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The sounds of the resumed battle echoed through the Hogwarts corridors. Had this been a different time, Harry would have been aiding his friends and classmates, battling Death Eaters and attempting to avenge the fallen. That's what he should have been doing, he thought bitterly, barely dodging another Killing Curse that had been aimed at his head. A jet of brilliant purple light shot from his wand, as he fired yet another spell at the Dark Lord.

"Poor poor Harry," the snake-like man taunted. "There is no one to help you here. No mummy to protect you, no mudblood friend to give you spells. Why don't you just give up now? I can lead you on the road to greatness, show you power that you have only dreamed of. All you have to do is surrender."

Harry ignored the verbal attack. He had heard the prophecy; he knew that only one of them would make it out alive at the end of this fight. Clenching his teeth, he ran across the open space, ducking behind a stone pillar just in time for the wall in front of him to explode. Pausing only for a moment, he continued half running, half stumbling to the end. On normal circumstances, there would have been a stairwell there, giving him the perfect opportunity to escape. Almost too late he realized that the staircase had already moved, leaving him trapped.

Tightening his grip on his wand, he concentrated on the only place he could think of - Stonehenge. Right as he was concentrating, he felt a cool hand clasp his arm, as he and Voldemort were whisked away. Once again, Harry felt the familiar feeling of being squeezed through an extremely long and narrow tube, crushing his lungs. Just as Harry felt he could not stand the compression, he was thrown onto cool grass, rolling a few feet before hitting his head on a large stone.

Opening his eyes, he looked around a brief moment. Seeing the stirring figure of Voldemort on the ground, he quickly grabbed his wand and got to his feet, sending a Blasting Curse at the figure on the ground. At that exact moment, Voldemort rolled over. It was only a few feet, but the curse that should have killed him, simply blasted him a few hundred feet away. Taking advantage of the momentarily pause in battle; Harry leaned against the nearest stone, bending over from the effort. His magic had never left him exhausted before. Suddenly he craved water and a place to rest; he was too tired to carry on the fight.

It wasnt 'until Voldemort was at the edge of the clearing that Harry noticed he hadn't been killed. Gripping his wand tighter, he rose, meeting the cold, snake-like gaze with one of weariness. For what seemed like an eternity, they both looked at each other, betting on who would attack first. Suddenly, Voldemort smiled. He tilted his head up towards the sky, not once breaking his gaze from Harry. It was Harry who finally looked away, glancing up at the sky. Overhead, the sky had turned from its previous dark shades of black and grey, to an angrier colour of mauve with dark streaks of red cutting through the sky like veins.

From out of the symphony of colours, Harry noticed a streak of yellow coursing through the clouds. It wasn't until it had passed through the last barrier of clouds did Harry see that it was no mere illusion. Gracefully the meteor descended until it was less than a mile up from the clearing where Harry and Voldemort were stationed. Flames emitted from its tail, brandishing multicoloured displays of blue, indigo, orange, gold, and scarlet. As the distance between the boy and the meteor lessened, Harry found it hard to keep his eyes on it, the colours being so bright. Willing up every ounce of energy he had left, he shouted the Banishing Charm he had learned in his fourth year. Crouching down, he looked on helplessly as the meteor drew nearer and nearer, until it was barely ten meters away. Finally, the charm began to work. The meteor changed direction, heading to the nearest possible target-Voldemort.

After casting the nonverbal charm that had summoned the meteor, Voldemort had taken time to pause and admire his handiwork before casting the final spell that would kill Harry. It was almost amusing that after all of the fight put up by this insolent child that he would die so easily, killed by a simple charm. Pathetic really. The boy really thought he could possibly stand a chance against the Greatest Sorcerer in the world. Now it was time to finish him once in for all.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" With a shout he sent a deathly green light blasting towards Harry. At the same time, the snake-like eyes, which had been sparkling with a malevolent glint, now widened at the sight looming before him. The meteor Harry had deflected was now headed straight towards him, with only his small curse in between. His eyes were wide with terror, and every nerve in his body told him to run, yet he stayed firmly planted to the spot. This couldn't be happening! It was his plan, he was the Dark Lord!

It was in slow motion that both Harry and Voldemort watched the collision between the meteor and the Killing Curse. Harry, thought extremely exhausted, managed to cast a small, but powerful Shield Charm in the few moments he had. Voldemort, however, just stood there gaping at the sight. As if a timer had gone off, all of a sudden the Earth was filled with an enormous shock wave that rippled across the landscape from the point of impact.

The last thing Harry remembered was seeing Voldemort blasted away among a mix of dirt and debris before everything went black.


Caleb Danvers awoke with a start, his chest heaving. There it was again. The last time he had felt the tug of the Power, it had been Chase using it to get revenge. He thought it was all over, after he had ascended and defeated Chase. This though, felt a thousand times stronger. Keeping still for a few moments, he slowly let his breathing return to normal, his eyes scanning every inch of the dark room, as if waiting for something to appear out of the darkness. His eyes confirmed that he was alone in the large room.

"It's nothing," he told himself, attempting to go back to sleep. "Probably just a nightmare or Reid and them using again." Somehow, he knew neither one was the case. Thoughts racing, he quickly sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Something was wrong, he could feel it. He had to call the guys.

Just as he reached towards the side table where he kept his cell phone, it came to life and buzzed beneath his outstretched hand. The vibration shocked Caleb, who flinched at the movement. Annoyed, he shook his head and grabbed the cell, not bothering to check the Caller ID before answering.

"Yeah?" he answered, running a hand through his close-cropped hair.

It was Pogue. "Caleb, look something weird is going on. I was just awakened by a sound sleep. Someone's using, and big time.." He would have continued had Caleb not cut him off.

"I know, it woke me up too." Both boys were silent for a moment.

"Could he be back?" Pogue's words hung in the hair like smoke.

"No way. After what happened last time, there is no way Chase made it out of there alive. And anyway, it was stronger than that. He hasn't ascended yet." Caleb sighed and hung his head. There seemed to be no explanation for it.

"Well dude, you are the only one of us that has ascended, what were you doing?"

Caleb exploded. "No way! You know what happened to my father, I would never do anything that stupid." Jumping to his feet, he walked towards the window. The sky was an unusual mauve colour, with lines of red occasionally streaking through it. Unusual, but then again, this was New England, anything having to do with weird weather was possible. Fuming, he banged his fist against the windowpane. "It wasn't me," he said again, his voice cold.

"Hey, take it easy!" Pogue cried, his voice getting louder from the cell. I didn't say it was you, but you are the only one of us that has ascended. Who else could it have been?"

Still fuming, Caleb remained silent.

"Okay, look. Let's get the guys together and go take a look around, see what's going on. Chances are they felt it too."

Grudgingly, Caleb agreed, making mental note to hit Pogue later. Grabbing a shirt from the closet, he quickly dressed, running a comb through his hair, before exiting. Once downstairs, he grabbed an orange out of the basket sitting on the counter. Then, taking one last look around, he ran out the back door.


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