Alright, I'm working on a new Avatar Ship week Fic. The Ship is Sukka (Sokka and Suki). I guess this is technically my first Avatar ship, since it came first. Anyway, Day 1 is Shelter.


This takes place during "The Southern Raiders"; it's kina like an Alternate scene.

Our Story begins at the camp sight where Aang, Toph, Katara, Zuko, Sokka and Suki are staying at. After an ambush with Azula, the group was forced to split up: Haru, The Duke, Teo, Hakoda and Chit Sang took underground while the others escaped on Appa.

We now focus on Suki, who is look up at the Stars with a look of serenity and peace on her face. And at that moment, we see Sokka walk over to her.

Sokka: Hey.

Suki: Hi Sokka.

Sokka: What are you doing?

Suki: Nothing much, just looking at the stars. It's amazing isn't it?

Sokka: The stars? Yeah, they are. Kinda makes you feel small, doesn't it?

Suki: Yeah.

The two were quiet for a moment, both looking at the stars, enjoying the view. But then Sokka reached and took her hand in his, this caused Suki to look at him, and vice-versa.

Sokka: You know… I was so worried about you. After what I learned… after what happened to me before… I couldn't bear to lose you. You are… so important to me, Suki. I… I love-

Suddenly, Suki interrupts him by giving him a kiss on the lips. She practically pounces on him and grabs his face tightly in her hands, forcing her tongue in his mouth. Sokka, shocked at her action, begins to let the feeling take over and kiss her back. His arms found their way around her waist as her arms went around his neck. They had to stop for a moment so they could get a breath.

Sokka: Whoa…. Suki… wow…

Suki: (giggles) You don't know how much I missed you in that Prison. All I could think about while I was there was you… you sweet personality… and those sweet lips…

Suki kisses him again and Sokka kisses back. The two stay that way for another minute when Sokka broke the kiss.

Sokka: You know Suki, if you want, you could… stay with me in my tent. I can give you a very nice shelter to keep you warm…

Suki: (Purrs affectionately) Oh Sokka…

Sokka: (gets up) Meet me in my ten in a few minutes

Sokka gives her one last kiss before leaving.

5 minutes later

The scene changes to later that night. It had bit about 5 minutes since Sokka left for his Tent: a risen slab of rock aliened at an angle with the tent fabric to over the rest. Suki felt it was the right time to come. As she was walking towards his tent, she bumps into someone unsuspected: Zuko. Her eyes widened a bit at his sight and she started to get nervous:

Suki: (nervous) Uh Oops… Wrong tent!

She starts to leave, but…

Zuko: Sorry. I suppose you want to see Sokka too, right?

Suki started to blush. There was no way she was gonna get caught doing something with Sokka, even if she liked doing it.

Suki: Uh no, not me.

She begins to walk away, but Zuko took her arm.

Zuko: Look, Suki. I know what's going on with you two. You're both… sweet on eachother, believe me, I know, I have a girlfriend… or I think "Had" is the right term. Anyway, the point is… whatever I have to speak with to Sokka… it can wait.

Suki: (surprised) re-Really?

Zuko: yeah. Go to him now.

Suki turns around and heads for Sokka's tent, but stops for a moment. She turns around and gives Zuko a friendship kiss on the cheek.

Suki: Thanks Zuko. You're a pretty sweet guy when not moody all the time.

Zuko: I'll take that as a complement. Now go on.

Suki Nods and leaves again, Zuko just smiles a bit.

Voice: well, that was pretty nice of you, Sparky.

Zuko turns and see Toph standing by her tent.

Toph: Of course if it was me, I'd be making her red with embarrassment. You know they are gonna be making-out like crazy.

Zuko: Heh, I know. (pauses for a moment) Say Toph. You're pretty good friends with Katara, right?

Toph: Last time I checked.

Zuko: Has she ever told you about her past… like what happened to her mother?

Toph: Uh… why are you asking?

Back with Suki, she walk up to the front and begins to enter, what she sees actually turns her face redder and her eyes wide. We see that the tent is lit up with several candles and there's a bouquet of flowers overhead, shaped like a heat, we see Sokka on his sleeping mat facing away but when he turns around, we he his hair is loose and he has a rose in his mouth.

Sokka: (suave) Well Helloooo Suki.

Suki: Sokka… Love what you've done with the place.

Suki crawls towards him and takes the rose out of his mouth with her mouth, then she hold it in her hand

Suki: For me? You shouldn't have.

Sokka: So… shall we… begin?

Suki: I though you'd never ask.

They begin kissing passionately again, Sokka moved closer and now he's on top of her. Sokka stops kissing her lips and begins to trail down her neck. Suki moans in pleasure as she moves her head back, letting him get more access to her neck. She moans louder as he bite into the tender flesh.

Suki: Sokka… Oh Sokka…

As soon as Sokka felt there would be a mark, he stopped biting her next, that's when Suki took charge and forced Sokka on his back, making her to be on top of him.

Suki: (moans in pleasure) Now it's my turn…

With that, she turns to the candles and blows them out, leaving only darkness.

And there goes the first part. Yeah, I'm bad ending it here, but hey, I'm sure you can figure out what happened. At any rate, day one is done, short and sweet and to the point, now on to day 2. Please read and review