I do not own Naruto

I do not own Naruto! Wish I did, and if I did there would be major Saskue and Sakura bashing!

Summary: Naruto has always hated Konoha. He's always wanted a reason to leave the village, he gets his chance but not the way he expected. As he is dieing 4 people come upon him. He goes with them to their village. There he gets a new start, a new love, and a new village to protect! Enter Hidden Village of Red Dawn!

Any ways here is one of my new stories!


It has been a week since our mission to wave. Unknown to everyone else in Konoha Zabuza and Haku are alive and in a new hidden village. I wish I could join them but I don't have a reason to leave and don't want to be marked a missing Nin. I am supposed to meet my team in jiji's office. I wonder what lame mission we will have this time. Maybe we will have to weed a garden, or baby sit, even take out garbage and help clean the sewers.

Everyone here thinks that I am the dobe of the village but I am the opposite. There is a saying I have. A smart demon is a dead demon, but I dumb demon is an alive demon. I would even beat Shikumaru in a game of GO! They think that I want to be Hokage of this horrid village. Sure I wouldn't mind being a Hokage but not for this stupid village. I want to leave the village but they haven't given me a reason for me too. Also they didn't know that my dad was alive and I was in contact with him.

They also don't know that aniki and I have merged together. When he is out of the seal he is either a chibi fox and rides on my neck or a little bigger then a full grown male fox. Other then that he is in the seal. When we merged I was turned into a full fledged demon. And I love it! I have 9 tails thanks to my own chakra before we merged and because aniki had been training me. He only has three tails like when he was born.

When I walk in I see everyone looking at me.

"Nani?" I ask them.

"Y-your not wearing your orange jump suit!" I then remembered that I had changed my outfit.

I had on black bandages that wrapped on my chest and stomach with a red fishnet shirt over them, showing how skinny I really am. I had regular black shinobi pants and the regular shinobi sandals but in red. Last but not lest I had on a skin tight, red zip up hoodie half way zipped with the hood up and sleeves pushed up to my elbows and I had black bandages on my hands and wrists. And my forehead protector around my neck and on black cloth instead of blue.

"Your point?" I ask her. They just started at me. Then jiji cleared his throat and we all looked at him.

"I have a c-rank mission for you." I felt a little hope.

"You are to go to waterfall country and bring a scroll back. Also Kakashi the council wanted me to give this to you." Then once jiji handed Kakashi the scroll we left. I watched as Kakashi pulled Saskue and Sakura to the side to tell them something. I shrugged it off and went to pack. Once we were all ready we met at the south gate.

"Lets move out!" Kakashi yelled.

We traveled for about 7 hours and we set up camp for the night. It took us two more days until we got to the village. We snuck in and grabbed the scroll. 'Seriously they have worst security the Konoha!' I thought to myself.

But once we got four hours away I got a bad feeling in my gut. Then one of my worst nightmares come true. Kakashi turned around with a Chidori in his hands and a smirking Saskue and Sakura behind him.

"Die demon!" Kakashi yelled before ramming the Chidori into my chest just barley missing a major artery. I herd them laughing as they turned around and ran.

"D-damn!" I cursed as I started to cough up blood. 'Probably the council told them to do it. But I bet they were so happy that they were selected to do it. Pretending to be my friends and sensei. Hey aniki how is it coming?'

"Not good kit, unless we get you medical treatment we are done for. Man this is sad."

"What is?"

"You only go to be King of the Demons for what a year?" I laugh bitterly out loud.

"Good things never stay true with me. King of the Demons dieing at the hands of a mere mortal. Thou I have to admit while I was King it was the best years of my life. The burden my dad put on me turned out to be the best thing he did for me. I'm glad it was you who was sealed into me aniki." I said this all out loud while I coughed up blood. I saw Kyuubi smiling as he set by the fireplace in my mind.

"Naruto-kun!" I herd a feminine voice yell.

"Haku?!" I manage to choke out. Once I say his name I double over coughing up more blood. I then feel the 7 tails's chakra.

"What about me?" I hear a fake whining voice. I try to laugh but cough up more blood.

"Hi Zabuza." I manage to get out somehow.

"You should be fine for a while now kit. Just sit up and rest against a tree and tell them what happened."

"Hai, nii-san!" After Haku helped me up I noticed two other people. One had white hair with a huge scythe. I remember him from the old bingo book; I guess he and the dude with the mask are from the new village. I think their names were Hidan and Kakuzu, the immortal duo. I guess they are here with Haku and Zabuza.



"What happened?!"

"We had a mission to get a scroll in witch we got. Then we were four hours away Hatake turned around shouting 'die' and rammed a Chidori threw me chest. I'm guessing the council found out who my parents were and they were afraid that I would be a threat to their power. Seriously why would I even want to be a ninja of Konoha. I've wanted a reason to leave that horrid village. Now thanks to them I can leave. What are you doing here?"

"Who are your parents?" Hidan asked.

"Namikage Minato, or the 4th Hokage of Konoha and the Yellow Flash; and Uzumaki Kushina, best ANBU ever and the heir to whirlpool country."

"wow." Was all Haku said.

"O and tell Chi that Kyuubi well former Kyuubi says hi." This shocked all of them at the last part.

"What do you mean former Kyuubi?" Kakuzu asked.

"Well I am a 10 tailed fox demon. I am more powerful then Kyuubi. And since the other 10 tailed demon died that makes me king of the demons. And I am to get even more tails too. Kyuubi thinks by time I've learned everything that I can I will be a 16 tailed demon."

I watched their face change. Hidan and Zabuza had to pick up their jaws. I snickered.

"So what are you guys doing here?" I asked them, well Haku.

"We were sent to get you."

"Me?! Why?"

"Your dad, uncle, aunt, and another annoying blond."

"O. You might want to move."


"Cause I am going to release the genjutsu." They then all backed away. "Kai!"

When I was gone they were all gaping.

"You look like Haku!" Hidan yelled.

"No I don't! I have blond hair and blue eyes!"

"I think he means that you look like a girl too." Kakuzu said.

"Why couldn't he just say that?"

"I don't know."

I know I look like a girl too. With my hair grown out and had red ends. I had my bangs over the left side of my face like aniki, my other aniki. I had my ears pierced and a huge 10 tailed fox tattoo on my back. My eyes narrowed a little so they weren't big. I still had the whisker marks on my cheeks that were darker. I was a little taller but feminine. And I had claws and silted pupils, and my ears were pointed.

"Looks like you gave up that hideous abomination."

"Hai! You have no idea how I felt burning them! I was so happy!" We all laughed.

"So Naruto you want to join our village? Your dad and Uncle run the village together and your aunt wants to take you shopping, I feel sorry for you. And some blond wants to see you."

"Sure why not, not like I have anywhere else to go."

"Alright! Lets go!" and with that they set off for the Hidden Village of Red Dawn."

When we stopped and made camp and a fire Haku and I watched Zabuza and Hidan fight about weather a scythe is better then a Zanbatou. I sighed.

"You guys!"

"WHAT?!" they yelled at me.

"I think they are both great." I said wanting, more like hoping to end the fight so we could have so peace in quiet. I then saw a glint in both of their eyes and gulped.

"You are going to be my student!" they both shouted at the same time, they then started to glare at each other and started to fight over who was going to be my sensei. Haku patted my back as a wept.

The next day Hidan and Zabuza were still fighting. As we got closer I saw 6 people at the gate. Though Hidan and Zabuza were still fighting to notice. Haku and I sighed when we got there for the two were still fighting. I saw my dad and Deidara!

"Aniki!" I yelled and hugged him.

"Naru-kun!" Hidan and Zabuza both stopped fighting and turned to us and shouted

"You know him!"

"Duh! Who else put the mouths on my hands and if I didn't know him why would I call him aniki." I said.

"Man they can be stupid, un. So why were they fighting, un?"

"Well they were fighting about witch of their weapons were better and in hoping to get peace and quiet I told them that both were great. Then they started to fight over who was going to be my sensei." Aniki just started at me.

"Then they can both be your sensei's. Now Naruto this is your Uncle Nagato or Pein and your Aunt Konan." A man that looked like my dad but with orange hair and eyes smiled at my and hugged me, then a woman with blue hair and a paper flower in her hair hugged me tightly. She was hugging me so tight that I couldn't breath.

"C-cant… b-breath!" the woman let go and giggled.

"Sorry Naru-kun!" I smiled.

"Alright everyone I want you to meet Kenji! He was the holder for the 8 tailed demon but now that they have merged he is now a full demon and has 9 tails! Kenji Naruto, Naruto Kenji." He nodded and I nodded back unable to say anything.

He had electric blue hair with pure white highlights, he had purple eyes with slits like mine, and he also had pointed ears. He wore a fishnet shirt with a white vest that had a electric blue 9 tailed wolf on the back. He also had a electric blue sash. He had on regular shinobi pants in black and had and blue shinobi sandals. All in all he was hot.

He's he was gay. If you had a gay fox sealed in you it's a high possibility that you will be too. And surprisingly he was a okay with it.


Kenji too was gay. But unlike Naruto he had a gay wolf inside him. But Kenji decided he was hot and this guy was too. He also was like the perfect uke! He wanted this boy to be his and only his. He wanted to have his heart, mind, body, and soul. He wanted to get to know him. And find out the things that made him smile and laugh, what he liked, disliked, what his dream is, his hobbies, etc. It then hit him. 'I am already falling for him and all I know is that he has 10 tails, merged with his inner demon, his father and uncle ran the village, and his name!"

"don't forget the part about hosing my mate!" the wolf told him proudly. "I was the same when I first saw kyuu-chan."

"you were?"

"Hai! I really love him."

"I know I might regret this but who is seme?" I asked.

Unknown to them but Naruto was asking the same way. Except Naruto fainted and Kenji was as red as a tomato. Everyone looked at him for a reason.

"I guess he asked the same thing I did. You see apparently Naoki(8 tails) and Kyuubi were mates." This got everyone's attention.

"So what did you guys ask, un?"

"Who was seme." Minato shock his head and turned to his son and said

"I take it the Kyuubi was not."

"You are correct." Was all Kenji said.

"Well we all have a long day tomorrow. So lets all go to bed. Deidara can you pick up Naruto. Kenji you can stay at our place." Then they all went to the mansion that they would for a long time call… home.


well this is the first chapter of this story! Please tell me what you think! I hope you enjoyed! Until the next chap, Ja!

Kyuu-chan out!