Well, it's been a very long time since I last wrote any sort of fanfiction! I kept coming up with so many ideas for stories, but ultimately never got around to writing anything. But then I saw Wicked, and I read the book, and this just had to be written! I hope you enjoy the first installment of my Wicked tale, I hope to post more on it very very soon - if you lot want me too! So, read, enjoy and if you feel the need to (which I hope you do) review away!

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The Glass Orb - Chapter One

Liir stared incredulously into the glass orb, hardly believing what his brain was trying to tell him. He was jerked out of his trance by a loud thump in the room next to his. He rushed through to find Nanny sat on the floor rubbing her head looking slightly confused and Chistery pacing, like he didn't know what to do. Liir, still slightly bemused by what he'd seen in the orb, found that his legs were automatically taking him up the stairs towards Elphaba's room. He heard a shriek as he reached the door, wrenching it open just in time to see Dorothy pick up a pail of water, obviously intending to put out the flames starting to lick their way up Elphaba's skirt.

"Stop!" He screamed at her, fully aware of the Witch's strange aversion to water. Dorothy jumped, but did not throw the water. Liir grabbed a sheet off Elphaba's bed and wrapped it around her legs, pulling her down to the floor, beating out the flames as she tried to wrestle out of his grasp. He finally got the flames to go out, and she lay on the floor, physically and emotionally drained. Liir turned his head towards Dorothy, who in turn backed away from his strangely angry look.

"I...I was just trying to apologise for what happened to her sister. Her...her broom was on fire, it all happened so quickly...I just wanted to help her...I'm s...sorry" she stuttered, backing towards the door. Liir, though still angry for what had so nearly happened to Elphaba was still slightly captivated by the strange foreign girl, and found himself soften slightly inside.

"Go downstairs and check on Nanny. I need to talk with the Witch for a moment. I will be down shortly and we will find your friends together. But please, a moment? " Dorothy nodded and silently she darted down the stairs. Liir turned to the still curled up form of the Witch and spoke softly, placing a hand on her arm. Though she tensed, she did not jerk away as he had expected.

"Elphaba? Can you stand?" There was no reply, she just seemed to close her eyes tighter, and huddle into a smaller ball. Liir sighed and scooped her into his arms. He stood and walked with her to her bed, where he lay her down gently. He perched on the edge of the bed and stared down at the helpless form of the so called 'Wicked' Witch of the West. He brushed her hair out of her face and her eyes fluttered open.

"Yero?" She whispered.

"No Elphaba, it's me, Liir. Are you hurt?" He replied.

She blinked several times before she seemed to focus on him "Oh, Liir. I thought...never mind. No, no I'm not hurt. What happened? Why am I not dead?" Her hand gripped his arm "Why?" She asked more forcefully.

"I stopped it." He announced, feeling proud of himself. However, this feeling was stopped short by the look on Elphaba's face. "Did I do wrong?"

She looked away from him "I was meant to have died. Send the girl back up, she should finish the job"

Liir was shocked and a little angry "Finish the job? Elphaba, I stopped it in time. You survived, I'm sorry if you're not happy with that, but I can't sit back and allow you to willingly die like that. I can't."

She looked back towards him "What do you care what happens to me? I'm just the evil 'Auntie Witch'...remember?" She scoffed at the nickname she had acquired in her early days at Kiamo Ko.

"You have no idea" whispered Liir.

"What's that? Liir, what did you say?" she insisted.

He looked her dead in the eye. "I said, you have no idea"

"Well, what do you mean by that?"

He debated whether or not to tell her what he saw, knowing she probably did not want to face the true facts, but ultimately Liir figured, she deserved to know the truth. "I saw something, in your glass disc thing. I found it after Dorothy arrived, I looked into it, and I saw...something." He paused, searching for the right words. Elphaba didn't break her gaze from his face. Liir in turn stared intently at his hands.

"I saw..." he stopped, taking in a deep breath "I saw the past. Your past, my past...Fiyero's past." Her grip resumed its place on his arm.

"You saw Fiyero?" she breathed, her eyes seeming to glaze over slightly. But she didn't look away, or even blink, simply waited for him to continue.

"And, I saw the present. And I think I found some answers" She nodded for him to carry on. Liir took another deep breath.

"I know you're my mother, for sure. I saw it." Her eyes widened, her grip on his arm getting tighter still.

"You went to the mauntery, covered in blood and fell into a coma, yes?" She nodded "I saw those next few months; the maunts took care of you so well while you were sleeping. They noticed you were, well, pregnant. They delivered the baby...they delivered me while you were still sleeping. They placed me in with you every day in the hope that my crying would wake you. Eventually, you woke, I was elsewhere at the time, and when they put me in with you, they didn't tell you who I was. I don't know why, maybe they thought the shock of it would send you back into unconsciousness. But they kept us together, effectively forcing me on you I guess. I know I don't look anything like you. But I promise you Elphaba, I am your son. I am Fiyero's son." He finally looked into her eyes, and found they were brimming with unshed tears.

"Oh, Elphaba, please don't cry, it'll hurt you" He tore off a piece of the now tattered and burnt sheet to use as a makeshift hanky. Handing it to her, she finally released his arm to dab at her eyes. "I know it's a shock, I'm still trying hard to believe it myself..."

"I'm sorry" she interrupted, "I'm so sorry. I could never tell you because there was no way of knowing for myself. But believe me Liir; it's probably for the best. I have never been the mothering type. Fiyero would have been so much better at it than me. Oh Yero..." she trailed off.

"Tell me about him?" Liir whispered. Elphaba shifted over slightly on the bed to make more room for Liir to sit next to her. He propped himself up against the wall, his knees up under his chin, hugging his legs to himself, ready for her to talk.

"Fiyero was, well he was...beautiful, inside and out. And oh, I loved him more than I ever believed I ever could. He was so determined when he put his mind to something. He saw me in the Emerald city one day, oh so many years ago. I was in hiding, part of the resistance against the Wizard and I was so careful that I wasn't seen – I don't blend into a crowd well as you can probably imagine. " She chuckled, somewhat bitterly.

"Fiyero got it into his head that he was going to follow me home. I told you he had a determined mind. Well it didn't take long to fall in love with him, he made that so easy. He called me Fae; he made me feel like I may actually belong somewhere. Occasionally he would come back here to see his family, but he spent so much time in the Emerald City with me, it was easy to forget he had a family here in Kiamo Ko. Oh, if only he was here that day, then he'd still be alive, and you'd have gotten the chance to meet him, and his family would still be here, as it's meant to be. Liir, why does everything go wrong around me?" She sniffed loudly, and Liir realised she was trying not to cry again. He took her hand in his, and she gripped it tightly.

"Elphaba – I saw the present as well as the past. That's how I sensed that you were in danger up here I guess."

"So?" she looked at him, puzzlement written over her face.

"So...I saw Fiyero as well. I saw him in a prison. Alive." She gasped, unable to believe his words.

"How do you it was the present? That could have been years ago, straight after the attack maybe?"

"No Elphaba, it was now. I know because he has Nor with him. They're both alive, Elphaba, alive and waiting for us to rescue them!"