Disclaimer; I do not own WordGirl or any of the characters, if I did, there would be a fewer big words in the show. XD Now, onto the prologue!

Rating; T for some language, some violence, and other things.

It has been so long…About seven years since I lived in that city, since I have seen her… I wonder what she has been up to. Did I miss anything since I left? Is she still even alive? I guess these questions will be answered in a few days. Finally, I am moving back home…


"Tobey! What are you up to…?" Her voice had a shrill and cold tone to it- a tone I really didn't like to hear…She just stood there, glaring at me; expecting me to pull out my remote and send a ton of robots at her. She'd have to wait for that….

"I didn't come here to cause any trouble, WordGirl. I came here to inform you that my family and I are moving out of this city."

Her facial expression didn't change much, but I could tell that she was a little shocked, interested, and maybe…sad? "Why tell me, of all people?"

"Cause, you would probably assume I am off plotting stuff." I couldn't help but smirk, I knew her better than she thought.

"I wouldn't!" She took a slight pause… "Well, maybe I would…But still, why tell /me/ - your enemy?"

"Are we really enemies? Never mind, I have to get going…" I would miss this city more than I thought. But, I had to move on; everyone has to, eventually.

My question took her back a bit. "Wait, Tobey. Will you be coming back?"

"Yeah, my mom said in about ten years, maybe sooner. We are moving because of her job. You know how the economy is… I don't know for sure how long, but I will come back." I gave her a faint smile and turned around to leave.

She frowned, but waved a good-bye to me. "Bye…"

"Good-bye, WordGirl…." I left her with one of my precious possessions- my remote. I knew that she believed me that I wasn't going to cause any more trouble. I just wanted to make sure… The silver remote dropped from my back pocket as I walked home…

.:End of Flashback:.

Through my shaggy blonde hair, I could see the shimmering buildings of the city. It still looked the same, to me at least. I guess some things don't change over time. I have… Seven years can change a boy into a man. Now, I am eighteen, almost finished with high school and have a bright future ahead. Well, I may have a bright future… One of the reasons I am moving back is because, well, I kinda was expelled from my old high school. I really don't feel like thinking about that. I am driving, and it is hard enough for me to stay focused. If anything, I should be thinking about finding an apartment and getting settled. This is going to be a real pain in the ass. –Sigh-