Old Friends, New Adventure

Summary: Rose Tyler and her family have managed to return to their original home when she finds Donna, not realising what remembering her and the Doctor could do to her. Now it's up to Torchwood to try and save their lives and try to find the Doctor before it's too late.

I don't own Doctor Who. This is my very first fan fict so please review!

Chapter One Remember

A tall red haired woman was looking at the nicely decorated shop windows for anything that would do for a Christmas gift for her mother. She finally managed to ditch her and her gramps in one of the stores and decided that this was the perfect time to go get her gift. As she was going into one of the women's clothes department thinking of getting her mother a gift voucher she heard someone call her name.

"Donna! Donna Noble. Over here!" Donna looked around trying to pinpoint the voice when she saw her. A young woman no older than 26 was running towards her. Her long blonde hair was flying behind her and her face broke into a wide grin when she realised that Donna had finally stopped and spotted her. Donna focused on the woman who had finally reached her and was slightly bent over trying to catch her breath. She noticed that the young woman placed a hand protectively over her stomach.

"God Donna I've been chasing you all over this place. It's so good to see you again Donna. Are you and the Doctor here for the holidays? Is he anywhere around here? Donna? Earth to Donna!" The blonde woman waved her hand in front of Donna's face as she had a dazed look on her.

"Not being rude here darling but what the bloody hell are you on about? And who the hell are you?" Donna looked at the girl who stared at her in shock and confusion. The young woman looked around her and then turned to Donna again.

"This is 2010 right?" Donna would have laughed at her except she asked it in such a serious voice and with a straight face that Donna realised that she wasn't joking.

"Of course it's bloody well 2010! Has been all year, sweetheart where the hell have you been? Mars?" Donna laughed at the woman who started to look panicked.

"But…but your Donna Noble. You should recognise me I mean it should only be about two years since you last saw me."

Donna looked at the young woman worriedly. "Look I've never seen you before. By the way how do you know my name? Have you been stalking me or something?" Donna started to back away from the woman.

"Donna how could you not remember me? We saved all of creation just two years ago! Don't you remember? Where's the Doctor he'll explain why you can't remember me."

"I'm sorry, Doctor who?" Donna noticed the shocked look on the woman's face.

"The Doctor Donna, you know man in a pin stripped suit, great hair? Travels in a big blue police box called the TARDIS? Are you telling me that you can't remember any of it?"

Donna shook her head. "Who are you?"

The young woman looked at Donna and answered, "I'm Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf" with those words it was like a door was opened in Donna's mind. Images of an amazing life she had once lived. Crazy Santas that wanted her dead, little people made of fat, Pompeii and so much more. Then there was a man just like the one Rose described who was half mad in her mind, then there was Martha Jones, Jenny, Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith, Sarah-Jane Smith, Jackie Tyler and Rose. She remembered it all, the brilliant trips, being made to turn right and the war with the Daleks and Davros. Then it hit her, her mind, it was the Doctor's and she couldn't keep it.

Rose was busy talking away not realising the inner struggle Donna was facing. "…..that's how I got here, the others are just around the corner afraid I was too quick for them to keep up." She smiled with her tongue poking through her teeth and then she noticed the pained expression on Donna's face.

"Donna? Donna! What's wrong? What is it?" Rose looked at Donna and just about caught her when she fell. "Oh my God! Donna!" People turned around and began to cry out for a doctor or help.

Donna opened her eyes which were now gold with Time Lord energy and reached out to Rose. She placed her hand on Rose's stomach.

"Rose I remember, he took them away Rose. He took away my life with him!" Rose just cradled Donna's head in her arms as she searched the crowds frantically for any signs of help.

"Don't worry Donna I'm here. Nothings going to happen to you I promise." There was a cry from the crowd and Rose looked up to see Donna's mother Sylvia and her grandfather Wilfred. Suddenly, Rose felt a sharp pain in her stomach and looked down to see the Time Lord energy flowing from Donna's hand and into her.

"Donna! What's…" That was the last thing Rose said as she was consumed in the pain that Donna was feeling and she collapsed over her, barely breathing as Donna looked at her mom and closed her eyes tears freely flowing down her face. Then both Rose and Donna were consumed in a blinding gold light.