Encyclopedia Takes Them Down

Case #3 - "The Case of the Costumed Girl"

By Dr. Thinker

Encyclopedia got an surprise call at 5:30 on a Saturday. Ms. Brown was awaken and picked up the call. She thought the Brown was for Mr. Brown, Encyclopedia's dad and the head of Idaville's police force. Mr. Brown asked questions and reasoned it was for Encyclopedia and awaken the boy up. The person asked Encyclopedia to be at his detective agency at noon that day. He agreed and called Sally.

At noon, Ritty Rydestone show up. The outfit was different then what Ritty usual wear usually: a ripped shirt and baggy pants. Ritty was dressed in a polo shirt, a pearl necklace, a high-designer end blue jeans, and high white tops. Ritty slipped two $100 dollars bills on the table.

Sally whistled.

Ritty asked, "Who in the world told the world that I was rich?"

Encyclopedia answered, "Can you start at the top?"

Ritty answered, "Every summer, since I was 6. I usually dressed as poor girl to avoid kidnappers and thieves. This allow me to collect some non-rich friends who help me secretly insert my money into charity events all around Idaville. Recently, I think one of my rich friend had disguised his or herself as one of the poor members and told that con-artist, William Wiggins and he is blackmailing me. Give me six million dollars or he will tell the newspapers about my disguise. He also told me not to go to the police. Lucky, private detectives like you, Encyclopedia, aren't the police."

Encyclopedia said, "So where's Williams?"

Ritty said, "He's not home. His family went for the California for a week. I can't come thought. My birthday party is today and have to be home for it." Pausing she give a notepad with address. "That is Wiggins' address."

As soon as Ritty left, Sally said, "This looks like one of your toughest caper yet."

Encyclopedia and Sally bike to Wiggins house. They were answered by a teenager, Tanya Ciggins. Tanya was a neighbor of both Rydestone and Wiggins.

Tanya Ciggins asked, "Ritty hired you. I been getting the Wiggins snail mail and newspapers were they are in California. You can take a look around – but be quick. Bugs Meany and some of Tigers had been spotted around here. You had a half-hour to look around before he shows to try to frame you two."

Encyclopedia and Sally nodded. Since Sally had knocked Bugs flatter then a stale pancake, Bugs had annoyed attempting to punch or kick Encyclopedia, but Bugs tries to outsmarts Encyclopedia.

William Wiggin's room was fill with knock-knobs and odd stuff and books about Con-Artists. In the trash, Sally find a crumble up piece of paper. She handed the paper to Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia read the following:

To The Idaville Tigers,

If you play that Tommy Tutone song again when you call me...I going to make you wish you got a twenty four hour beating from Sally Kimball. I should have not told you that my phone is as the same one as the one in Tommy Tutone's song.


The Threaten Mistress

P.S. If you recall the Tommy Tutone song, you know my name. I just using The Threaten Mistress to avoid Encyclopedia Brown.

Sally asked, "Any girl being annoyed Tigers members?"

Ritty said, "Oh boy, lots of them. Duke has annoyed Quin Zorgon. Ike is being annoying to Kara Young. Bugs Meany, the king of the Tigers himself, is annoying Jenny Killstorm. All of them know I rich and I like to be sneaky – but not one of them know I disguise myself as a poor girl."

Sally said, "I think that letter has nothing to do with Ritty's case."

Encyclopedia replied, "Wrong. The guilty girl is..."

Who is the Guilty Person?

"...Jenny Killstorm." Encyclopedia stated

Sally asked, "Why her?"

Encyclopedia said, "Tommy Tutone's song is called Jenny/867-5309. Jenny letter stated her name is the same one from the song."

Ritty excused herself and run to her phone. After a while, Ritty run out and said, "Once the Threaten Mistress letter was brought up, Jenny told that she accidentally followed my disguised self home a few weeks ago thinking it was her from another universe. It wasn't until she saw me coming out the same door in my one of more richer outfits."

Ritty handed two more $100 dollars to Encyclopedia and Sally for a job well done.