.:Chapter 2:.

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Not too much has changed, as far as I can tell. So far I have walked for at least an hour and a half around the city. The people are really annoying… You know how many of um gave me these looks as I walked by?! I haven't done anything to them in seven years! Jesus Christ, they all need to get a life….

There is this one thing in the city that I never really understood. A completely random river flows right through it and its banks are completely wooded. I would have dammed up the river and cut down the trees. Yet, it does give a calm feel to the city. I shouldn't complain about it.

Well, I was walking by the river and decided to stop at the bridge and gaze down at the rushing water below me. It brought back memories… I never really was a major fan of swimming. I prefer weights and other sports over swimming, but I can swim if I really want to.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw it. I swear to every God that exists I saw a girl, about my age, fall from the sky and plummet head first into the river under her. That woke me up from my daydreaming. As I looked down again at the rushing river under me, I could just barely see her hand bob up and down with the current. Damn! She's out cold! Doing what every sane guy would do, I panicked!

Should I dive in there, or run along the river and try to reach her?! Ahhh! How can there be no people around here! How the hell did she even fall into this river?! Now I wish this river was gone…

That's when I saw her hand finally fall beneath the mass of water… Acting on instinct, I dove into the rushing water. I was told by quite a few people how difficult swimming in a river was. I never believed what they said, up until now, that is. I felt myself fall victim to the river's furry and plunge under its waves a few times during my "swim". Thankfully, I was able to pull myself up all of those times. Another thing I was thankful for, was that the girl's shirt snagged on a branch and prevented her from being swept away any more than she had been. It took some strength for me to swim up to where she was snagged, but I was successful in reaching my destination.

Latching onto the same branch she was attached to, I was able to see that the only way for me to free her was to rip her shirt free form the hooked branch. She'd better not wake up now, or the river won't be my top fear right now. With a slight shudder I ripped her free and slowly made my way to shore. I winced in pain as parts of a branch went hurling towards my face.

A bright red liquid began to ooze from under my left eye and cloud my vision. Now I can only see with one eye?! This rescue mission was beginning to look more and more like a suicide mission with every passing second! The blood traveled down my face and absorbed into my soaked blonde hair. A scar would defiantly form there… Finally my feet sank into the soft dirt near the edge of the river.

Gingerly I placed her down on the shore. A bright blush formed on my cheeks when I realized /where/ her shirt had ripped. Hastily, I pulled off my own shirt and placed it over her chest. Bright drops of red had stained my once-white shirt; at least it wasn't my favorite shirt. Good, she's breathing. I should probably get going. I'd hate for her to wake up and get the wrong idea about what happened here.

With a sigh of relief I stood to my feet and headed home. I need a shower. I smell like a freaking river.

A pair of eyes had been watching my every move from the green trees above…