Hi there this is chapter two…kinda shit but what can you do

Hi there this is chapter two…kinda shit but what can you do? lol please review!

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Chapter Two Tin Dog

Pete Tyler was out of breath after trying to keep up with his daughter who had so suddenly began too run after something that he and Jake lost her in seconds. Suddenly they heard a commotion coming from ahead of them. The two men looked at each other and took off running again. They saw a large crowd had gathered with most people looking scared or worried.

Pete and Jake pushed there way to the front of the crowd were they saw Sylvia bent over an unconscious and glowing Donna and Rose. Wilfred was trying to comfort his daughter but he too looked heartbroken. Pete stepped forward and reached out to touch Rose when Wilfred pulled him back.

"You don't wan to be doing that mate, believe me. Sends some shock through the system so it does." Pete turned to Jake.

"Call Jacks, tell her what's going on but tell her to stay where she is until I come get her, for Tony's sake. Tell her where calling the Tin Dog." Jake smiled at that and called Jackie on his mobile.

"Jackie, it's Jake. Yeah Pete's here, he's fine, Rose? Well you see she ran off on us….No we've caught up to her now but she's unconscious and glowing…..no Jackie you can't…think about Tony…don't worry we're going to call the Tin Dog, ok? Alright talk to you soon" Jake hung up and began to call another number, he saw Pete trying to get rid of the crowd and offer some support to Donna's family.

"Hello? Tin Dog? We need you. Yeah we're here, no that world's gone now. What's wrong? It's Bad Wolf, looks bad. Yeah London, can't you trace it? Ok see you soon, and mate? Hurry." Again Jake hung up and went over to Pete, he helped Wilfred and him move Sylvia to a bench nearby.

Ten minuets later a group of people appeared. The man in front who was clearly in charge gave orders to the security guards to get rid of the crowd. He then ran over to the glowing Donna and Rose.

"Gwen, get the gloves from the car, give a pair to everyone. Martha I need you to get any medical equipment you think that can get pass this energy flow to check that there still living alright? Alright people lets move!" he then turned to Wilfred and Sylvia.

"You must be Donna's family, can you tell us….." before he could finish he was interrupted by Pete.

"Now hang on here, who are you?" Pete looked at the man wondering where the Tin Dog was.

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness, head of Torchwood Three and you are?"

"Peter Tyler, head of Torchwood One in parallel Earth. This here is Jake Simmonds another Torchwood worker. Where's the Tin Dog?" Pete asked Jack. Jack just stared at him in confusion.

"What the hell is a tin dog?" Before Pete or Jake could reply Martha and Gwen came back from the truck with the necessary equipment with another member of their team.

"That's the Tin Dog!" Jake called happily as he ran to one of Jack's team and hugged him.

"Jake! It's good to see you mate. Bout the way I left. I mean…"

"Don't worry about it Rose explained, I understood, you were sick of living in Rickey's shadow." Jake turned and pointed to Rose and Donna, "besides, we've got more important things to worry about, like how were going to save your ex-girlfriend."

With that Mickey Smith got to see Rose Tyler for the first time in nearly two years and the sight nearly broke his heart.