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A couple of nights back…

"Goodnight Watari, goodnight everybody," the three successors chorused together as they left to retire to their room.

The kids were put to bed already and Watari was off to his own room for the evening. This left three very bored young adults with nothing to do. Mainly it left a very bored Mello because Matt was easily entertained with his games and Near enjoyed his toys and puzzles.

"We should do something tonight," Mello mused aloud, rubbing his chin with his finger.

Matt plopped down on his bed, "yeah? What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know, we should go out," Mello began to think of places they could go.

Near looked unsure because he didn't know if Mello meant all three of them and where they would possibly be going if it did include him. Near silently stood by the closed door, listening to Mello's ideas.

"Out, out?" Matt asked, now sitting up in his bed a little.

Mello rolled his eyes, "duh! What did you think I meant?"

"I dunno," Matt shrugged.

Mello walked to the closet and yanked the door open. He eyed his shiny new leather outfit and he grinned. Pulling the outfit out he turned to face the other two, "we should go to a club."

"What?!" both Near and Matt sputtered.

"It'll be fun!" Mello began to take the leather pants off the hanger, followed by the matching black vest.

Matt scratched the back of his head and frowned, "yeah, anything that you come up with always leads us into trouble."

"Oh really? Name one incident then!"

"Remember Roger's birthday? You thought it would be funny to have one of those stupid snake things jump out of his birthday present. You nearly gave him a heart attack!"

"Roger is old," Near said bluntly, interrupting the conversation. "Not that I'm siding with Mello on this."

Matt gave Near a funny look and shook his head, "that's not the point. Remember the consequences of that stupid present?"

Mello shook his head, "not really."

"We had to do double the chore work and help take care of the toddlers for a whole month."

"Ohhh yeaaaah," Mello smiled as it dawned on him but then began to sulk. "That wasn't very fun."

"And it was all your fault!" Matt shouted at him, his eyebrows knitted together. "If you hadn't suggested that we get Roger a present from both of us, only you would've been in trouble."

Near stared down at the floor, watching his toes twiddle around each other, "I told you to get separate presents."

"Okay, okay! Enough of this," Mello waved his hands before taking off his shirt and pants. "Stop staring at me, Near!"

"Maybe if Mello didn't change in front of us we wouldn't be staring at him, so it's his own fault," Near was unfazed by his gritting teeth and scowling face.

Mello tugged the leather pants on and then put on the black vest, buttoning it up. He then grabbed his new black boots out of the closet and began to shove his feet inside of them.

"Well, are you two going to get dressed or not?"

Matt contemplated on whether to go along with Mello or turn over in the bed and go to sleep.

"I'm waiting!" Mello tapped his now boot foot against the floor.

Matt licked at his dry lips before sighing, "only if Near goes."

Near almost fell over in shock, "what? Why me?"

"Yeah, why him?" Mello crossed his arms over his chest but then went to the dresser to pull out his black gloves, slipping them on his hands.

"Near needs some social interaction and he might be my voice of reason if things get too crazy," Matt nodded his head, standing up from the bed now.

"Voice of reason?" Near looked confused as he shifted in place.

"Yeah, because you know how manipulative Mello is and with you there, I'll be able to snap out of his manipulating ways," Matt grinned at Mello who just pouted angrily in return.

Near felt his stomach doing flip-flops as he looked at the very eager to leave Mello, and the "please don't leave me with him" Matt.

"I guess I could-"

"Great! Now let's get you dressed," Matt tugged at a scared Near's hand, pulling him towards the closet.

Once Matt was finished with Near, the poor boy looked at his traumatized self in the mirror.

Mello gave a whistle, "you know…you don't look half bad."

"I think you look great, Near!" Matt exclaimed, throwing his arms around his shoulders and hugging him.

Near looked like he was ready to bolt from the room at any second. Matt had managed to get him into a pair of dark jeans and a white button down dress shirt, with another white shirt underneath. It wasn't that bad, but to Near it was awful.

"I don't know," Near said with uncertainty in his voice.

"You look great, let's go!"

Matt was already dressed in his black and white striped shirt with a vest on top. His ensemble included his black boots, gloves, and of course goggles.

"I'm not waiting for you pansies anymore," Mello grumbled, checking his hair in the mirror one last time.

"We're ready, we're ready," Matt waved a gloved hand at him.

"Just how are we going to get inside a club without proper identification?" Near asked, knowing that they would need I.D.'s to get inside.

Mello pulled out three I.D. cards and gave one to both Matt and Near, "I have connections."

"Who do you know on such short notice to get these?" Matt glanced down at his fake I.D. that looked nothing like him. "And this isn't me."

"Of course it isn't," Mello sighed, ignoring the jealous tone in Matt's voice and shoving his own I.D. into his back pocket. "You think I'm that stupid to use our actual photos?"

"No but-"

"No one will question it, they'll think we had our hair dyed or something, it happens. Now enough bullshi-"

Near cut in, "swearing isn't necessary."

"WhatEVER!" Mello screeched and both Near and Matt winced. "Let's go before Watari catches us."

Near groaned, "that makes it ten times worse."

"It'll be fine," Matt flung his arm over Near's shoulder, pulling him close, "I'll protect you."

Mello gave a loud "hmph" and turned his back on them, going to the window and yanking it open. He looked down and shook his head, they were several stories up, it wouldn't do. But in the back of his mind he already had an exit plan that was sure to win and they wouldn't get caught.

"You're lucky that Matt is good with hacking or else we would've definitely been caught!" Near was whiter than usual, his face and voice in a panic state.

Mello's plan had ultimately failed as he couldn't get past the security system that L and Watari had originally set up. Thankfully Matt was such a good hacker that he was able to override the system and shut it down quickly so they could make it out with no detection, before the system would come back on again.

"So I had a slight mishap, we made it out," Mello laughed and inside he was for once grateful for Matt's presence.

"This sooo better be worth it," Matt frowned as the three of them began their walk down the road before hailing down a taxi cab.

"Oh man, I can't believe we actually got in!" Matt exclaimed as the three of them walked inside the club.

Light strobes were swirling different colors and making them bounce off the darkened walls. People were everywhere dancing and grinding to the techno beat that was echoing throughout the club. The bass of the music vibrated throughout their whole body and one couldn't help but tap their foot to it.

"What?!" Near shouted, instantly going deaf.





Matt smacked his forehead and took hold of Near's hand, pulling him along so they could keep up with Mello.

Mello was strutting his way through the club, a smirk on his face while giving a few winks at a couple of girls who were giggling and pointing in his direction. When he winked at them they giggled some more and began to squeal. Matt rolled his eyes at this and Near began processing every little detail to his memory for later use.

Mello eventually led them to a booth on the second level of the club. It was a tad quieter but not much. At least they were able to hear each other talk. Mello had said that this was also part of his connections that he had and connections indeed as a waitress came up to them shortly and asked what they would want to drink.

"Three beers," Mello told her.

"I want water," Near insisted, his nose wrinkling at anything alcoholic going into his system.

Mello sighed and held up two gloved fingers, "two beers and one water."

The waitress gave him a cheeky smile before flouncing off to get their drinks. She returned a few minutes later, placing the drinks onto small napkins before taking off.

"Well…cheers!" Mello lifted up his glass along with Matt, both of them taking a big gulp. Near watched as their faces contorted and twisted before both of them turned their heads and spewed the burning and bitter drink out.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Matt choked, spitting some more to get the taste out. "It tastes like piss!"

"You know what urine tastes like?" Near asked, taking a small sip of his cold water.

Matt glared and made a move to grab Near's water, but Near clutched his glass and held it away, "you wanted your alcohol."

"Bah, get the waitress over here to get us some water," Matt coughed and Mello motioned for the lady to bring them two glasses of water.

"How can adults drink that?!" Mello looked horrified, pushing the glass of beer away. The waitress brought two glasses of water and set them down before taking off again. Both Matt and Mello chugged their water down and sighed in relief.

"…didn't think it would be that bad," Mello drowned the rest of his water before slamming the glass onto the table.

Matt slowly finished his water and sighed, "so what do we do now?"

"Sit here and chill, like men do," Mello nodded his head and Near looked confused.

"What does Mello mean? I thought the idea of a club was to interact with other people and-"

Mello crossed his arms over his chest and huffed, "do you want to interact with other people? If so, be my guest."

Near looked down at all the people who were dancing and he shuddered, pulling his knees up to his chest and curling down into the booth.

"That's what I thought," Mello laughed at him.

"Give him a break, he can't handle all of this, can you?" Matt asked, trying to comfort Near as best he could. Matt eventually got Near to sit up again and both just looked at Mello who was sitting across from them.

"I guess we could dance," Mello mused, but he really didn't feel like dancing with anybody. If anything if people wanted to be in his presence then they would have to come to him, not the other way around.

"That would be a fun to watch," Matt teased, picturing Mello busting a move on the dance floor.

Mello and Matt soon began to get into an argument, over dancing, and Near sat there already making up his mind on who would win this time. What Near didn't expect was that neither of them would win because a big, burly drunk man soon stumbled his way towards the trio.

Near shuddered as the drunk man's eyes locked in on him and a nasty grin began to form on his face. Near tried to get their attention but Matt and Mello were too busy arguing over who could dance the best.

"Hey there, what's your name?" the drunk man asked the closer he got.

Near began to sweat but kept his mouth shut.

"I asked you a question," the man barked at him but then laughed. "Oh you're the silent type aren't you? That's too cute!"

Near began to hum softly to himself, his hand automatically going to his hair as his fingers gripped the soft strands tightly.

"Well then you must be gay because there's no way any girls would be into you but guys on the other hand," the man chuckled as he stumbled more closer to Near, sending the white-haired boy into more of a panic.

"Why don't you and me leave these two bozos here by themselves and I can show you what a real good time is," the drunk, greasy-haired man suggested, his eyebrows wiggling up and down.

At that moment both Matt and Mello had stopped their arguing as they felt another presence at their table. They glanced over to see the burly man hovering over Near, his hands on the shaking boy's shoulders and a very suggestive look in his eyes.

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF HIM!" both Matt and Mello shouted together. Matt yanked Near towards him, pulling the shaking boy against him while Mello stood up, almost knocking the table over and pulling a gun out of his back pocket.

"What the fuck?!" Matt shouted, his eyes widening at the sight of the gun.

"Touch him again and I'll blow your damn brains out!" Mello shouted, pressing the gun against the man's forehead.

The man began to sweat, eyes crossing as he looked up at the gun that was against his forehead, "I can talk to whoever I want too!"

People were now gasping and some screamed as they heard Mello cock the gun and push it harder into the drunk's head.

"Not him, he's off limits! I suggest you find someone else to spread your STD's around with!"

Matt began to gently tug and move Near away from the scene, whispering in his ear, "come on, let's get out of here."

"But what about Mello?" Near looked frightened because a very disgusting drunk man was hitting on him, Mello had a gun, and a crowd was beginning to form around them.

"He'll be fine, we'll meet up with him down the road," Matt assured him. "Mello's not that stupid to blow him in the head…at least I hope not."

The last part was muttered under his breath and Near didn't hear it as they quickly began to make their way towards the exit.

"I-I…" the drunk man stuttered, afraid of the crazed look in the blonde's eyes. He jerked away and stumbled backwards. "You're fucking crazy! Have the little freak for all I care!"

Mello growled and shot a round into the air and people began to scream, running away and ducking under tables. Mello was about to shoot another one, directly at the man but the police had swarmed inside and now the club was in complete chaos.

"Shit," Mello swore as he lowered his gun, "THIS ISN'T OVER YET!"

With that he began to push past people, finding the nearest exit before dodging outside and running to a safe location. He promised in the back of his mind that he would find that man again and make him pay. No one called Near a freak except him and only him.

Mello eventually met up with his fellow peers and pocketed the gun where he had it previously concealed the whole time they were in the club. Matt was still trying to get Near to calm down, gently rubbing his shoulders and back, telling him that it was okay. Matt looked up and saw Mello walking towards them and his anger began to pour out.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Matt grabbed the front of Mello's vest and began to shake him. "Doing what you did, are you insane?!"

"I didn't kill him," was all Mello could offer as he held up his hands, letting Matt jerk him around before he was shoved backwards. Mello smoothed his hands over his vest and looked around. They were standing at a corner and to their left was a small coffee shop.

"I don't know where you got it, how you got it, just…" Matt shook his head and walked back over to Near, putting his arm around his shoulder.

Near looked peaceful again, not just at Matt's presence beside him, but at Mello returning back to them again. It was weird because he normally didn't get along with Mello, even though he had no real grudge against him, it was Mello who always felt the need to harbor anger against him.

"Maybe we should just get back before Watari finds that we are gone," Near suggested, wanting to end this little rendezvous adventure.

"Yeah, besides the police might be trying to find me," Mello grinned, proud at this.

He began walking and Matt and Near followed closely behind, Matt baffled, "what? The police?"

"Heh, yeah. I managed to get out of there though, I even got to fire off this thing," Mello patted his back pocket.

Matt didn't have time to respond as Mello hopped a fence, leaving Matt and Near to struggle to climb over said fence. Mello said that taking the back roads where people won't see them would be best, especially if the cops were out and looking for him.

The three eventually made it back safely to headquarters. They almost were spotted by the police but they had ducked down behind a trashcan before continuing on their way. Matt had to deactivate the security system and they all safely snuck back inside before the system was reactivated.

"Ha, we did it!" Mello cheered, running down the hall and towards their room.

Near and Matt were also feeling the adrenaline and excitement of sneaking out, getting into trouble, and making it back safely without being caught. Or at least they thought so when they heard a small cough. All three of them froze and turned around to face a very small and very young person.

"Where were you three at? What are you doing?"

"Go back to bed, brat!" Mello snapped, making a shooing motion with his hands.

"Misa would, but Misa could also tell Watari that you three were sneaking around," the little blonde girl began to toy with them.

Mello glared at her, "how do you even know we've been somewhere?"

"Because Misa's been out many times and Misa knows the difference between daytime wear and nighttime wear," Misa smiled, her eyes lighting up in delight at being able to catch the three of them. It really was a fluke because she was asleep but had woke up to voices in the hallway. And being the curious little thing that she was, she had to see what was up.

"She's good," Near said more or less to himself.

Matt squatted down to her level and removed his goggles, "well, what do you want?"

"What does Misa want?" Misa tilted her head in confusion, blinking a couple of times.

"Yeah, to keep you quiet and not mention this to anyone or why else would you tell Watari?" Matt felt like smacking himself in the head at the little girl's moment of idiocy.

"Ohhh…hmm…Misa wants…" Misa thought about this but then shook her head. "Misa doesn't know but when Misa does, she will let you know."

"But that's-" Mello began and Matt held up a hand to silence him.

"Deal, but you can only ask one thing and we'll do it but you can't tell anyone about this, got it?"

Misa nodded her head in understanding before shuffling back to bed, "remember you promised or Misa will tell!"

"What do you think she has up her sleeve?" Near asked as the three made it to their room.

Matt shrugged, "who knows, but it can't be all that bad, can it?"

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