A/N: This drabblish thingamajigger was written while Tropical Storm Fay swirled around my area. I personally love thunderstorms!

This story is dedicated to Hazel Fae, who wanted me to write something. Hope this is okay!

Maureen loved thunderstorms.

It wasn't something most people expected from the diva. Most people thought she would love the rainbows afterwards or something like them. Maureen liked the sparkling rainbows well enough, but she loved thunderstorms with her whole being.

When she was at the loft she would grab a few pillows, the afghan her grandmother made, some tea, and a good book. If she was at Joanne's house then she would throw on her fluffy bathrobe, grab her afghan out of the closet, pour some wine and find a book, and she would go sit in the recliner by the large window overlooking the city.

Sometimes she would light a fire, watching it pop and crackle, but other times she would just snuggle extra tight under her afghan. The water would make the window all frosty looking and wet, and the temperature in the room would drop a few degrees.

She loved it when the lightning would flash and the entire city was illuminated in the yellowish light. Sometimes the lightning was more purple or green, and it always made the city look especially special.

She really loved the thunder, which to her sounded like a big African drum being beaten just for her.

She just loved the wildness of storms. It was what it was, and nobody could stop it. It would run its course and eventually it would stop. But another one would come back, showing her the beauty and uncontrollable power of a thunderstorm.

Maureen had loved thunderstorms ever since she was a little girl. When she was about two or three she would clap her hands every time thunder boomed, making her family laugh. When she was five she would run outside and dance in the rain until her mother would call her inside and give her a warm bath, all while telling her she shouldn't go out when there was lightning.

Now she was an adult, but she loved storms just as much. In fact, that was one of the first things she noticed and loved about Joanne.

She also loved storms, wanting nothing more to do on that occasional day than watch the noisy downpour. They would both "Oooh" and "Aaah" as lightning played across the buildings and trees, and when the thunder would reverberate through their bones.

The only thing Maureen didn't like about thunderstorms was when the power went off. The lights would flicker, and there would be a big pop before the pressing silence. She would whimper and huddle under her blankets, wishing the storm to pass and electricity to be restored to the building.

If Joanne was there she would giggle at Maureen's antics. "Such a drama queen" she would mutter, all while pulling Maureen closer and snuggling with her. Joanne would whisper words of comfort to her while gently stroking her hair.

Sometimes Maureen would be lulled to sleep by Joanne's loving touch and the beautiful sounds as the rain slapped the glass. She would drift in wonderful dreams, like flying through the storms on white wings or catching the multihued raindrops and making a mural with it.

And she would wake up in the morning happy, even if she could not remember why.

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