Summary: There are a few things Minato just doesn't understand about his son.

There are a few things Minato just doesn't understand about his son.

For example, he can't quite get why Naruto always gets so tense around ANBU. The teen doesn't remember the names of the traitors or what they looked like. He was drugged most of the time, so he has no recollection of how much pain he was in. He couldn't even remember how they got him out of the house in the first place, and it all happened years ago.

[He remembers choking on the thick smell of blood when Hawk slit Owl's throat.]

He also doesn't understand why, on the morning after a particularly bad day, Naruto suddenly insisted they had to take all pictures of his late wife down and threw a horrible tantrum until he got his wish.

As far as he knows, his son never heard a bad word about Kushina, there's nothing that could make the boy dislike his departed mother, and she looks friendly in all the pictures. It just makes no sense to him.

[She's finally, finally gone, and he's terrified that she'll try to come back.]

More than anything else though, Minato doesn't understand why Naruto doesn't blame him for letting Kyuubi be sealed inside of him.

It was his decision that made his son into an unwilling sacrifice for the village, and while a few appreciate the teen for what he is doing for them, the large majority fear him. Also, Naruto has to suffer from the demonic senses pushed at him, and the man knows that when the absorption of the beast is complete it will only be worse. It's his fault his son had no friends his own age when he grew up, it's his fault enemies have tried again and again to kidnap him, it's his fault the council thinks a little boy is a handy weapon just waiting to be used. It's his fault Naruto can never lead a normal life.

[He races against the wind, bare feet barely touching the bark before pushing off again, vivid colours dancing all around him as tantalizing scents and hidden trails lead him on a path made for no one but him, and he shouts in exhilaration at being so wonderfully alive.]