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Tick Tock Part 2

Tick tock, Tick tock. Ned continued to look at the clock. Even at work he was finding it difficult to escape his thoughts of her. He tries to keep focus on the dough he's rolling, or even the baking pie in the oven, but he always comes back to her. He couldn't help but watch her from across the way, never knowing that at the exact same moment Olive Snook was doing the exact same thing for him.

Olive worked her way from table to table. Taking orders and making small talk with happy costumers, all in an effort to attract the attention of one person. Because of her dedication and service many of the people eating here today have become regular costumers. But none of this has managed to get her any closer to Ned. She sadly watches him continuously stare at Chuck. The other woman, the new help. Maintaining her happy façade was becoming harder and harder with each passing day. Chuck was a wonderfully nice person. Whatever feelings of hate Olive wanted to have against Chuck, she could no longer keep. Chuck was an amazing cook, and an even better friend. Why did the world have to conspire against her in such a way that her one and only threat to the man she's always wanted was in the form of such a sweet and kindhearted person.

"Here you go," said Chuck as she passes the tray to Olive.

"Thank you. Hey tell Ned that the young woman seated at table five says that he makes the worlds best pie."

"Really, how sweet," replied Chuck who turned to see Ned quickly try to divert his gaze elsewhere. "Someone thinks that you make the best pie in the world Ned." Ned turned a slight shade of red and smiled.

"What's her name?" Asked Chuck.


"Aw, Ned you have a fan. You should go and say hi."

"No…I um…pies… I'm busy," answered Ned, quickly going back to work.

"Isn't he cute?"

"Yeah," said Olive who joined in with Chucks fleeting looks towards Ned. "Maybe its for the best."

"Why's that?"

"I don't really know, but she didn't really seem like the kind of person who gives out a whole lot of compliments. Like a rotten tomato trying to pass itself off as fresh fruit… And besides I could have sworn that she was whispering to the teddy bear seated over at the other table."

"The one with the Kid?"

"Yeah," responded Olive, as she took the tray and headed over to her next customer.

Chuck enjoyed her newfound friendship with Olive. Other then Ned or Emerson, she was the only other person that Chuck had continued contact with. Olive was lively and had an amazing ability when it came to singing. It wasn't very often that she or Ned would hear her singing or humming some song, but when she did, it was always lovely. "Ned?"


"Do you think we can go out tonight?"

"We went out a couple of nights ago," said Ned as he looked up from his work.

Chuck walked over to where Digbe was laying and fed him a strawberry. "But that was for a case. I want to go out out."

"Like a date?" Asked Ned nervously.

"Yes like a date."

"I um… I don't … this could be… Why?"

"I just don't want to be cooped up inside again. It's beautiful outside, and yet we spend every night inside watching television."

"I thought you liked television," he answered. Not sure of what else to say.

"Please…"Ned tried to look away from her, but found it to be a difficult task, be it that she was moving to make sure that she was always in his line of sight.

"I… I don't know. What if someone recognizes you?"

"I've been working here for over a month, and no ones yet to make the connection. So what do you say? Can we?"

"Go on a date?"

"Yes," said Chuck.

Ned looked around the room trying desperately to come up with something, anything. His panic was evident, and Chuck thought that he couldn't have been cuter. Ned sheepishly looked up at her and said yes. Then from across the room a tray could be heard crashing to the floor. "What?"

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