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"The Case of the Ruby Earrings"

By Dr. Thinker

Everyone police officer in United States has a big unsolved mystery on their mind. It deals with a Florida town called Idaville. Idaville had hospitals, schools, internet cafes, television stations—but no one can figure out that no crooks get away with a crime in Idaville. Only Chief Brown knew the secret, his son, Leroy Brown. Every time, he what might be considered a nearly impossible crime by another chief of police. He goes home to his brick house on Rover Avenue. At the dinner, Chief Brown gives the details of the crimes to Leroy—who usually solves it by desert time. Chief Brown would wanted to the President of United States to thank him for all his world—but he would believe the biggest fighter of crime in Idaville is a ten-year boy with love of sugared breakfast cereals—so he kept quiet. Leroy had gotten another name from the school mates and friend, "Encyclopedia". They joked that he is the only library that allows drinks in him. Only his parents and teacher call him Leroy.

During the winter time, he solved crimes for his father—but during summer, he solved mysteries for children of the neighbor. Each summer morning, he hand a sign on the outside of the garage each morning he hung a sign that read:

Brown Detective Agency

13 Rover Ave

Leroy Brown, President

No case too small

25 cents per day, plus expense

After a celebration lunch for stopping another con of Wilford Wiggins, Encyclopedia and his aide, Sally Kimball had return to see Tanya Taira. She was sitting in a lawn chair by the gas can used for Encyclopedia quarters, she was juggling something in her hand so fast Encyclopedia couldn't see what's being juggle-but when she spotted Encyclopedia she slowed her juggle down—revealing four United States of America quarters and landed on the gas station.

Tanya groaned out loud, "I'm tired of the Tigers harassing me. This is the last straw."

Encyclopedia said, "Give me the facts."

Tanya replied, "Sure thing." She stands up for the two detectives. She appeared to be dress oddly for herself—she was wearing a pink blouse, a female-type blue jeans, and high-heel shoes. Tanya Taira was known as the Drama King of the Odd Play Drama,—she and her follow actress and actors performed plays from classic Greek myths to play written by the people on the Internet. She was usually dress in a man clothing bossing her actors and actress around.

Tanya said, "I start off with a small question for you." She paused to yank out a purple wig and put it on, "If you gender flip my character which old cartoon character would you gets?"

Sally replied, "That purple hair means you gender-flipped Rio from Jem and the Holograms."

Encyclopedia asked, "So why did you do that?"

Tanya replied, "It all began when Thomas Radar got his ears punched. He is a big fan of the old cartoon, 'Jem and the Holograms.' By the end of the school year he had written a play called "Jax and the Illusions" which gender-flipped every major and semi-major character in the media. I liked the play—and started working on the costumes for most of the summer. I need red earrings for Jax's character to match Jem's earrings. Just this morning, I was searching the leftovers of Ruby Jewels on Main Street. Mrs. Ruby is a friend of the Odd Play Drama. I find two perfect star-shape earrings with holes to make them into earrings. I was heading home, when Bugs Meany."

Encyclopedia sighed. Bugs Meany was the leader of a group of boys called "The Tigers". Encyclopedia thought they should be called the "Black Cats", when they cross someone's path, trouble is always the answer.

Sally asked, "Are you should that's it's Bugs?"

Tanya said, "Bugs bumped into me. I picked up his paper crown and he then he picked up the rubies I was going to use for Jax's earrings. He was dancing up a storm singing that he got finally outsmarted Sally Kimball."

Sally Kimball was the only person—male or female that put Bugs Meany down for the count. When they first meet, Bugs was bullying a Boy Scout, Sally told him to cut it out-but Bugs laughed her off—after her first meet his face, Bugs was muttering some about illegal music files.

Sally asked, "So he thought you were me?"

Tanya said, "Yep. I want those rubies back."

The Tigers was an unused tool shed behind Mr. Sweeny's Auto Boy shop. Bugsy Meany was sitting on a box. When he saw Tanya, Sally and Encyclopedia entered, he growled, "Leave now, I knock down so hard that you need to remove your eyes balls to order to go to sleep."

Encyclopedia was used to Bugsy's threat and said, "Tanya, said that you stolen those rubies."

Bugsy said, "What did she eat for breakfast: Foot Loops? Mr. Sweeny found in them in car and gave them to me. I hadn't figure out what to do with them yet."

Tanya asked, "That ancient car that's on top of Mr. Sweeny's shop."

Bugsy said, "Yep. Those rubies to an old actress named Loria Lerioni. She used them as good luck charms—but it didn't work—she made one horrible movie, "Calorina Lorina and the Warlock of Germany'. She shaped them into a star in hopes that she would become one—but she died after filming the Warlock of Germany'. The test audience for the movie hated it—and the studio put the movie in the vault and vowing not to admit to making it."

Sally said as she pointed to two clear rubies on the table near Bugsy said, "Are those the earrings?"

Bugsy said, "Yep."

Sally said, "You are lucky that aren't a female. I know you lying up a storm!"

Why is Sally sure that Bugsy story is make-up?

Bugsy said, "Oh, yeah. Where's the proof?"

Sally said pointed again to the two clear rubies on the table. "The rubies are the proof that stories are hogwash, Bugsy. If these were found in the ancient car on top of the auto shop, they would be cover in dirt. You make up the old fictional movie and actress to try to kept the rubies to you selves."

Bugsy said, "Ok. I stole them. Tanya can have them back."

Tanya picked up the two rubies and put them in her purse.

Sally said, "I got something for that insult you sing on your way back to the club house."

Bugsy said, "You need the song about out-smarting you. Go ahead a give a punch me."

Sally didn't punch Bugsy, but she did kick him.


This is a kiss-up to Encyclopedia Brown series. I hope I did I fine job on it.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker