The Glass Orb - Chapter Two

Elphaba blinked hard as tears threatened to spill over onto her cheeks. For the second time that evening she felt actual emotion, something that had been buried deep down inside her for so long. Somehow Liir had managed to make her feel almost, well, human again. Yero, her Yero hadn't died like she believed he had. And somewhere he was suffering, just waiting for that day that they could be together again. She couldn't believe that she almost let some silly little child destroy her and take away the chance of being reunited with her lover. She smiled, possibly for the first time in years as she contemplated seeing him again. However, this thought distracted her from controlling her tears and one rolled down her cheek, causing her to hiss in pain. Liir quickly jumped into action, dabbing at her face with the sleeve of his shirt, being careful not to smear the wetness any further across her cheek.

"Where is he Liir?" She asked him, looking deep into his eyes, almost as if she was trying to watch the vision replay itself within them.

"I...I don't really know. All I saw was a prison cell with Fiyero and Nor in it. The guards looked like they were from the Emerald city though. And there were no windows, just doors and torches. I'm sorry; I can't give you any more information than that." He smiled, apologetically.

"It sounds like Southstairs. How would I get into Southstairs?" She wondered aloud, starting to move of the bed.

"Elphaba, you wouldn't even get into the Emerald City without getting captured. You said it yourself, you don't blend in. And the Wizard was even willing to send a young girl to kill you! It's not safe for you out there" He put his hand in hers, willing her to stay put.

"I'll be extra careful. I know how to sneak Liir; I did it long before you were born. Fiyero was the only person that ever spotted me."

"Was anyone trying to kill you then though?"


"Exactly! So how do you expect to be able to sneak into a highly guarded city and into a high security prison without getting captured, tortured and killed? Hmm?" She looked down at her hands, the hope that had sparked in her eyes just minutes before was rapidly draining away. Suddenly, Liir had a brainwave.

"Elphaba, why don't I go? I've been desperate to get out of the castle for years now, no one knows my face or my name, I'm sure I'd be able to make it to Southstairs no problem"

She looked up at him once again, her mouth gaping open.

"Liir, you're just a child! You can't make a journey like that alone, you'd either get killed or get lost. Or both! No, I shall go and I'll just have to make sure I'm not seen, that's all. There has to be a way into Southstairs, other than the main entrance, I'm sure I could find it."

"Stop! I'm not a child, and I can do this, I promise! I'll take Chistery with me, I'm sure he'd be able to carry me, then we could fly there – I wouldn't get lost that way! I'm not going to let you walk into a readymade trap when I could easily do it myself, I'm sorry Elphaba, but you have to stay here. Besides, you're in no fit state to travel at the moment, you have to stay here and get some rest before you can go anywhere." Elphaba looked at Liir, puzzled.

"What do you mean 'No fit state'? I'm perfectly fine Liir!" He just looked at her and shook his head.

"No, you're not Elphaba; you're in a pretty bad way. You may not have noticed, but half an hour ago you were kind of, on's burnt your legs up pretty badly, it'll take some time for the skin to repair itself." And now for the first time since Liir had carried her to her bed, did Elphaba check her injuries, having not noticed them at all during their conversation. She was shocked to see her legs were a disturbing shade of molten green, even worse than their usual colour. The sores on her skin were just starting to blister over and mend themselves, and all of a sudden, before she had the chance to prepare, the pain finally hit her and she clenched her teeth hard and gripped Liir's hand, willing it away again. After a while, the searing pain dulled down to a bearable burning and she looked back into her son's eyes.

"Get some sleep Elphaba" he whispered, stroking her hair away from her sticky forehead.

"I don't sleep" she murmured back.

"Everybody sleeps, and today, you do too." She shook her head at him defiantly, but her drooping eyelids betrayed her and slowly, for the first time in a long time, she fell into a deep slumber, where her dreams were filled with images of her beloved Fiyero.

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