked by Teno. When she was going to leave that day, Gino asked if she'd stay one more night.

"We love your company." He said, trying to convince her to stay.

"But especially your cooking." Soto said as he shoved more food into his mouth.

Teno laughed and agreed to stay one more night.

But one more night turn into many more nights. Finally, she was convinced by Gino and Soto to stay and live with them. Seven years past, and Teno still lived with the two.

"Tete." A voice whispered into Teno's ear, "Tete, wake up."

Teno groaned.

"Tete. Do you know what day it is?" The voice asked.

"Soto, go away. I'm trying to sleep." Teno said, very aggravated.

"Goodness Tete, are you gonna sleep all day?" Soto asked.

Teno sat up suddenly.

"What do you want, Soto?"

"I thought you wanted to celebrate your half birthday. You're officially fourteen and a half years old!" Soto exclaimed.

He looked at Teno's emotionless face.

"You don't care, do you?"

"I just don't get what's so exciting about my half birthday." Teno explained.

"You don't remember, do you?" Soto asked her.

Teno thought hard for a moment. Her mind had a flash back to when she was ten and a half.


Little Teno and Soto were sitting together, with their feet wading in the stream.

"Tete, will you ever at least try to earthbend?" Soto asked, with a sad expression on his face.


"Pretty please?"

Teno looked at his face. How could she resist that adorable puppy dog face? She couldn't. That's why she said:

"Fine. But not for another four years."

"Four years?!" Soto exclaimed, "I'll be sixteen then. That's a long ways away."

"Then, I won't ever try." Teno said.

"Four years is fine." Soto quickly replied.

~End Flashback~

Teno's face was horror struck. Soto just smiled.

"Now you remember." He said with excitement.

"Did I saw four years, because I meant ten?" Teno said quickly.

"Tete." Soto whined, "You promised."

Soto's eyes widened and his bottom lip quivered.

"Please, Tete?"

There was that puppy dog face again. The one that Teno could not resist.

"Ok." Teno said, giving in, "But not until after lunch."

"Deal." Soto agreed with excitement.

The morning came and went, much to Teno's dismay. Before she knew it, lunch was over and she and Soto were in a field, with many boulders. After an hour of Soto explaining what earthbending was all about, Teno was finally in an earthbending stance and ready to move the boulder in front of her.

"Now Tete. You've seen me do this a hundred times. Remember to keep your stance firm and strong." Soto reminded her, "Now, push."

Teno concentrated, then pushed. She pushed with all the strength inside her. She could feel the rock, even though she wasn't touching it. Suddenly, her eyes shot open. The boulder that was once three feet in front of her had moved ten or so feet.

"You did it, Tete!" Soto cried in excitement, "You're an earthbender! I always knew it. You said you weren't an earthbender. But I had a feeling you were. And you are!"

He stopped to look at Teno. She wasn't at all excited. In fact, she was the complete opposite. She was horrified.

"Tete? Aren't you happy?"

"No, because I'm not supposed to be able to earthbend." She replied sadly.

"Why not?" Soto asked.

"Because-" Teno began. A million thoughts raced through her head. Should she tell him? She had kept the secret from him for so long? Would he be able to except it? Teno didn't care anymore. She was going to tell him.

"I'm not supposed to be able to earthbend because I can do this."

Instantly, a fire light up in her hand. Teno could see in Soto's eyes that he was not happy.

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