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Saturday Snoop

"Dude, Aki, I better get paid for this shit!"

"Look Fujiwara, I didn't ask you to come okay? I don't even know why you're here!"

The wind lightly passed over our way, combing our hairs to the right. He looked at me with his eyes stretched to the masses, and lips in a ridiculously overdone frown.

"…Maybe I just wanted to fit in. Ever thought of that? Huh!? That's right! You didn't!"


"Aki, I think it's best if you tell us why we're here."


Ah Nakagawa, that's why you are my closest friend. You stay calm enough for me to deal with.

"Because standing is for losers!"

Well… most of the time I can deal with you.

The three of us sat down a near bench as I told them.

Yesterday, I overheard my dad on the phone about some person named Koizumi. Though, this may confuse many of you as to why I decided to follow him, I shall explain:

(Flash Back/3rd Person)

"Daddy, where are we?" said a little boy, who goes by the nickname: Aki.

A man, probably around his 30's, made a smile and picked up Aki.

"We're at Kitaguchi Station son."

Aki just pouted.

"It's too loud!" he said, with a touch of anger and annoyance in his voice. Cupping his ears with his hands, he leaned his head towards his father's chest.

"I know. Your mother will just be a minute." he said trying to ease his stress.

As the trains stop, people quickly enter and exit. Among them was Aki's mother, Haruhi.

"Kyon!" she shouted. Quickly garnering the attention of everyone around her.

"Told you." Kyon whispers to Aki before letting him down. Aki dashes towards his mother, who quickly picks him up and swings him around. You could feel the bond between them.

Kyon makes his way towards them and gives Haruhi a small kiss on the cheek. "Welcome back."

"Just get my things," was her cold reply. Though, a small stain of pink ran across her cheeks. Kyon quickly obeys, and carry's the questionable heavy load.

Going through an overflowing crowd, they made their way to an average sized turquoise van. Kyon gently placed Haruhi's things inside. Most people would just pole-vault it into their trunk (or whatever the back of a van is called), but Haruhi was the type of girl who is an extreme perfectionist.

If you're going to do something, do it right.

Haruhi has never said this statement. Not even once. You would think she did though, right? Of course you would. Um… right.

"The deed is done chief." Kyon said with a touch of mockery.

He moved towards the left side of the van and opened the door. He waited there for a second, before realizing his love wouldn't get in.

"Haruhi?" Kyon questioned, looking at a gazed woman with a small tear running down her cheek. His reactions were lightning as he quickly NOS-ed over and held Haruhi from behind.

"What's wrong?" he said softly into her ear, making her shoulders shutter from the warmth.

Haruhi looks over her shoulder. "Just a bit of a nostalgia factor."

She leaned her head back, blocked by Kyon's chest to keep it from going any further. "The Brigade…" she muttered out.

"I know Haruhi," Kyon said while stroking her silky dark chocolate hair. "I know."


The sudden audible yell from the van made Kyon and Haruhi jump.

"What the hell?" questioned Aki, who was in the van with his twin sisters.

"They're taking FOREVER!" whined Aki's sisters simultaneously.

"UGH! SHUT UP!" Aki yelled while wearing a very laughable face due to his anger.

"HOW ABOUT NO!?" was the very loud reply.

"You think we should go back?" Kyon said, combing Haruhi long silky hair with his hand.

She made a light smile, "Sure."


My explanation took us down to a nearby café. I sat down a table in front of them as a waiter came up to us. After our orders were taken, and our drinks brought to us, Fujiwara turned his head up and asks:

"So about this Brigade… what are your thoughts about it? Do you know why it relates to your father?"

"I think this may have been something both my parents did in the past."

Now that I think about it, 'brigade' means military unit consisting of 2-5 battalions or regiments. What the hell?

Like I said before, my dad's been home a lot lately. His mannerisms have been very strange. The way he looks at my mother weren't those eyes of lust or love, but rather, a very cautious one. It was with such care you would have thought Japan decided to hack down every single Sakura, and he held the last seed. Knowing full well what would happen if he were to lose it.

"You have the strangest metaphors…"

I just shook my head at Nakagawa's comment before continuing.

"My dad also has a habit of… disappearing."

Nakagawa just shakes his head with a goofy smile.

"I'm sure there's a logical explanation to all these mishaps you're having."

"Maybe it's best if you give examples."

I lightly sipped up the last of my iced coffee as I told them a few of my experiences. Fujiwara's expressions were in between deep thought, and understandment. Nakagawa's were a mix between boredom, surprise, and unbelief. Maybe even a splash of confusion.

I silently swayed my cup back and forth, forgetting that I had already finished it. Depressed, I rested my cheek on my palm before continuing.

"The funny thing is,"

For some reason, my lips pursed together, and my brows knuckled together.

"When my dad was gone, my mother vanished as well."

There was a moment of silence before two words escaped from their lips.

"Closed space…"

"Say what?"


Stupid. If you're not going to say something, at least have the courtesy to not mutter it.

"So why are we out here again…? Oh right. To spy on your dad right?"

Nakagawa said, obviously trying to change the subject.


I quickly obliged.

"Now you see that waiter over there?"

I pointed my eyes a few tables behind them.

"You mean the brunette with a hot ponytail on?"

Weird statement, but nonetheless the correct person.

"She's one of my one of my sister's close friends."

"I'd like to tap that."

Moving on.

"She stuck a small microphone at the bottom of the table there. Can you see it?"

They both leaned slightly outwards.

"You guys see it?"

There was silence.


"The color is black if you guys are retarded."

"Don't worry Aki…"

Nakagawa said leaning even more outward.

"We definitely see black…"


"That's gotta be a thong…"

"Dude… yeah it is…"

"Is it silk…?"

"I don't know…"


"Let's just lean a bit… MORE!"


What… oh my god. These people are retarded.

They quickly scrambled back onto the table with a face filled with satisfaction.

I sighed.

"Alright, I got the listening device."

Turning it on, we listened in on their conversation.


"Afternoon Kyon."

Koizumi flashed an acceptable smile.

"So what. After 13 years you decide to meet up with me?"

He stirred the cream inside his coffee before taking a sip of it.

"I had some business to attend to."

It was the same thing he said right before he disappeared from my life.

He crossed his fingers together and rested his chin on them.

"Can you remember what I told you before I left?"

I rested my cheek on the palm of my hand as I recalled my thoughts.

(Another Flashback/Another 3rd Person)

The grass was wet from the dew of the cold morning. The streets still filled with pedestrians desperately trying to get to work on time. Small cafés just opening, with one in particular that had three customers inside. A young child and two grown men.

"Morning Koizumi."

"Ah, Kyon."

There was a history between these two, as they both ordered from the menu.

"I see that you married Haruhi."

Kyon just shook his head. Itsuki you bastard, you were there!

"Daddy, I want coffee too!"

Kyon just made a hearty laugh.

"Son, you're much too young. Maybe when you're older."

The young boy just crossed his arms and pouted his lips. His eyebrows knotted and he held an intense frown. Despite the very childish behavior, it's much more mature among his other peers. Normally kids his age would cry, fuss around and make huge tantrums.

Kyon turned to Koizumi with a straight face.

"From your voice mail, it sounds serious. You sure you're not over exaggerating?"

Koizumi smiled.

"Yes Kyon, it definitely is."

Koizumi sipped the last of his drink. He ran his fingers through his bangs, pushing it up before gravity gently let it soar down.

"Our theories may have been incorrect."

Koizumi said with a touch of disappointment in his voice.

So Ms. Asahina was correct? thought Kyon. Koizumi shook his head in disagreement. Could he have read his mind?

"However, we believe that all thoughts regarding Ms. Suzumiya as being the single most powerful human being very… obsolete."


There was a long pause. Kyon recovering from initial shock, and Itsuki thinking of what to say next.

"Three years ago Kyon. Something happened. Not bad. Not good. Just something happened."

Kyon paused for a second.

"Three years ago, as in roughly three years ago?"

"No Kyon, three years ago. On this same exact day."

I wonder if this is the reason as to Koizumi's sudden invitation for breakfast with him. I suppose it's alright, Haruhi is doing her job at that elementary school and my daughters are at school.

Kyon looked over to see a very bored young boy playing with his de-cafe latte. Kyon always wanted his kids to know that they can't have it their way, but pretending to his son coffee wouldn't hurt the world.

"Daddy," the little boy spoke. "Can we eat now? This is boring."

Kyon tussled his hair around. "Sure son."

(7 hours later)

"So regarding the information that was brought by your organization, Ms. Asahina's superiors, and the Integrated Thought Entity were all bogus?"

"Yes, unfortunately."

It was sunset by then. The sky turned a bright orange, blending in with what will soon to be the midnight sky. It was time for Kyon to head home. He didn't tell her that he was going to meet up with Koizumi, for the Brigade was disbanded some time ago. Inside, Kyon knew Haruhi wanted it back.

"Well, I better be going. I have some business to attend to." Itsuki said while doing a military salute.

It was always a habit of him to say that he has some sort of job or business to attend to.

"Wait! Don't you want to see Haruhi? I have daughters too you know."

Koizumi made a hearty laugh.

"Maybe some other time Kyon. I'll see you around."

Watching Koizumi drift into the sunset, Kyon felt a whole lot of hair compress against his cheek. It was his son, quietly sleeping in his arms.

"We better go, right buddy?"

Kyon whispered quietly as he made his way back home.

(After getting home)


The questionable dark room immediately lights up with confetti raining down, people yelling at the top of their lungs, and a wife emerging from the crowd.

Damn, it was a good thing I woke him up before we entered. This would have been the worst thing ever! Thought Kyon.

"And where have you two been." Haruhi said sassily, putting a hand on her hip.

"Umm… out."

Shit! Thought Kyon. What's the occasion? Oh crap, if this is Haruhi's birthday, I'm screwed!

"Well, it doesn't matter. Since this special day isn't about you anyway!" Haruhi leaned over and pulled on his son's baby cheek.

"And now the birthday boy can open his presents!"

Haruhi said in a mom-ish tone. She picked up her son from Kyon's arms and kissed his forehead.

"How does it feel to be three years old?"


Koizumi giggled out of nowhere. He quickly calmed down after seeing my confused face.

"What was that?"

He held his hands to his lips, trying to hold in a giggle.

"It seems as if we have some eaves droppers."


He nudged his chin, pointing at a table a few yards behind me. I looked behind, seeing three males listening in on what seems to be some sort of walkie talkie.

"Hm… One of them looks so familiar."


"Wow Aki, your dad is the most boring person I've ever met!"

"I know…"

Bill Gates made a saying: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you are. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Now I would have thought my dad would show his true colors when chatting with what I would assume an old friend. But, that was just… painful. It must have just been a co-worker or something. Friends never talk about work all day!

"I thought your dad would have some interesting things to say. But instead, he just starts talking on and on and on about philosophy!"

Fujiwara kneaded his temple with his fingers.

"Aki I'm going home! This isn't worth my time."

Fujiwara stood up and quickly headed out.

"Oh ah…"

My attention was diverted to Nakagawa, who was looking at his watch.

"Looks like I got football practice. I'll see you later kay?"

And with that, he left. Leaving me to pay the bill.

God dammit.


Seeing two of them leave, they must have been uninterested in what I had to say. I'm glad this generation of children are normal.

"They didn't hear us."

I turned my head back.

"There's a microphone right above your thigh. I noticed how our waiter took such a long time to take our order, and she also fidgeted with the bottom of the table."

"What do you mean they didn't hear us? You blocked it out or something?"

He put a finger to his chin and looked up at the ceiling.

"Mmm, more or less. I slightly altered the information fed through the mic into something a bit more… how should I say, boring?"

For a moment, I thought that was a valid excuse. However, I remembered the Koizumi was not an alien, therefore he could never alter reality. His esper powers are limited to closed space, and closed spaces only.

"A lot has happened in 13 years Kyon."

Koizumi's eye lash fluttered on his cheeks as he fidgeted around his thumps on his coffee mug.

"A lot."


With my wallet thinned and my Saturday wasted, I made the depressed walk home. My pants vibrated for a moment. I sifted through my pockets to find the name 'Mom' on my cellphone. Going near a quiet corner, I answered.

"Uh… hello?"

"Aki, can you bring some groceries home?"


I patted down my pants.

"I kind of don't have a pen to write it down though."

"Don't worry, it's a small list."


As she told me, I attempted memorization by constantly repeating it in my head until my inner-thought's jaw became strained.

"So like 2 lbs of tuna, some bread, and… What was that again?"



"No, I mean honey."

"Ah, haha, okay I got it."

"Please be sure you get those, we won't have anything else to eat."

"Don't worry mom, you can count on me."

"Okay. Be back by 8 okay?"

"Yeah sure mom."

"I love you."

"Love you too mom."



Hanging up, I prompted to walk back the path of depression. Oh this day is going really great. You know, I really have to wonder. Why didn't mom ask dad? I mean, he's also out, doing his little philosophy bullshit.

After buying the needed goods, I, once again(!), must walk the pathway of depression.

You know, I've noticed something. Many families always have this policy on "keeping things clean". Well, particularly the mothers, but that's besides the point. They always have the habit of just cleaning and cleaning, and when you mess that up, you get really bad lectures. Now, I for one find this completely legitimate. However, I would like to state this as completely counter-productive and families are completely blind by the real threat.

Security. You're house can be as clean as possible, but without security, it's just wasted effort.

Now you're probably asking yourselves: Why the hell are you telling me this? Well, to put it bluntly, something like this happened. No, my house didn't get robbed or whatever, but a very similar form. A more… I-was-walking-down-the-street-then-I-was-w-t-f-ganked-out-of-nowhere.

Passing a dark corner, a hand grabbed me from behind. It pulled me, and I fell flat on my ass. My vision blurred, but I could see at least see the body of the person who pulled me down and what seems to be an accomplice before my vision blackens.

Ugh, I'm sounding like an old man right now, telling with so little emotion. But let me tell you, this very moment, right now, changed my life completely (and oh how I wish it never happened):


Waking up, I found my arms behind the back of a wooden chair, and my feet bound to the legs of it. Tied up in a very uncomfortably hard knot. This is not good for the blood flow. I struggled, jumped, tugged, pulled, did everything, but to no prevail. So, I continued with just shouting; hopefully someone will hear me.


The callings gave me a very hard slap to the face. Ouch! It was really hard. Though, I was able to endure the pain. My dad always said I took my physical endurance and capabilities from my mother. My dad doesn't look frail, but my mom definitely overpowers him when it comes to brute strength.






"Stop it!"

The calling was from a man. It could be a man… His voice is pretty deep. Though, it had a very familiar tone to it.

"He doesn't know, yet."

What the hell don't I know yet?


Now that the shoutings weren't full body tackling themselves onto my ear dream, I could get a clear shot of my interrogator's voice. It was actually quite melodic, it was sharp, it was a girl's voice.

The room was pitch black, the only light being a very dim, sort of an orange color, that hung just above my head. It was sort of a scene where two cops interrogate the suspect. And how clichéd it was.

The man wrapped his arm around me neck and put his lips near my ear.


He said in a low hush.

"Your dad will get another phone call. Listen to it on the other line."

I paused for a moment as he pulled away.



"Why did you kidnap me?"


"Are you deaf?"


"What if I don't comply? What If I'm asleep or something when that dumb phone call does happen?"

The way the atmosphere got hotter, I knew he was close again.

"Oh trust me, I'll know. I will."

And with that, I was thrown out of what seemed to be an abandoned storage or warehouse. It was fairly close to the dark ally where I was kidnapped, so I'm not surprised that no one saw an unconscious body being carried around in the streets.


I grabbed my right shoulder as it was the first thing to hit the pavement. Sitting in an upright position, I turned to face the wide open door where my 'napper' stood.

"Psh, you'll thank me."

He retaliates before doing a sinister grin and shutting the door.

Should I run like hell home? Should I go up to the nearest person and tell him that there's two criminals inside an abandoned storage? Should I just scream my ass off right now? Or should I dial 911?

The following suggestions were never acted upon. Actually, during this time, I never actually gave thought about any of those ideas.

I wanted to see.

Scrambling back on my feet, I rushed over at the brown-battered ware/abandoned house. Swiftly twisting the knob and opening the door, I scanned the premises.

The orange-dimmed light bulb, the rusted blue chair, the newly brought rope that bounded my limbs, even the atmosphere of my yelling still lingered; it was there, all of it.

"How the hell…"

The dim light struggled to stay alive, but failed miserably as it blacked out. It left the room dark, depressing and empty just like it should be: a warehouse.

They were gone. Both of them. I don't know how, I don't know when, but all I know is that I am the only living thing in this building (save a few rats and those stupid bugs that flew around what was a lit light bulb). Slicking my ear long bangs to the top of my hair with my hand, I found myself shaking my head in awe.

"That person…"

I turned around and headed towards the exit. There's nothing for me here.

"…Looked exactly like me."

After getting a good quarter mile walk towards home, I prompted to check my phone.

12 missed calls

Awesome. And they were all from my mom.



Stuffing my cell phone back into my pocket, I made the long run home. God, why does my home have to be so far away?

"Oh… I'm so dead. So fucking dead."

I mumbled as the hinges of my front door opened. Finding my mother standing in the doorway with her hands crossed and her foot tapping on the ground. Was she waiting all night for me? That's a bit extreme mom, and you know it.

If I looked past my mother's head, I could see through a rectangle hole in the kitchen that my father was at the dining table flipping away at a newspaper. How old school. Though, my observative eyes were short lived as my mother let out a ear banging yell.



"Uh… out?"

"I distinctly remember telling you to come home before 8!"

"Yeah I know, but-"


"Wait mom! Remember, I'm not in middle school anymore!"

"Don't try and turn this around young man! When I was at your age, I didn't do such strange things!"

I could hear a very large grunting sound coming from my father. Quite frankly, it was more of that coughing-grunt you do when you hear the ultimate amount of bullshit.

"You sure mom?"


My dad's grunt turned into a ridiculous chuckle. I really have wonder what's going through his mind right now?

"Without you, your father couldn't cook anything!"

Did I mention my mom is a complete schmuck when it comes to feeding our mouths?

"What do you mean, 'without me' ?"

"The groceries Aki, remember?"

"Grocery store?"

Confusion riled up into both my thoughts and expression.

"Yeah, the tuna, bread and the honey."


My thoughts froze. My mouth opened with only open air slowly filling in. My eyes varying little to my air filled mouth. Realizing that my hands were without plastic bags, I completely stopped, and the world must have done the same.


As the kidnapped man said, my father got a phone call. I picked up the other end, and attempted another eavesdrop. If I could go back in time, I would barge in this very moment, and beat the crap out of myself.


My dad said calmly. I covered up my the bottom end of the phone, trying to cover up my breathing.

"Good morning Kyon, how are you?"

"Cut to the chase. Why'd you call?"

A small chuckle was heard on the other end of the party.

"Miss Asahina is back."

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I couldn't find a decent way to end this chapter, so I went with a cliffhanger.

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