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This takes place in Shippuden, and shortly after their first mission with Sai.

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The Fox Knight

Chapter 1

The woods around Konohagakure no sato were quiet and calm in the mid afternoon sun. But one area wasn't calm. A blond, fifteen year old ninja in an orange and black suit was stumbling along. Naruto Uzumaki suddenly fell to his knees, and grabbed his stomach. Underneath his clothes, the eight prong seal began to pulse again. Naruto grimaced in pain, as the pain pulsed through him. Slowly, it lessened, and Naruto was able to get to his feet. He slowly turned back, and looked back at his home. It was a fair distance away. Naruto sighed, as this would be the closest he would ever come to his old home, until he figured out what was wrong.

It had started ever since Sasuke had entered his mindscape, and disrupted the Kyuubi. Ever since then, he had felt weird every time he had used his chakra. Now, a week later, he felt horrible pain, which came from the seal that kept the Kyuubi no Kitsune locked in him. The pain had expanded, and now, with every pulse, it hurt his whole body. He tried reaching out to the Kyuubi, but all he had heard was howls of pain. Whatever was happening was affecting them both. Suddenly, he felt another wave of pain. He dropped to his knees, wrapping his arms around his stomach. This time though, the pain didn't recede. It kept going, and going. Eventually, it faded, leaving Naruto sweating and twitching.

What's... what's happening... to me?

He got up, and began to stumble away. He had barely gone ten steps, when another wave of pain slammed into him. He fell over, and screamed in pain. Suddenly, he felt his ears shift, and it almost felt like they were melting. His pants became tighter at the back. He screamed in pain again, causing the birds to flap away in alarm.


Several days later, Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage of Konoha, stared out the window of her office. Behind her, several ANBU appeared.

"I'm sorry Lady Tsunade, but we have found nothing so far. His trail disappears in a clearing. We did find these those."

The ANBU held out a scrap of orange cloth, and strands of gold hair. Tsunade looked over them. "The cloth is Naruto's clothes. But this... it isn't hair. It's... fur?"

The leader of the team shrugged. Tsunade thought for a moment. She snapped her fingers. "Get me Team Kurenai. NOW!"

The ANBU nodded, and disappeared. Tsunade sighed, and turned back to the window. "Naruto, where are you?"

Several minutes later, Kurenai Yuuhi, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka with Akamaru, and Hinata Hyuuga entered the office. Tsunade noticed that the Hyuuga heiress seemed really down. She indicated the two items on her desk. "I need your team's expertise. Our ANBU teams lost Naruto Uzumaki's trail in a clearing to the south east. I want the four of you to head to the clearing, and see if you could pick his trail up. However, be cautious. It's possible that something involving Kyuubi has happened."

Since they had attained the rank of chuunin, all of Naruto's friends had learned the truth about him. He had been away with Jiraiya, so they had time to think. In the end, it hadn't changed anything about him, so they didn't bring it up.

Kurenai picked up the cloth, and handed it to Kiba. He and Akamaru sniffed the cloth, and nodded. Kurenai turned to Tsunade. "We will get on it right away, Hokage-sama. Team Kurenai, lets move out!" The five of them disappeared. Tsunade sighed, and picked up the hair. She slowly examined it, and her brow creased in confusion.

"This is almost like... fox fur."

"What is?" Tsunade turned to see Jiraiya, the Toad Sage and her fellow Sannin, come through the window. He had been off doing his "research" in a nearby town. Tsunade sighed, and held out the golden locks. Jiraiya's eyes widened.

"These look like Naruto's hairs. What's been happening with the little twerp anyways? I didn't see him anywhere."

Tsunade lowered her eyes. "He... he disappeared. No one knows where he is."

Jiraiya stood there for a few moments. Then, he took one of the hairs, and examined it. "It is fur. It's fox fur."

"What do you mean?"

"It's fox fur. But it's golden, which means, that it's Naruto's hair. I think that something involving him and Kyuubi has happened."

Tsunade sighed, and shook her head. "This is becoming too complicated, way to fast."


Team Kurenai rushed along the ground, with Kiba and Akamaru in the lead. The two would stop, and periodically sniff the ground or the air. Kiba was anxious to try and find that blond haired idiot, for Hinata's sake. Ever since they had heard that Naruto had disappeared, Hinata had become anxious, and depressed. Now, there was a small ray of hope, and Kiba was going to make sure that it became more.

Eventually, they came to the clearing. Immediately, they all stopped in surprise at their surroundings. Hinata gasped, and held her hands to her mouth. The ground was covered in furrows, and there were pieces of tree bark ripped from tree's. Several branches had been broken, and there were a few more shreds of Naruto's clothing around them. Akamaru sniffed a destroyed bush, and whimpered. Kiba joined him.

"This bush has a human scent. But that scent is almost completely masked by the scent of fox. I can't tell who this scent belongs to."

Hinata activated her Byakugan. She strained her eyes, looking as far as she could in every direction. There was nothing. She released her eyes, lowering her head in defeat.

"I-I can't see Naruto-kun anywhere. He's... he's g-gone." She started to cry, and Kurenai came over, and held her shoulders.

"Hinata, stop it. It just means that Naruto isn't nearby. We need to look elsewhere." She turned to Kiba. "Can you follow the human scent?"

Kiba shook his head. "I can try, but it's weak. The scent on the bush is strong, because whoever did this ripped through it. But the other scent has been covered a few times by other things."

"Kurenai-sama, is this wise? If this is Naruto, then something has happened to him, causing him to become dangerous and wild. Perhaps we should call for reinforcements." Shino looked at his former teacher.

Kiba looked at Shino. "What are you talking about man?! We need to help Naruto!"

"Kiba, look around. These claw marks, the ripped clothing? Naruto has undergone some transformation involving the Kyuubi, and has become like a feral beast. We cannot risk finding him like this, because we don't have the fighting strength to deal with him."

Hinata shook her head, trying to clear her eyes of the tears. "Kiba-kun, S-shino-kun is right. Even though I want to help Naruto-kun, we wouldn't be able to do anything against him like this." She shuddered, wishing she was stronger, so she could help him. So she could tell him how she felt.

Kurenai nodded. "It hurts, but Shino is right. Let's get back to the Village."

Kiba punched a tree in frustration, but eventually nodded. Three of them left, but Hinata waited for a moment, and looked into the woods. She closed her eyes, and whispered, "Naruto-kun, please be careful. Please, come back safely." Then, she left.

She never noticed the shadow that emerged from the tree tops nearby. The figure who wore a dull dark red cloak, and had eyes that glowed a warm red.


Three weeks later

Yajirobee, a chuunin of Konoha, smirked as he sat down on his bed. The demon brat was gone, and he had used his time spent searching for Naruto to inform his contacts from Iwa that the jinchuuriki of Konoha was gone. He had passed over information about some of Konoha's spies in Iwa, and some other vital information. Being a inside man was dangerous, but Iwa paid a lot better than Konoha did. Soon, he would be able to retire, and leave the life of peace and relaxation.

He pulled off his helmet that he wore, and was about to pull off his vest, when there was a knock on his door. He slowly stood up, and headed to the door. He placed a hand on the doorknob.

"Who is it?"

Suddenly, the door blew in, and Yajirobee crashed onto the floor, the door pinning his legs. He looked up to see a shadowy figure standing there. His eyes widened in horror, as he saw the figure advance on him. The light's of the apartment revealed a dull dark red cloak, with a hood pulled up. The wearer's eyes were hidden in shadow, but an armored face mask covered the lower part of his mouth. The face mask was red, and looked like a fox muzzle pulled back to reveal rows of gold teeth. Above it was a black nose, with gold whiskers coming off it.

Yajirobee pulled back, trying to pull away from the figure. "W-w-who are you?"

"That doesn't matter. What matters is that you have betrayed your Village. You have betrayed the lives of your fellow shinobi. You are not fit to live." The figure spoke in a deep, dark tone, that was almost like a growl.

The figure's eyes suddenly glowed a bright crimson red. The pupils were black crosses. Yajirobee stared at them, unable to look away. The figure kneeled next to the paralyzed man, and whispered, "Tell me all your secrets. Now."

Yajirobee rapidly began spilling all his secrets. He revealed all his contacts, all his dealings. The figure slowly nodded, and stood back up. His eyes faded away, returning to the shadows of his hood. Yajirobee shook slightly, as the figure slowly pulled out a kunai.

"W-w-what are you going to do?"

"The only thing I am good at doing anymore. The only thing people like you thought I could ever do."

He raised the knife, and Yajirobee started babbling. "Wait! I can give you anything! Money, woman, jutsus! Please don't do this!"

"Sorry, but you have earned this. This is the fate of traitors like you." The kunai flashed, before the traitorous chuunin could scream.

Half and hour later, the figure left Yajirobee's home, pulled the door back into place, and secured it. He spray painted the kanjin for death on the door, and left.

It was ten hours later, before someone noticed the door. A young lady was walking past the apartment, on her way to her job. She noticed the door, and immediately called the landlord. He went to the door, couldn't open it, so he was forced to break it down. As soon as the door fell open, he fell back, and yelled for help.


Tsunade approached the apartment. Ten ANBU were keeping people away, while others investigated the room. Shizune stood nearby.

Tsunade approached her apprentice. "So what is it? I sent you all down here to check it out, and you send for me, saying I need to see this?"

Shizune nodded. "Believe me, you need to see this, Tsunade-sama." She led Tsunade into the apartment.

Yajirobee was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. His throat had been cut, and there was slashes on each limb. His face was frozen in fear and pain. Tsunade shuddered slightly at the sight of the blood, but was otherwise calm. Then she noticed the papers lying on the bed. She picked them up, and began thumbing through them. They were reports, information on Konoha spies in Iwa, and other information. The last few papers were orders from the Tsuchikage. A team of Iwa shinobi were supposed to receive information from a spy named Yajirobee. Tsunade turned to look at the dead ninja.

"So, he was a traitor?"

Shizune nodded. "We discovered a team of dead Iwa ninja at the gate this morning. They were just killed, and dragged there. No other wounds, unlike him. The only other thing is this." Shizune pointed up on the ceiling. Tsunade looked up.

On the ceiling was a symbol of a fox with a sword for a tail. Below was two words. Kitsune naito.

"The Fox Knight? Was he the one responsible for this?"

Shizune shrugged. "We believe so. The symbol was on one fo the dead Iwa ninja too. Their weapons and supplies had been stolen as well."

Tsunade sighed. "This has been a bad month. First Naruto disappears, now this 'Fox Knight'. Get a letter to Iwa. Tell them that a team of theirs was killed, and that we have the bodies, so they can retrieve them."

Shizune nodded, and left. She passed Jiraiya, who came in through the door. "What's happening? Besides three dead foreign ninja's, and a dead traitor?"

Tsunade indicated the symbols on the ceiling. Jiraiya looked up at them. "Fox Knight? Do you think it's Naruto?"

Tsunade shook her head. "I don't think so. Naruto isn't the type to kill. He would have turned them in alive."

Jiraiya shrugged. "Who knows? If the Kyuubi did something to him..."

Tsunade looked down. "Well, if you think there is a possibility, then fine. I was going to send you to Amegakure no sato, but I may need you here. You're staying put in Konoha for now."

Jiraiya nodded. "Right. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to do a little 'research'."

The punch Tsunade gave him could be heard outside, especially by the figure sitting on the roof opposite the apartment. The cloaked figure simply nodded, and leapt away, avoiding passing ninja's, and headed out of the gates. He leapt up into the trees, turned, and looked at the Village.

His eyes glowed red, as a few tears fell down his cheeks. "This is my purpose now." Then he turned and leapt away.

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