Well as I was saying this story was written well before the series was ever even aired. I was lucky enough to be in L.A. last August when a special screening of Pushing Daisies was happening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. While there, I was able to meet the cast and get my Pushing Daisies comic book autographed. I was even able to get pictures taken with Bryan Fuller, Lee Pace, and Field Cate. Bryan Fuller and Lee Pace were even nice enough to try and help me fix my camera which was being extremely temperamental that night.

So now that you know that fun little story you'll be able to better understand why this is kind of set in an alternate universe. The story itself was modeled after the incomplete version of the Pie-Lette, which is why there are so many inconsistencies between the series and this story. That aside, however, the story itself is very good I'm told. The group of people who have read this story all seemed to really like it, so now after a long series of delays I'm finally able to post it here.

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Tick Tock (Part 1)

Tick tock, tick tock. It's all he ever seems to hear now. The soft ping of the dripping faucet continues to remind him of how much he wishes to be at work. To be doing something. To be able to keep focus on anything, other then her.

At this very moment she lays on the other side of this thin wall that separates them. Fast asleep in whatever dreams holding her at peace. He wishes for nothing more then to be right beside her, to be able to hold her hand or to keep her in his embrace. To have the kiss he forever dreams of having, but will never be. So he lies in wake, waiting for his dreams to carry him away. Exhausted from his daily routines and his continued thoughts of her. Always listening for the ticking of the clock to lull him to sleep. Tick tock, tick tock.

(A.N. Continued)

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