Well then, Chapter 13.

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'Emmett is right, it is the Volturi.' I said, rising from the floor as all turned to look at me. I sat by Alice, and put my arm around her. She was still sobbing.

'I am? Sweet!' Emmett smiled.

Carlisle nodded at me. 'It could be them, I remember Aro being adamant to find something that has the ability to destroy vampires. Don't ask me why, I wouldn't know. He was very tight-lipped about it."

"What could it have been?" Esme asked, coming to stand by her husband.

I answered, 'I think it's because of my new abilities that I know, being that is the ability to know what I want, that it is some sort of antidote, one that weakens a vampire. Only weakens, though, because they still have immortality and all that comes with it, it's just that he feels pain as if he were human again, and Maria being as smart as she is, must have figured it out."

"What the hell is it made of then?" Rosalie paced a slight mixture of worry and anxiety.

"Reversive Ver-vaneh. It originates from the herb Vervane, which is good for general health and well-being. Reversive is that it works against what it naturally does. Vervane in vampire myth is used to repel us, so Aro used it. I think it works, with what Maria is doing." Carlisle replied.

"That explains why she was stronger than Jasper; she must have scratched him with it. It means he is susceptible to dying the way I saw it." Alice stopped to sobbing to say.

"But that doesn't explain why she bloody disappeared!" Edward exclaimed.

"That's just it, though." I muttered. "She is the kind of vampire who has the ability to disappear. Jasper mustn't have known until now."

"And the fire?" Emmett asked.

"Another ability, she seems to be something extremely powerful." Alice spoke up. "Bella, come here."

I had gone to stand by Edward when she beckoned. "Alice?"

"Bella, listen to me. I am going to seek another vision, and you're going to read it. We need to find how much time my darling has left, and where he is. Do you understand?"

"But Alice, she doesn't know the extent of what she can do! It could hurt her!" Edward came to sit by me. Everyone else joined us so that we sat in a tight circle.

"Edward, she is a vampire now, she can take it. Trust me." Alice reassured him and closed her eyes. I mimicked her and concentrated.

It was a dark room, and in the corner I could see Jasper. He looked pretty beaten up, and was breathing hard. He was in his confederate uniform and shackles like Alice saw earlier. I felt her essence beside me in the vision. Out of some childish hope, I called out to him, thinking he might, just might be able to hear. Just like Edward said, I didn't know the extent of my powers so I had to try.

'Jasper? Can you hear me Jasper?' I called, as I felt Alice suddenly gone.

'unmmmph. Who'sat?' he muttered, rolling his head from side to side.

'Shhh, It's me, Bella.' I replied, and saw myself come closer to him. By this time, I forgot that Alice wasn't there and I felt time slipping.

'Wha'? Bella? How?!' His eyes opened, to reveal bright red irises. I gasped.

'Oh Jasper, what did she do to you?'

He closed his eyes. 'She made me do things I haven't done since I met Alice. The works.'

' Jasper. Listen to me; I feel that I have no time left, so I can't explain, just tell me. How much time do you have left? Where are you? Jasper!' I could feel time go faster, slipping through the grasp my mind had. 'Jasper!'

'Bella, I'm in the South! There is only one colony in the whole of America that still lives like it was the civil war time period. You can't find it, but I can give the general location. It's somewhere just below Texas but above Mexico.' He whispered. 'No time, half a month at least!'

'WHAT? You mean to say in between? Not possible!" I yelled, my voice was becoming distant and I began to hear the Cullen's frantic ones. Jasper's "Trust me!" was all I caught before he vanished.


"Bella!" Edward yelled. I opened my eyes and told them everything.

"But that's impossible! There isn't a colony, nowhere on the map!" Carlisle exclaimed, calmly.

"All he said was to trust him, so there must be. He doesn't have much time, but at least his position explains the uniform." Esme reasoned. Carlisle nodded, still thinking.

"Alice?" I began, "What happened to you? You disappeared halfway." Everyone looked up, curious about the same thing.

"I saw only up until the room and his muttering, and then your sight sort of blocked me and pushed me out. I don't know." Alice said.

"I think we have just found Bella's last power. But what is it?" Emmett asked.

"I suppose it's just that she can see the present, like her finding out what she wants, just visually." Rosalie offered. They nodded in subtle agreement.

"Well then. Time to do something, and time is something we have to spare. Emmett can you call the Denali clan, see if they'd like to join us. Esme, could you take some money out for us?" Carlisle inquired as Esme nodded.

"Where are we going?" I asked, confused.

"Since it isn't on the map, we have to physically find the colony on our own." Edward explained. We stood and walked to the door, passing a flitting Alice, who was almost done packing, since we were the last in the room.

"We'll get him back Alice. I promise." I stopped her and she hugged me.

"Thank you, now go pack; my husband is being held by a crazy, immortal old lady, and I want him back."

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