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It wasn't that turning back into a child was that bad, but it did have some disadvantages. Some which included the inability to reach things on higher shelves, a tendency to get into trouble, a big tendency to go through several mood swings, and an even bigger tendency to go from one activity to the other within a matter of seconds. All of these things were coming back to Watari and the old man just didn't think he could handle any of it. He was definitely going to need some help.

"You three, get in here," Watari called, getting the young adults attention. Matt ran out of the kitchen and Mello followed soon after, but not without pushing Near out of the way.

"What's up?" Matt chirped, bouncing on the back of his heels.

Watari felt so odd with the situation, seeing the three of them grown, when not too long ago they were young. Watari cleared his throat, "I'm going to need all of your help in watching after them."

"Great," Mello snorted.

"What do you need us to do, Watari?" Near asked, willing to help out. Matt nodded his head.

"Well first things first, Matsuda needs a bath after his," Watari coughed, "accident."

Mello snickered and Matt elbowed him in the stomach. Mello groaned and Watari continued on.

"After that I believe the children are going to need some sort of breakfast. I think cereal should do the trick, but make sure that L has some chocolate muffins, one of you will need to make them for him. Then there is the whole matter of new clothes and probably toys to keep them occupied, unless Near-"

Near shook his head, "no offense Watari, I don't mind helping out, but there is no way I am letting them get their hands on my toys."

Watari sighed, "I'd figured you would say something like that."

"Awww, is Near still a widdle baby?" Mello mocked and Matt elbowed him in the stomach again. "Damnit, Matt!"

"While I am out," Watari continued, feeling a headache coming on, "I'll get a few things but I have a feeling that we'll eventually have to make a trip to the store. I can pretty much buy anything to fit L's needs, but everyone else I wouldn't have a clue."

They all agreed on that.

"So you pretty much want us to babysit them?" Matt asked.

"In the short version, yes. I won't be gone long. Later we'll do some more shopping and we can pick out some new clothes for the three of you. I have a feeling that you're not too pleased about the outfits," Watari smiled a little as the three disgruntled young men picked at their new clothing. They all complained about how Light's clothes were all business attire and L only had white, long sleeved shirts and blue jeans. Near didn't mind L's clothing, seeing that they fit comfortably on him, but he did miss his white pajamas though. Mello thought it would be funny to wear one of Light's suits and walk around 'like I have a stick up my ass,' as he put it. Matt opted for a pair of L's jeans and one of Light's button up dress shirts.

"I'll be back within an hour, two hours the most. I'll bring something suitable back for the three of you to wear until we can go shopping later," Watari said as he bid them farewell.

Near, Mello, and Matt were left standing there unsure of what to do next. Watari had left them in charge of four little kids. Four little kids that were between the ages of seven and nine. A loud crash could be heard from upstairs and all three of them groaned. They had hardly a clue as to what to expect.

"Light-kun didn't have to break the vase."

"It wasn't my fault! I can't walk in these pants anymore!" Light shouted, broken vase pieces surrounding him.

Matsuda was still crying about his accident and Misa had wandered off in search of some dolls to play with. Light and L were starting to get into another argument, but luckily the three adults came bounding up the stairs to diffuse the situation.

"Watari said that Matsuda is going to need a bath," Near repeated the instructions. "So…who wants to do that?"

"Not me," both Matt and Mello chimed together.

Near sighed, "I'm not doing it either. We'll have to play for it."

After several rounds of rock, paper, scissors, Matt had to give Matsuda his bath. Matt took Matsuda by the hand and led him to the bathroom, the one in L's and Light's shared room. All that was left was making sure they got breakfast to each kid.

"I demand that someone gives me something sugary to eat, right this second!" L declared, holding up a small finger and stomping his foot.

"Mello, go make L some muffins," Near ordered him.

Mello gaped at the white-haired man, "excuse me? I don't have to do what you say! I'm practically 20 years old now!"

"And? You like chocolate, L likes chocolate, it only makes sense. Go make him some chocolate muffins or I'll report this to Watari," Near threatened.

"Chocolate muffins?" L put his thumb to his mouth in thought, but pulled it away and waved his arms around crazily. "L WANTS CHOCOLATE MUFFINS!"

Mello looked down at the spazzing child, "since when do you speak in third person?"

"L WANTS CHOCOLATE MUFFINS! NOW!" L screamed as he demanded that chocolate muffins be handed to him immediately.

"Okay, okay! Sheesh!" Mello tried to get him to shut up. Mello and L headed down to the kitchen and that only left Near with Light and Misa. Speaking of which…

"Where did Misa go?" Near asked Light, who gave up on trying to hold his pants up, which now pooled around his ankles. Light shrugged his shoulders.

"Get your pants and let's go," Near told him and Light frowned up at him.

"They keep falling!"

Near had an idea as he told Light to stay put. He quickly shuffled off to his room, grabbed his old pj bottoms that did fit him the night and day before, and returned back. He tossed them at Light who put them on. They fit, for the most part.


"I suppose, I mean if you don't count how disgusting wearing someone else's clothes that they have been wearing for how many days in a row is," Light rambled on. Near rolled his eyes and began to look for Misa, which wasn't too hard. The little girl had given up on her search for dolls and was now in one of the empty rooms watching television. Near told her that they were going to have breakfast and Misa quickly ran out the room, saying that she was starving.

Near, Light, and Misa made their way down to the kitchen to find that Mello had L's muffins in the oven. L was somewhat crouched down in one of the chairs. His right leg was dangling off the chair as he swung it back and forth, humming a little song to himself.

"How did you get him to be so quiet?" Near asked.

Mello shrugged, putting the mixing bowl into the sink, "I let him eat some batter."

"Eeeww!" Light wrinkled his nose. "L, you're going to be 500 pounds!"

"No, I don't believe so," L said, throwing the batter-less spoon at Light, which bounced off his forehead.

Light fell to the floor, clutching his forehead, and crying, "that hurt! Why did you do that?! My heeeaaaad!"

"What did you do to Misa's Light?!" Misa cried seeing Light on the floor, grimacing in pain.

L ignored the screeching Misa and moaning Light as he anxiously awaited the chocolate muffins, asking every 30 seconds, on the dot, if they were done yet. Mello was becoming quite frustrated and had a bad feeling that the muffin batter wouldn't subdue L for long.

"L, calm down, they'll be done soon," Mello griped, leaning against the counter.

"Yes, but are they done now?" L pondered, casting a woeful eye in the direction of the oven.

Mello sighed heavily and pushed himself off of the counter, "I can't deal with him anymore! NEAR!"

Near, who was standing right there, winced as his ear drum shattered, "you don't have to yell, Mello, I'm right here."

"I know that," Mello huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "You're pretty L-like, you watch over him. I'm going to get some fresh air."

"But Watari said-"

"I don't care, I'm not listening!" Mello plugged his fingers into his ears as he walked out the kitchen.

"I guess that means I'm the best candidate to be L's successor," Near smirked and he heard Mello stop in his tracks and quickly turn around. Loud footsteps were heard as they plodded their way back to the kitchen.

"That's not what I meant!" Mello shouted, startling the children. Mello and Near began to bicker back and forth with each other. L just sat there watching, wondering if he should just go ahead and choose Matt for his successor, but then Matt would probably turn each case into a potential video game scenario. Still…it was better than Mello and Near going at it.

Meanwhile Misa was trying to kiss Light's 'boo-boo' but Light was pushing her away, all his adult reasoning leaving him as his child-like side began to take over, "nooo, you're a girl and you have cooties!"

"Misa does not have cooties!" Misa tried again to kiss Light's forehead, but her lips were met with the cold, tiled floor.

Light rolled out of the way and tried to climb on L's chair but L quickly stuck his foot out, kicking Light off the chair and sending him toppling on top of Misa.

The kitchen was a chaotic mess. Mello and Near were now pulling at each other's hair, rolling around on the floor, Misa was chasing Light around making smooch noises, and L continued his constant 'are the muffins done?' questioning.

When Matt walked into the kitchen with a clean and dry-eyed Matsuda, he didn't know what to make of the situation. He shook his head and sighed, looking down at Matsuda, "want some cereal?"

Matsuda nodded his head.

"Wanna play video games and eat the cereal?"

Another nod.

"Sounds like a great plan," Matt agreed and quickly gathered up two bowls, spoons, a box of cereal and some milk. Him and Matsuda left the kitchen, leaving the five loonies to their own craziness.

Watari had finally returned from shopping. He had a bag of clothes in one hand and a few miscellaneous items in another bag. Shopping wasn't that hard, but with the lines and people, it did take a good while to get back home. Watari had a feeling that there wouldn't be peace and quiet when he entered the building, but he held his breath and wished for the best.

The door opened and Watari saw no one inside. He put the bags down and could hear noises coming from the kitchen area. Watari took another deep breath and made his way over to the kitchen, only to find it in complete disarray.

Mello and Near were still fighting with each other, physically and verbally. Misa had somehow pinned Light to the floor and was kissing his face, leaving no piece of skin untouched, and L was sitting on the floor, a pan of muffins by his feet and chocolate smeared all over his face. L looked up, his chocolate smeared face lighting up and eyes glistening with happiness. He held out two hands, which were clenched with chocolate muffin particles squished together, "do you want some muffins, Watari?!"

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