Renesmee's Point of View

She sat down on my bed, as Dad had, and wrapped her arms around me.

"Mom, were you listening the whole time?" I asked quietly.

She hesitated, then nodded.

I pulled away.

"MOM!" I complained.

"Happy birthday." she said, trying to change the subject.

"Mom, why were you listening?" I asked, sort of mad.

"I love you and your father."


She rolled her eyes.

"Renesmee. I started...eavesdropping...when I heard your father say something."

My head turned down as I blushed.

"When Daddy said...Jacob?" I guessed.

She nodded.

"And that's why I wanted to tell you our story."

Our. Her and Jacob.

My Jacob.

"Okay, Nessie. Daddy and I were just going out. We were in love. Or as I thought we were. This was when I was human. He would hold me, hug me, kiss me, and love me. Then, one day, I fell apart. He left. He left me. With Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme. I was hurt. So badly, I would cry myself to sleep. I wouldn't eat. Talk, and I was a zombie."

She looked like she was about to cry.

"I wouldn't go anywhere with anyone. I would go to school, and work, then come home, and that was it. Grandpa got so mad at me for not doing anything, he threatened to send me to florida with Grandma Renee. I refused, and then in the next few days, I went to see Jacob."

I held my breath.

"Honey, you can breathe, please. It might upset you, though."

I exhaled and nodded.

Here comes the pain.

"He helped me. Through the pain. We did almost everything together, and I was thinking one day. He was hugging me, and you know how big he is," she chuckled. "My lips were on his shoulder. I was thinking. Thinking of kissing his shoulder, and he would know where to go with that. But then, you know. We went and got your father, who still loved me.

"Yet...I knew I still had feelings for Jacob."

I held my breath again, already knowing what she would say.

"I loved him."

I started gasping, trying to control the evil tears coming through.

"Why-did-you-love-someone-I-do?" I gasped through tears.

"You weren't born, hon."

She hugged me tighter.

"He loved me too." she whispered.

I whimpered into her shirt, which was now very wet.

"Even though I loved your father, more. Jacob kissed me. I did not want him to. So I punched him...and broke my hand."

"Obvious." I muttered.

She sighed.

"And then...he threatened to kill himself if I didn't ask him to kiss me, and so we kissed. A few times. And I did love him. Both of them.

"And then I married...him." She smiled like an angel.

"Daddy?" I guessed.

She nodded.

"I still loved Jacob very much, but I lived through it. And then, and then, you. Came into everyone's lives. Jacobs'. He imprinted on you, and that means he loves you. You two belong together. The past was the past. This is the present. You love Jacob. You go love Jacob today, tommorow, and everyday of forever. Please. Love him for me. You belong together."

Stupid tears fell down my cheeks.

But I nodded.

"I love you, Mommy."I whispered, and my voice cracked.

She smiled and kissed my forehead.

"You are my life now."

The same quote my father had used on her.

And now she used on me.

So my mom loved Jacob.

And Jake loved my mom.

But my mom loves my dad.

And Jacob loves me.

And I love Jacob?

"Reeeeeenesmeeeeee!" Alice called me.

Mmm. Great.

"What?!" I yelled, but it was smothered by my mother's shirt.

"Clothes fitting! And Jacob's Here!"

I groaned.



"Tell him, baby doll. He probably feels the same way."

I blushed, nodded, and pushed her out.

I locked the door, opened my window, and flew out of our house and ran away from home.