A/N: I love Future fics, and I decided to take a crack at it.

However, unlike the other future fics on here, this is like set when Kyon and Haruhi are like... forty... maybe. I really didn't calculate on it too much, but they aren't like in their 20's or whatever. The purpose of that is because this is supposedly not actually focused on them... haha!

I remember reading this fic about how Kyon's parents were exactly like how Haruhi and himself are today, and I kinda took inspiration on that. But, I don't exaclty know where this fic will truly end up.

Oh and, PS: This is told in an OC's POV.

Aliens, Time Travelers, Espers

Have you ever believed in the tooth fairy? To tell you the truth, this is quite a ridiculous question indeed. I mean, no one ever asks that question in this era anymore. But, if you happened to ask me if I ever believed in a lady that probably worked forever without a wink of sleep, giving money in return to bones from our jaws, I could calmly say: I suppose so. I mean, a being that gives you money over what happens naturally over the course of my life is something that everyone should look up to.

However, I would drown out that statement with the utmost sarcasm. Of course the tooth fairy isn't real. That's like saying Santa Claus is real as well. Which through both my father, my mother, older twin sisters, and my best friend all agree that they have never believed in him.

Well, I guess I did believe in the tooth fairy and Santa at one point. I mean, when I found presents under that Christimas tree, and got the one thing I wanted (N64), I couldn't help but jump in glee. And during the time I found a quarter under the cold side of my pillow. That was pretty awesome.

But, around the time I was 5, I began to understand a little bit of my surroundings. My curiosity got the best of me, as I saw my family wrap up presents (thinking I was asleep), and finding them the next day hidden deep inside a closet. It's not that I hated my parents for not telling me the truth. In fact, somewhere deep in my 5 year old heart, I may actually wanted to keep believing in Santa. It's just that I wish they would have tried a bit harder to hide the gifts, ya know?

And with that knowledge, I decided to do a small experiment. That is, to test the belief if the tooth fairy was real as well. Sooner or later, my next baby tooth came out. I naturally put it under my pillow and went to sleep the moment night fell on that same day. But, instead of actually sleeping, I just… you know, faked it. Though, now that I think about it, I really am bad at faking a lot of things, that's besides the point. Around the moment my brain began to commit seppuku for giving it's all to stay concience, I felt a very hard and uncomfortable dent at the middle of the pillow. It didn't take me long to figure out that hand belonged to my mother.

Bingo. That's how I came to the conclusion that the tooth fairy is indeed a myth. Told to little kids to get their hopes up at getting rich at a young age. Oh that reminds me, you should check out Darkness Falls, that movie takes the whole tooth-fairy thing, and flops that around. But I digress.

What really got me was what happened moments after I found my answer.

As my mother pulled her hand out of my pillow and sticking in a quarter in it's place, I heard another pair of feet walking into my room. From just the sound, I knew it came towards my mother


I instantly recognized this very mild-mannered voice.

"Should we really keep him from knowing the truth?"

It was my father's.

My mother made a 'hmph' sound.

"Are you serious Kyon? Of course we have to do this, until he naturally grows out of it!"

Kyon? Is that seriously your name dad?

"Yeah but, what if he doesn't grow out of it?"

"Like hell he won't. Kids grow up, and learn that some things are impossible to come true!"

My father snorted.


"What was what?"

"That snort."

"You know."

"Know what?"

My father silently breathed in deeply, before exhaling it into the atmosphere.

"So you're saying that kids eventually grow out of things that are proved to not exist into this world, am I correct?"


My father giggled.


My mother gave him a quick punch, before he settled down.

"You didn't give up."


"I said, you didn't give up."

My mother sighed quietly.

"On what, Kyon?"

I heard my dad walk towards the doorway before saying these five words:

"Aliens, time travelers, and espers."

A/N: To tell you the truth, I may not expand on this... but that's because I'm to lazy to think of ideas.