Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Miss Saigon. They are the property of Boublil and Schoenberg. The only characters that are mine are Brooke, Haley, Nathan (Haley's boyfriend occasionally mentioned and who might make an appearance), and Tempe. And this story is a sequel to Escape, and inspired by the awesome performances I've seen on YouTube of Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman as Kim and Chris respectively. Here's the cast list:

Chris-Simon Bowman
Kim (Chris's wife in this AU)-Lea Salonga
Tam (Chris and Kim's son)-Stephen X. Lee
John-Peter Polycarpou
Ellen-Claire Moore
Haley (John and Ellen's adopted Bui-Doi daughter)-Bethany Joy Galeotti
Brooke (John and Ellen's biological daughter only a few months younger than Haley)-Sophia Bush
Nathan (Haley's boyfriend)-James Lafferty
Tempe (Brooke and Haley's friend and classmate)-Hilarie Burton
Thuy (Kim's former betrothed)-Jon Jon Briones

Okay, enjoy!

Chapter 1

June, 1993

Atlanta, Georgia

"Are you sure it's all right if Brooke and her friend, Tempe, stay with you and Kim?" John Wilson asked his long time friend over the phone. "This will longer than one of my business trips, pal. You'll be stuck with them for three weeks."

Christopher Scott laughed. "I'm well aware how long the girls will be here, but yeah it's fine. I'd prefer that Brooke stay with us instead of doing the dorm scene, even if the camp had been willing to spring for housing." He sighed. "Tam will be gone to a track and field camp during that time anyway and I think it'll be nice for Kim to have some company other than me and Tam. So when did they leave?"

John shrugged. "Since they're driving up, and registration is in three days, they left yesterday afternoon. I think they wanted time to get settled in before camp."

"It'll be nice to see Brooke again and to get to know Tempe better. I recall meeting her a few weeks ago when we came down for a visit." Chris smiled, remembering how Kim had spent a great deal of time with the blonde who was Brooke and Haley's best friend.

"Yeah, Tempe's been spending a lot of time with us. Her mom died of breast cancer when she was thirteen so Ellen's unofficially adopted her too. Her dad is a trucker and spends a lot of time on the road, so Tempe's left to her own devices most of the time." John sighed sadly. "Ellie and I check on her and sometimes she stays with us. Brooke and Haley are pretty protective of her too."

"Speaking of Haley, isn't she attending the cheerleading camp too?" Chris asked. "I thought they were all on the cheer squad together."

"The camp wasn't required, and Hales went last year, so she wanted to give Brooke a chance to go this time. Besides, there's a music festival going on here in a couple of weeks and she's been asked to perform. She couldn't resist."

"Okay, buddy. I'll call you when the girls get here."

Once he hung up, John sat down on the couch, feeling an emptiness he almost couldn't understand. It usually occurred when both his daughters were gone. Brooke's on the road to New York for cheer camp with Tempe, he thought. And Haley's out with Nathan tonight. Yep, I hate that silence.

In an effort to distract himself, he went to his study to look over some papers for the agency he still worked for to help the Bui-Doi children. It had been almost twenty years since he and Ellen became a part of the effort and the work didn't seem to end. He also worked with Immigration to make the transition easier for the children he'd managed to reunite with their American fathers. As a result, he'd received a report about a retired North Vietnamese officer who was making an effort to emigrate to the U.S. That report was still in his office at the agency, but the information was emblazoned in his memory. He'd passed through Customs and was given a temporary work visa. It was the name that concerned John, Thuy Tranh.

John remembered the name from Kim's account of being betrothed to the man when she was thirteen years old. But he'd changed sides on her, and when her family was killed, she considered the betrothal to be null and void. And of course, she'd emigrated to the U.S. when she and Chris had married during the Fall of Saigon.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, he thought as he put some papers in order and left his study, heading for the bedroom he shared with his wife. Maybe Thuy's just coming here for a new life and not to settle an old score. After all, the U.S. is a big place. It would take some major effort on his part to track Kim down.

He crawled into bed and smiled as Ellen closed her book and snuggled close to him. "Still worried about that report?" she asked gently.

"That obvious, honey?" he quipped and kissed her. He then turned serious. "I'm surprised he was able to get through at all."

"How much do you know about him?"

"Only what Chris and Kim have told me. He tried to take Kim from the brothel where she worked for only one day, citing the betrothal from when they were thirteen." He sighed. "Maybe I'm just being paranoid."

"If you were, why is your pulse racing, honey?" Ellen countered. "I think just to be safe, maybe you should tell Chris and Kim about this when they call to let us know Brooke and Tempe got there safely."

John nodded and decided to push the whole mess to the back of his mind. There's not a whole lot I can do about it for tonight, he decided as he held Ellen close and the two of them drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

"There it is!" Brooke said, pointing out the familiar brownstone. "Uncle Chris's car is right there. You can park behind it, T Sawyer. I don't think he'll mind."

Tempe Sawyer nodded and carefully parallel parked her Comet behind the Mazda, and then turned off the engine. "Your aunt and uncle are so cool to let me stay here for cheer camp," she said. "And they barely know me."

"Something tells me they would prefer that we stay with them, even if there was a dorm scene this year." Brooke wrinkled her nose. Haley had gone to cheer camp last year and Chris and Kim hadn't even known she was in town until they'd seen her being accosted by some drunken college guys near the dorm where she and the rest of the girls from the squad had been staying. The incident had bothered Kim more than she was willing to admit, Brooke sensed, which was probably why Chris had okay'd Brooke and Tempe staying with them this time around.

At that moment, the door opened and Chris came out, hugging his surrogate niece. "Brooke, glad you made it," he said. As soon as he released her, he turned to Tempe. "Tempe, it's nice to see you again."

She smiled shyly. "Mr. Scott, I really appreciate you letting me stay with you and your wife while we're attending cheer camp."

Chris held up his hand to stop her. "First things first, Tempe, don't call me Mr. Scott," he retorted mock sternly. "That's my dad. You can just call me Chris, or Uncle Chris like Brooke does."

Tempe laughed. "All right, Uncle Chris." She opened the trunk of her Comet and began to grab some of her luggage. She'd brought two suitcases that contained three weeks' worth of clothes, and Brooke had done the same. They had sloppy exercise clothes for the camp, as well as couple of nice dresses and a couple trendy outfits for clubbing, not to mention the underclothing they would need. Both girls were also expecting to do their own laundry and would be using the washer regularly, so that was why they only had two suitcases each.

As Chris helped the girls get their bags into the brownstone, Tempe looked down the street and thought she saw a strange man gazing at them. She could tell that he was Oriental and the expression on his face displayed a calm rage. What is his problem? she wondered. She looked again and the man was gone.

It's nothing, she decided and grabbed her suitcase, following Chris and Brooke into the brownstone.

He watched as the Marine grabbed the suitcases of the girls staying with him and Kim and the three of them headed up the steps inside the brownstone.

It had taken years to find her. Once Saigon had fallen and the Americans were on their way out, he looked for the Marine named Christopher Scott, and using some of his contacts from the North Vietnamese army, he learned that Chris and Kim had been married by a military chaplain before leaving Saigon. It had been so long, but he'd finally found them when he arrived in the States.

She should be mine, he thought in a calm rage. At that moment, he saw one of the teenage girls the Marine was helping look over. She seemed to see him, so he hurried away before she could point him out. If he was discovered now, his plan would be ruined.

"You are still mine Kim!" he seethed quietly. "I will wait and when the time is right, you'll be mine again. And no one, not even your G.I., will be able to stop me!"

AN: It's been three years since I've touched this. Real life (and death) interfered. But I've decided to pick this up again and make some revisions, all the while I'm also working on a Les Mis fic. Stay tuned for updates.