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Ouji-Sama, Become My Wife!

Chapter 1

Goku shifted nervously in his chair as he sat in the insurance office.

The repetitive clack-clack of the keyboard of the woman behind the desk kept his mind on the edge. Well, a lot of things had kept his mind hovering over the side of the imaginary cliff since the death of Chichi. How to deal with Gohan's moods, coming up with reasons why she requested that she not be wished back, the funeral, and the many bills that seemed to come from nowhere. However, none of those bothered him more than the fact that he and Chichi never even came up with a plan of what to do when the other died. It should of been the first thing on their minds after Goku died and came back.

Goku sighd, he'll be better prepared now. He was getting life insurance on himself today for Gohan's sake. At least Gohan would have some money if his father died. Especially, since he can't be wished back again.

Clack, clack, clack, clack.

Gods, Goku thought, What is she looking up? She's been on there forever.

Clack, clack, clack.

The women suddenly hit the Enter button with gusto. "Ok, Mr. Son," she said, "you wanted to place a 50k life insurance policy on yourself?"

"Yes," Goku said relieved that the keyboard was silent.

"Ok, all your information is set up... except for one thing...," the insurance woman said slowly as her mouse scrolled down the computer screen.

"What's that?" Goku asked as his shoulders sagged.

"Well, where it says 'Race,' you checked 'Other' and wrote... 'Saiyian-jinn?'"

Goku chuckled and scratched the back of his head, "Yeah, I'm actually an alien from another planet. I was adopted by a man on Earth, though, so I didn't find out until recently."

The woman nodded her head, "Uh-huh..., Well, sir, our company's policy for extraterrestrials is that the person or persons must be married to their own species in order to set up a policy that is over 10k."

"WHAT!" Goku bellowed as his jaw dropped, "B-b-b-but! My last wife just died! I can't just remarry so soon! Can't you help me out?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Son. Those are company rules, if I give you a break, I'll lose my job."

"Besides the Saiyian-jinns are an extinct species! There's only other Saiyian-jinn left! And he's a male too! I can't marry him!"

The woman shrugged her shoulders in her inability to assist. " Sorry, there's nothing I can do! Thank you and have a nice day!" the woman said with a cheerful smile.

Like a zombie, Goku walked back to his home. His mind, which was on the edge earlier, had now jumped off into a narrow, never-ending abyss with jagged rocks jutting from each side. Why, oh why, did they want him to marry someone of his species? He could find another Earthling wife, that would be no problem. He knew a few fathers in the neighborhood just itching to marry off their daughters to a hard-working man.

But why, oh why, did they want him marrying someone that was his own species?

After all he did for the universe, stopping Pilaf, defeating the Red Ribbon Army, killing the Demon King Piccolo, fighting his own biological brother, killing Frieza, and any other deeds he couldn't recall at the time.

And the universe wanted him to marry Vegita.

The universe is a bastard, Goku thought angrily, I'm never helping out anyone again.

Just as he thought that, Goku spotted an old lady who needed help crossing the street. He instantly gave in. Trudging next the trembling elder, Goku offered out his muscular elbow to her. The old lady gingerly laid her hand on it with a weak smile. They moved with a snail's crawl of speed on the pedestrian crosswalk. When they reached the other side, the old woman lightly patted him on the head. Afterwards, Goku continued his walk of shame back home.

Gohan steadily poured the hot tea into a cup that was labeled "1 Dad."

"Piccolo-san," he said, "did you want a cup of tea also?"

The tall, green alien shook his head as he leaned against the front doorframe, "No, Gohan, I'm fine." He continued to look out for Super Saiyian-jinn.

"I wonder if Daddy had any luck with the insurance company," Gohan said as he set the teapot back on the stove top. Piccolo only grunted in agreement. Then the alien's eyes caught the figure of a slumping and dejected savior of the world heading to the house. "Gohan," said Piccolo, "your father's home."

"Really?" said Gohan. The boy rushed outside and gave a big wave to his father, who waved back weakly.

"Gohan," said Piccolo, "after you greet Goku, let me talk with him privately." Gohan looked at his teacher with a questioning gleam in his eye, but nodded, "Ok."

As Goku reached the front lawn, he stood up straight and forced a big smile. Gohan ran over and threw himself on his father. "Daddy! You're home!" the boy smiled, "Did everything work out with the insurance people?"

Goku laughed, "I'll tell you all about it when I have a cup of tea, ok?"

"I already poured you some, it's not too hot but it's still warm," said Gohan.

"Great!" said Goku as he entered the home with his son in his arms. Goku set Gohan down when they entered the kitchen. The Super Saiyian-jinn sat down at the table and downed the cup of tea that had been sitting there. He happily sighed.

Piccolo motioned Gohan to leave and the young demi-Saiyian-jinn nodded and ran upstairs to his room. Goku blinked in confusion until Piccolo said, "How was the trip?"

Goku immediately slumped onto the table. "Do you have to ask?" he grumbled.

"Nobody would insure you, huh?"

Goku shook his head, "One company would, under one condition."

"Which is?" Piccolo asked.

"I have to get married," Goku said, "to someone of my own species."

Piccolo almost fell over, "What! Why the hell is that?"

"It's a policy they have for the 'extraterrestrials,'" huffed Goku.

"Did you tell them that the only other Saiyian-jinn is also a male?"

"The lady told me there was nothing she could do about it."

Piccolo stared at Goku, "W-what are you going to do?"

Goku sat up and crossed his arms over his chest, "I'll tell you what I'm not gonna do! Get on one knee and beg Vegita to be my bride! That's what! I'll just have to find another way to make sure Gohan's future will be alright when I die."

Piccolo nodded, "I see. Good luck, Son."

Goku sighed, "I'm sure I can find someone else who can insure me."

The next morning in the Son house, Gohan stepped back in surprise after he entered the kitchen. There were mounds and mounds of papers covering the floor, the table, and the counter tops. They were even overflowing from the refrigerator. "D-Dad?" Gohan called out, uncertain he would get an answer.

Seconds later, Goku's head emerged from a pile by the pantry. He looked around and said, "Strange, I could have sworn I was at the table when I started..."

"Dad? What happened?" Gohan asked.

Goku laughed and scratched his head, "I guess I got carried away... Literally!" He gave a loud grunt as he pulled his arms free, each hand with a fistful of papers. "I was looking for an alternative, but any company I find will either charge me too much a month for the coverage or they won't give me the amount I want."

Gohan sadly looked down, "Dad... you don't have to do this. I know you're doing this for my sake, but stop. It's too much, too soon."

Goku dropped the papers in his hands, "Gohan, I know it's too much, but it needs to be done."


"No buts," Goku said sternly. He pushed himself on his feet and waded though the papers as though they were rough waters. "A lot of things are unsettled after your mom died, because she and I never took the time to talk and work on this stuff. It needs to be done."

Gohan became silent as he stared at the ground. Goku got free of the paper avalanche and grumbled when he got a better look of the kitchen, "Damn, what a time to need a cup of coffee."

"Dad?" Gohan whispered so lightly, Goku barely caught it.

"Yeah, son?"

"I... I," the boy said slowly, "I don't care about the money."


"I don't care about the money!" Gohan said as fat tears rolled down his cheeks, "You keep talking about when you die, and I don't wanna hear about that! I can't handle the thought of you dying right now! Just... hic... be my dad while we have the time... ok?"

Goku watched as Gohan continue to sniffle and sighed as he realized that his son was right. His mother just died and now his father was scaring him with ideas of more death in the family. Goku's first priority should have been his son who was here now and not the future that was far away.

Gohan wiped his nose on his sleeve and was suddenly swallowed by strong arms. "I'm sorry, Gohan," said Goku as he hugged the boy tighter, "I wasn't thinking straight."

Gohan hugged his father back, "Thanks, Daddy."

Goku let go and said, "Hey, you done with your homework?"

Gohan sniffled, "I can't work on it. Every time I do, I keep hearing Mom's voice telling me I'm going to be a scientist or a scholar and I can't take it."

Goku gave a sad smile, "That's ok, I'm sure your tutor will give you break. I'm sure he won't care because I'll have already fired him." Gohan's face changed from sad to confused in a nanosecond.

"What?" said Goku defensibly, "We can't afford to have a private tutor anymore! You'll just have to attend a normal school."

Gohan nodded, then he turned his attention to the kitchen, "Do you need any help cleaning up?"

Goku shook his head, "Nah, I'll be ok." At that moment, Piccolo walked into the room and was taken back at what he saw.

The Namek looked around and decided on one thing, "I'm not going to ask."

"Hey, Piccolo," Goku said, "Why don't you and Gohan do some training outside while I clean up this mess?"

Piccolo nodded, "Gohan, wait for me outside while I talk with your father."

"Ok!" Gohan said then hurried outside. Goku turned his attention to the paper engulfed kitchen and began firing ki balls at it.

"So," ask Piccolo, "Any luck?"

"No," Goku replied, "and I'm giving up. Gohan needs me right now and until he's ok, I'm not going to bother with this whole insurance mess."

Piccolo grunted, "Don't put this off forever."

"Hopefully," said Goku as he fired another ki ball, "I can."

That night, Goku lay on his bed, tossing and turning in his slumber. This night is important, however, for Goku will remember it as the night he had the dream that changed his life. In his dream, he heard Piccolo's words echoing, "Don't put this off forever...ever...ever..."

Soon after the echoes faded, Goku heard the sound of crying and saw his son leaning over a casket. "Daddy... Daddy... why? Why did you die?"

No! I'm not dead! Don't cry, Gohan!

Goku was then given another vision of the nightmarish future. An older version of Gohan was walking through the bad part of a big city. His hair was greasy and messy, his clothes were rags and reeked, and his stomach began to growl with hunger. The nightmare version of the little boy stopped and stood at a corner with a broken street sign. He took out a cigarette, lit it, and began to smoke it. A moment later, a car drove up with a ugly-looking man at the wheel. The strange man waved a bill at Gohan, "Hey kid! How much will a hundred dollars get me?"

Gohan took another drag of his cigarette and slowly blew out the smoke, "Anything you want. A hundred dollars is more than my father left for me when he died."


Goku's eyes flew open and he saw that he was not in a coffin or in a dirty part of town, but at home. He sat up and did a double-take around the room, just to be safe. The Saiyian-jinn panted heavily while wiping the cold sweat from his forehead. It was just a dream... it was just a dream... Goku thought trying to calm himself down.

Or was it...?

Goku quickly looked at the clock: 8:34 AM. He untangled himself from his bed sheets and ran to the shower. Two minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom nude and soaking wet. He hurried over to the closet, drying himself with his ki on the way. Opening the closet doors, Goku grabbed his best gi (it was the one with the least amount of damage), then proceeded to get dress. Afterwards, he opened the doors of Chichi's closet and searched for the old red ribbon she used on presents. As he rummaged through he mumbled apologies to his late wife in Heaven. When he found the ribbon roll, Goku unrolled an unknown amount and cut it with his teeth.

Downstairs, Piccolo had just entered the Son home when an orange blur passed him and went out the door. "Son?" Piccolo followed the blur outside and found the fighter kneeing in the flowerbed. Goku gather up a mess of flowers from the garden and tied them together with the red ribbon to turn them into a strange bouquet.

"Son," Piccolo asked as the Saiyian-jinn stood up, "what are you doing?"

Goku gave the Namek an unreadable look, "I'm ruining the rest of my life for the sake of my son." He put two fingers on his forehead and teleported away.

A half-awake Gohan appeared rubbing his tired eyes next to a shocked Piccolo, "Wha's goin' on?"

The green fighter quickly composed himself, "Gohan." The boy looked up at him, yawning.

"Gohan," Piccolo began, "in every man's life, there comes a day where he must put his children before himself. Remember today, for this is the day your father did that for you."

Gohan stared at his teacher, unsure of what he was talking about.

Goku materialized in front of Capsule Corp., and wasted no time in searching for the Gravity Room. When he had found the Prince's favorite training facility, Goku rushed up the ramp and roughly knocked on the door. As he waited for Vegita to answer, he used the time to dust himself off and fix his hair.


The metal door opened to reveal an angry Saiyian-jinn prince. Vegita glared at his rival and cross his arms, "What do you want, Kakarrot?"

Goku thrust the bouquet at him, "Prince Vegita, will you marry me?"

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