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Chapter 18

Naruto walked next to Hinata, holding her hand. It was a few days after he had awoken in the hospital. He was still below a hundred percent, but he was able to walk fine for long distances. The other's had all recovered as well, so they had begun the trip home. But not before Naruto had received bone crushing hugs from the Raikage and Killerbee, and their thanks. And having to pay for the damage he had caused with his new technique. That had lightened the Namikaze bank account a bit, but not a whole lot.

Tsunade was busy talking to Shizune, while Kage was discreetly watching the raven haired medic. Naruto smiled as he leaned closer to Hinata.

"Looks like Kage found a girlfriend. You think she even knows?"

Hinata giggled. "Maybe we should help him along."

Tsunade finally turned to Naruto. "When we get back home, we still have a lot to do. There's dealing with the old Council, and then coming up with a punishment for Sasuke. Then there is the matter I've been thinking about for a while."

"What's that?"

Tsunade sighed. "Well... I've been thinking of looking for a successor. And after my fight with Pein, I realize that I'm losing my touch. I think it is time to retire."

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. "You're retiring? Who's your replacement?"

Tsunade smiled. "I think I've found them. But I still need to think about it."

Naruto turned to Hinata, who smiled, and hugged him. "Don't worry. You'll be Hokage. This time, or the next time around."

Naruto nodded. "There's something else we need to do. The two of us need to start planning for our wedding."

Hinata smiled at the mention. She snuggled her head on his shoulder. "I can't wait."

Tsunade smiled. "You just be sure to treat the little gaki right, you here?"

Hinata smiled even more. "Yes, nee-chan to be."

Tsunade smiled at the thought. An imouto and a otouto.


The group entered Konoha a few days later. As everyone saw Naruto, they immediately began to cheer, clap, yell, or bow. Sakura rushed over, and hugged him, yelling "You did it! You defeated Aktsuki!"

Gai and Lee struck their poses. "YOSH! THE FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTEST IN HIM!"


Kakashi smiled happily as he came over. "Naruto, you're beyond any expectations I could have had. Truly, you are your father's son, and more." Then he bowed.

Naruto smiled. "Kakashi sensei, thanks."

The cheering continued, as they made it to the Hokage Tower. Tsunade took them all to her office, where she gratefully sunk into her seat. "It's good to be home."

Then she immediately pulled out a couple of papers. "It's not official yet, but due to both of your performances on the mission, I don't think it will take long. Naruto, Hinata, I'm promoting you both to jounin. Congratulations."

They both looked at her in surprise, then hugged each other, laughing. Kage shook Naruto's hands. "You've done great Naruto. I just wish your mom could be here."

Naruto smiled, as he looked up. "In a way, she always is."

Tsunade nodded. "Well, for now, you both are free to go. Have fun, and be back here tomorrow. You'll be part of our discussion on what to do with Sasuke."

They nodded, and happily left, arm in arm. Outside, Naruto picked Hinata up, and swung her around, both of them laughing. Then he lowered her down into a kiss. While they did, the rest of the Rookie 11 came and joined them. Tenten saw the ring on Hinata's hand, and squealed.

"Hinata, is that what I think it is?"

Hinata didn't hear, as she was still busy in the kiss with Naruto. Eventually, they pulled apart, and that was when they realized everyone around them. Tenten smiled, and repeated her question. Hinata smiled as she held out her hand, and nodded.

"Naruto-kun proposed while we were in the gardens of the "Great Hall". Unfortunately, we were the last to see it, before it was destroyed in the fight."

Ino and Tenten went into daydreams about that happening to them with the men they loved. Sakura just sighed. "I really missed my chance, didn't I? But I'm happy for both of you."

Lee came over. "Sakura-san, perhaps you would like to join me for lunch sometime?"

Sakura looked at him, then smiled. "As friends. I don't know if I want anything romantic right now."

Lee nodded. "YOSH! I mean, very well."

Naruto smiled. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty hungry. How about you guys?"

They all nodded, and followed the happy couple to Ichiraku Ramen, which had begun to grow as more people began to eat at Namikaze's favorite place to eat.


The following day, Naruto appeared in the new Council Chamber. As he did, many of the clan heads bowed, except for Hiroto Hyuuga. Naruto smiled and bowed back. He had gotten a new cloak and face mask, but both the hood and mask were down. He sat in a chair along the wall, while Tsunade started the meeting.

"Today, we are going to discuss four matters. The executions of the elders Koharu and Homura, and Danzou, for treason and conspiracy to commit genocide, the punishment for Sasuke Uchiha, the formation of the Namikaze clan, and my future successor."

Everyone turned to each other in surprise. Eventually, Tsume Inzuka stood up. "Tsunade-sama, are you thinking of retiring?"

Tsunade nodded. "I'm not as fast or agile as I once was. I think it's time I retire to the hospital, and keep teaching the medics that's not until a few years from now. In the meantime, I have my eye on a few candidates for my position. But I'm only betting on one of them. But onto other business."

She pulled out the papers dealing with the execution orders of the old Council. "It has all ready been decided. The only think left is on deciding how and who." She turned to Naruto.

"You offered once. Would you like to do it?"

Naruto sighed. "That was before I became engaged to Hinata. I think she would not want to see her fiancé become a executioner. Perhaps the one who should have the right is the one most hurt by their actions, other than me."

Tsunade thought for a moment. "You mean Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto nodded. "Exactly. It seems since it was his clan killed by their actions, it should be fitting that he have the right to execute them."

"But what of his punishment?" Inoichi asked.

Naruto sighed. "It's difficult. On the one hand, Kumo will want a lasting punishment, or execution for what he did to Killerbee. His actions against Konoha also demand no less. On the other, if we simply use him to breed the Sharingan, and then execute him, that sends the message that all we care about are bloodlines, instead of the ninja's using them."

Hiroto smiled. "But isn't that true?"

Naruto glared at the smug Hyuuga. "If that is true, then how is it that my family were the strongest shinobi in this village, without a bloodline? It is not the numbers of techniques, or the bloodline you wield, or the power you have. The true measure of a shinobi is their guts and resolve. I was dead last in the Academy, and yet with my limited techniques and training, I defeated Neji Hyuuga, who was a genius, and wielded the Byakugan. I defeated Gaara of Suna, when Sasuke failed. I was the one who defeated a madman with ancient powers greater than that of Kyuubi himself."

Naruto looked around the table. "Ninja's should not be considered strong because they have a bloodline, or come from a prestigious family. They should be considered strong because they earned it."

Slowly, the other clan head's nodded. Shikaku spoke up. "He's right. Students from clans are always considered superior to the regular students from families. I think it's time we start treating everyone fairly in the Village."

Tsunade smiled. "Well, that's good. But back to the subject at hand. How do we deal with Sasuke?"

Naruto spoke softly. "Either we must let go of the Sharingan, and execute him, to appease Kumo. Or we can let him rejoin the ranks, but he must start as a genin, and stay that rank until he has proven himself trustworthy. Then, we can let him begin to rebuild his clan, and advance. But Kumo may not be pleased."

"Everyone nodded, and Hiroto spoke up. "It would be better to execute him, rather than risk Kumo's anger."

Naruto once again glared at the Hyuuga. "Really? And the fact that with Sasuke gone, the Hyuuga's will be supreme power in the Village means nothing? I have a solution that will help keep Kumo at least content, and allow us to keep Sasuke alive. Let me teach him what it truly means to be a ninja."

Everyone looked at him in surprise. Several of them were speechless, but Tsunade smiled. "I understand. Since Kumo views you as a hero, they would trust you to keep Sasuke in line. They won't be happy, but they probably won't have many problems with it."

Slowly everyone nodded, except Hiroto. Tsunade pulled out a file. "Very well. Sasuke Uchiha will be held reinstated, and held at genin rank until such time as Naruto Namikaze believes him ready to advance. Oh, by the way. We have decided to give Suigetsu to Kiri, since he is was kidnaped from there by Orochimaru. The girl Karin, having been responsible for several of Orochimaru's experiments, will be held prisoner. As for Juugo," she smiled at Naruto, "he has gained control over his powers, and been accepted into the Academy. He's all ready making friends."

Naruto smiled. "Good. He deserves that much. Maybe I might teach him too someday."

"Well, onto the next order of business. As most, if not all of you know, Hinata, formerly of the Hyuuga clan, has a new bloodline. She has recently become engaged to Naruto Namikaze. As such, with the combination of the Dokushogan, and the Namikaze abilities, we would like to ask if Naruto would like to form the Namikaze clan?"

Naruto smiled softly. "I think Hinata would like to form her own clan with me. Sure."

The others nodded in agreement. Tsunade smiled. "Than of this moment, the Namikaze clan is born. Naruto, if you would like to take your place?"

Naruto looked at the chair she indicated, and smiled. He slowly stood up, and walked over to it, before sitting down. Tsume reached over, and shook his hand, while Inoichi patted him on the back. Tsunade completed the necessary paperwork, and filed it away, Then she pulled out one last set of papers.

"These are a list of candidates for the position of Rokudaime Hokage. I bring it before the Council to see what you think of each of them."

She slowly passed out each list, and the council members took them to look over. Naruto received his, and began to read.

Jiraiya, the Toad Sannin

Morino, Ibiki

Namikaze, Naruto

At the sight of his name, his eyes shot up to Tsunade. His were not the only ones. Tsunade smiled.

"Well? Do any of you have questions?"

Hiroto immediately stood up. "Tsunade-sama, surely you don't think Naruto Namikaze is ready to become Hokage? He has barely joined the Council!"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes, this is true. Naruto does not have the political experience that most of us have here. But he's already shown a good knack for it. He has helped give us many allies, and even now, will help us keep one. Naruto has the true spirit of a Hokage though. He will put the protection of this Village before anything else. With a few years experience on the Council, I believe he will be ready."

Several others nodded, but Naruto just sat there. "T-Tsunade-sama, are you sure? I mean... I want to be hokage, but I know I'm not ready yet."

Tsunade smiled. "I wouldn't nominate you if I didn't think you were ready."

Naruto just sat back, and stared at the table in front of him in shock, while Tsunade listened to what each person thought about the candidates. When they were done, Tsunade nodded. "Well, that is all. The executions will take place one week from now. Meeting adjourned."

Tsunade stopped Naruto as he prepared to leave. "Don't worry. You'll be fine. I've given you a few years still to become ready."

Naruto nodded slowly, and Tsunade hugged him. "Ah, otouto. I was expecting you to be all happy and worked up. This just shows you are truly maturing. Now, cheer up. You don't think Hinata will want to see you like this, do you?"

Naruto shook his head. "No. It was just surprising, that's all." Naruto slowly put a smile on his face. "So, when do I get my student?"

Tsunade smirked. "Today. And Hinata can help if you want."

Naruto nodded. "Then send him to training field #10 in half an hour. Don't tell him who his sensei is yet." With that, Naruto disappeared. Tsunade smiled, as she turned to the chuunin outside the door.

"Have Sasuke Uchiha brought to me."


Half an hour later, Sasuke was standing at the training field, with four ANBU hidden in the trees nearby. He couldn't believe that he was actually being given a second chance.

I don't deserve it. I don't deserve anything. He looked around for his sensei, when suddenly, he was knocked off his feet. He turned to see a figure materialize from the ground.

"I would think Kakashi-sensei taught you to watch the ground. Not all attacks are form above or level."


"From now, you'll call me Naruto-sensei. Got it Sasuke?"

Sasuke looked at him in amazement. "You're my sensei?"

Naruto smirked behind his mask. "That's right. Otherwise, Kumo would probably ask for your death. Now, you ready to learn what it really means to be a ninja?"

Sasuke just lay there, in shock. Then he slowly stood up, and bowed his head. "Please, teach me."

Naruto smiled behind his mask. "Right, some ground rules. One, don't ever question any training I give you."

"Two, don't copy any of our jutsu's unless we tell you." Hinata slipped out of the trees, much to the ANBU and Sasuke's astonishment. Naruto hugged her as she approached.

"Meet your other sensei. Now, number three. Don't use Mangekyou unless it's a last resort. Otherwise, you'll be blind, and then we will have a lot of new training to do. Got it?"

As Sasuke nodded, Naruto smirked. "Good. Remeber, here, I'm not your buddy or teammate. I'm your sensei, so I will treat you as such. Got it?"

Sasuke nodded and bowed his head again. "It is an honor to be trained by you, Namikaze-san."

Naruto nodded. "All right. First thing first, let's do a couple hundred laps, shall we?"


One month later

A week after training with Naruto, Sasuke agreed to execute the old Council. But as he finsihed them off, he felt nothing. No joy, no happiness. His quest for revenge had cost him to much in life.

Sasuke had begun to understand Naruto's pain. Every where he went in the Village, people watched him with cold eyes, and he heard murmurs of "traitor", and "scum" wherever he went. The difference was that he deserved it. He took it all, knowing that this was his life now, and he accepted that. He also accepted the cold eyes and voices from his former comrades. In his heart, he knew he would never truly gain their trust or respect. So he did what Naruto had done. He threw himself into his training, until he dropped from exhaustion. And he started to look into the things that he had considered weak before. He began to laugh, to joke, and to prank.

He walked past one civilian, who "bumped" into him. Sasuke apologized, and went on his way. Behind him, he suddenly heard a foot strike the man's backside, followed by his angry yelling. Sasuke smirked. It may have been petty, and old, but the "Kick Me" sign was a classic. He sighed, as he looked up at the sky.

"What you thinking about?" Naruto appeared next to him.

"Nothing much sensei. Just admiring the sky."

Naruto sighed. "Really? Maybe we should join Shikamaru to watch the clouds go by."

Sasuke shook his head. "No. He wouldn't want me around. I'd just ruin everything."

Naruto shook his head. "I know. But maybe this might cheer you up." He held out an invitation, which Sasuke took and opened. His eyes widened.

"Sensei? You want me that close at your wedding?"

Naruto sighed. "Look, it's a sign of trust. Would you rather stand in the back, and miss everything?"

Sasuke lowered his head. "It's where I belong."

"And I say otherwise. Sasuke, I'm showing that you have earned a small measure of my trust, and friendship. Get over this depressed, I-don't-deserve-anything crap, and accept this. All right?"

Sasuke slowly nodded. "But I should leave after the wedding. I would ruin the reception."

Naruto shrugged. "It's your choice. See you at training tomorrow. Oh, by the way. 'Kick Me' signs? Please, that's minor league. You need to step it up if you want to be a prankster."

Sasuke nodded as Naruto disappeared, before looking at the invite again. He gave a small smile, before stowing it away.


December 27, two and a half months after the defeat of Akatsuki

The wedding of Naruto Namikaze, and Hinata was a wondrous sight. The kage's of Suna and Kumo came, along with several other foreign dignitaries. All of Konoha came out to see the wedding of two of their greatest heros. In the first few rows, the Rookie Twelve who weren't involved in the wedding, and their sensei's sat, along with Shizune, Anko, Teuchi, Ayame, and Iruka.

Naruto stood up at the altar, wearing a tux, with Rock Lee as his best man.

(A/N: Sorry, but I'm not familiar with Japanese weddings. So it's a little mixed)

As the music played, Kage appeared at the end of the aisle, to give Hinata away. Naruto stopped at the sight of her. She wore a simple, pure white wedding kimono, which brought out the color of here hair, ears, and tail. She held a bouquet of white roses. Sakura and Ino had done her make up, but only done a little blush, mascara, and red lipstick, to keep it simple, as Hinata wanted.

Naruto thought she had never looked more beautiful.

Slowly, she came up to him, and Naruto led her to the alter. Sakura stood near her as her maid of honor. She smiled at Lee, her boy friend now for almost a month.

Tsunade smiled at the couple before her, before beginning the ceremony. Naruto and Hinata exchanged wedding vows with each other, and Tsunade reached the part everyone knows in a wedding.

"Do you, Naruto Namikaze, take this woman, to love and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poor, until death do you part?"

"I do."

"And do you, Hinata, take this man, to love and obey, in sickness and in health, for richer or poor, until death do you part?"

"I do."

"Does any here have reason why these two should not wed?"

Hitoro Hyuuga actually opened his mouth, only to be silenced by the glare Tsunade, Rock Lee, and Sakura gave him. Naruto smiled, even if he didn't see what was happening. Tsunade smiled as she finished.

"I now pronounce you man and wife. "You may kiss the bride."

Naruto turned to Hinata, drew her close, and whispered, "I love you." Then he kissed her with as much love and passion as he could. Hinata did the same, as everyone cheered and clapped.

The happy couple stayed through out the first several hours of the reception, before Naruto disappeared with his bride. That night, the two engaged in the final act of love and trust.

Many hours later, as the sun was rising, Naruto lay in bed with his wife, gently stroking her side. He smiled as she sighed happily in her sleep, and snuggled closer to him. Naruto kissed the top of her head.

"Thank you for being with me. My love, my happiness, my light in this world." Naruto closed his eyes, and drifted into unconsciousness.


Fifteen years later

Konoha shined in the afternoon sun. To one who had been there previously, and had returned all these many years later, not much had changed. But on Hokage Mountain, there was a sixth face. A face that resembled that of the Yondaime's head, but had whisker marks, and fox ears. The face of Naruto Namikaze, the head of the Namikaze clan, and Rokudaime.

Naruto smiled, as he walked with his family through Konoha park. Hinata carried a picnic basket in one arm, while her other was wrapped around his. Ahead of them, their two children were laughing and talking.

The younger one had dark blond hair, which was tinged with indigo blue. She laughed at a joke her older brother said, her blond ears twitching, while her tail swished around behind her. She looked back at her parents, her light blue eyes tinged with the lavender her mother's eyes had.

Her older brother smiled, as he ruffled her hair. He was about thirteen, and wore a Konoha headband around his head, which he had earned when he was ten. His hair was indigo blue, but spiky like his dad. His blue ears and tail were calmer than his sister's, but the ears occasionally twitched towards new sounds. His eyes were a deep blue, which matched the sheath of the katana he had strapped to his back, and his "fox claw" gauntlets.

The Namikaze family set up the picnic under a tree. Naruto smiled as his girl, Awai, followed a butterfly that flew past.

"Atae, would you pass me the tea?" Atae handed his mother her special tea pot, with a spout shaped like a fox. She began to pour tea for all of them, when an ANBU appeared.

"Hokage-sama, the document you requested has arrived." The ANBU handed it to him. Naruto nodded.

"Thank you."

Behind his mask, Sasuke smiled as he saw Naruto's happy family, and bowed his head. "Forgive me for interrupting."

"Not at all. Tell me, how are things at home?"

"Well, as a certain Nara would say, troublesome. Having a harem can be a problem. How did you escape it?"

"I threatened to sterilize any woman who approached my Naru-kun." Hinata squeezed her husbands arm. He laughed.

"I guess that is what you needed Sasuke. Go now, and see to your kids."

Sasuke nodded, and disappeared. Hinata snuggled against his shoulder. "I'm glad he finally was able to rebuild his clan."

Naruto smiled. "Yeah. I heard his first born is quite the determined one, isn't she Atae?"

The boy blushed slightly. "Yeah. Nyusou can be quite determined. She's also smart, skilled, and can really be funny sometimes. She really likes to prank Kakashi sensei."

Awai giggled. "You like her, don't you ni-san?"

Atae just ate, trying to hide his embarrassment. The family laughed.

"She's a good girl. She'd be a excellent wife."

"Otou, we're just friends!"

Naruto smiled and sat back against the tree, while his family talked. He smiled as he looked up at the sky. Life had been good. Three years after his wedding, and one year after Atae's birth, he had officially been named Hokage. Tsunade had retired to the hospital, taught a new generation of medic ninja's, then had passed away peacefully in her sleep two years ago.

Kage and Shizune had married, and had three kids now. One was all ready a chuunin, while the other two were in the Academy. Lee and Sakura had also married, and Lee was now the new taijutsu master of konoha, when he beat Gai in a spar. Thy had one girl, and another child on the way.

Sasuke had finally proven his trust when he rescued a group of ninja's who had been trapped in an ambush against Iwa shinobi. Not caring for his own life, he had attacked the ten Iwa ninja's by himself, and had almost died doing so. Naruto gave him his full trust again after that, and Sasuke had soon risen in the ranks, becoming one of Naruto's personal ANU bodyguards.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts by Awai climbing into his lap. "What are you thinking about otou?"

He hugged her, and ruffled her hair and ears. "Just how lucky I am to have all of you."

Hinata snuggled against him again, and Atae smiled. Naruto let out a happy sigh.

I am truly blessed, to have so much happiness in my life. He smiled at the heavens above, as a tear of happiness fell down the cheek of the legendary Fox Knight.

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