Well, readers, here it is. The final chapter of the last day of Sukka week. I hope you all will like it.


This fic will take place sometime after my "Humiliation" chapter and after "The Avatar and the Fire Lord"

Our story begins one day in the Fire Nation. It was a peaceful summer day, nothing but clear skies all around. We turn our attention to a small beachside area we see Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and their latest member, Suki, all sitting down. They have all been in the Fire Nation for a few weeks now and so far, they were blending in nicely: Aang's Headband along with his grown hair hid his arrow very well while the others didn't really need that big of disguises. The small beach was a perfect spot of just sit back, relax and have fun.

Toph: Ahh… this is the good life, my friends: Nothing to do but relax and enjoy the sunlight.

Katara: Yeah, even Sokka manages to join us.

Sokka: Hey, just because I'm more focused on training for our invasion, doesn't mean I've become less fun.

Toph: Since when have you ever been fun?

With that, she begins to laugh and Katara joins in on her laughing too. Sokka just looked annoyed, he was about to say something when he felt an arm wrap around her. It was Suki who decided to cuddle up to him more.

Suki: Lay off guys. Sokka's always been fun.

Sokka: Thank you Suki. See? She knows I can have fun.

Toph: Oh she's just saying that because you guys are a couple now.

Suki: Hey, I meant that. And besides, I'll always defend him like he'll defend me.

With that, Suki moves in closer for a kiss with Sokka.

Toph: Ugh. Gross me out with a spoon. Must you two always do that? No one can see it but I can sense your tongues enter eachother's mouths.

Sokka: (stops the kiss) Oh come on. I bet you won't be thinking that once you have a boyfriend.

Toph: Me? With a boyfriend? Yeah right. The blind bandit is a lone wolf, a solitary eagle, and that's the way I like it.

Suki: Give it a while. You'll see.

Toph: How? I'm blind.

Aang: You can still see, Toph, just not with your eyes.

Toph: (growls) As nice as that complement was, It wasn't needed.

Aang: Ok, Sorry. Hey, how about we all go for a swim.

Toph: Not me, I'm staying right here on dry land.

Aang: Come on, Toph, it'll be fun.

Toph: No it won't, I can't see with water at my feet.

Aang: I'll be with you all the way, now come on.

With that, Aang takes Toph by the hand and drags her to the water, ignoring her protest.

Katara: Actually, I can go for a swim too. (To Sokka) let's go, big brother.

Sokka was about to get up, but Suki stopped him.

Suki: We'll be with you in a moment, Katara.

Katara: Alright then.

Katara gets up and leaves to swim with Aang and Toph, leaving Sokka and Suki alone.

Sokka: So… what's on your mind?

Suki: I… I want to thank you, Sokka… For everything

Sokka: Huh? What do you mean?

Suki: Ever since we left the doctor's hut that day, you've been so sweet and nice to me. If it's not the nice words and complements you give me… (Blushes) It's those romantic moments we've had alone together.

Sokka: Yeah… well... (blushes) You've very important to me, Suki. I'd never let anything awful happen to you anymore. I… I love you.

Suki: I know, Sokka. And it's those things you do that's practically erased those memories of what Azula did to me… and what my own warriors did to me…

Suki places her hand over the scar on her right side, still remembering the blade that struck it. Sokka sees her sad face and begins to cheer her up by kissing on her cheek, kissing her scar. Suki just giggled as his lips moved closer to her own and soon, they both shared another kiss filled with passion. When the need for air became too great, they stopped, taking their breaths and looking into eachother's eyes.

Sokka: I love you, Suki.

Suki: I love you, Sokka.

Sokka: So… feel like taking a swim?

Suki: You know it.

With that, they two got up and started to talk to the water, hand in hand. After today, they continue their journey through the Fire Nation in hopes to end the war… but for now, there is piece in this moment, the bad memories erased for now.

And… I… am… Done! Well readers that was it, the last chapter of Sukka Week. Sorry it's so late, but hey, better that then never. Once again, I would like to thank Robert, AKA Staredcraft for help with this chapter, thanks man. Once again, read and review.