Okay! Listen up!

Not to sound mean or anything, but...

why isn't anyone reveiwing!?

(excluding the ppl who already did review of course)

I would like to have at least five reviews before I put out a sequel to this story


It's really the first long story I've ever finished ;;

You should see how many incomplete stories I have stored on my computer...

(I counted one folder and there were more then twenty in that folder, and I have like, fifteen folders!)

All that aside, I would like a little help with this story.

I'm not good at cannoning relationships, hence the oneshot.

Speaking of which... I'd like help on a different story.

I'm gonna make Gary and Paul fight over Ash!

But I have no idea how to start this...

or who will win.

Moving on...

So, please review after reading this story.

I know you read it! There were more then three hundred hits already!

(I check the stats! ...when I'm board.)