chapter 3
once upon a time there
was a half japanese redhead
a dorky best friend
and a handsome prince


Suzaku blinked as the ringtone he had installed on his phone began blaring in the car, his father turning from his seat to stare at him accusingly. Prime Minister Kururugi was a pretty imposing person even with his back turned, so having him stare his son full in the face was a bit intimidating to said son.

"Uh..great song." Suzaku said awkwardly, smiling a wide uneasy smile. His dad, no matter what he did, most likely wouldn't ever approve of him, no matter what he might do in the future. He just..was too much of a hard ass, or so his son thought begrudingly.

Still doesn't stop me from tripping over my own damn feet to get him to notice me..Suzaku thought bitterly, putting the phone to his ear with another apologetic smile, (the only smile he seemed to ever give his father) and listen to the voice on the line.

"This is Kuru-"

"S-Suzaku..there's something in my bed..!"

Suzaku stared at the phone like it had sprouted a human head.



"...Wait there's someone there? In your room?! Maybe it's one of those rapists I saw on the news!"

"No you idiot!" Kallen wailed in response, the sounds of feet thumping heavily on the floor causing static through his reception. "I think..I think...maybe it's like a bear or something. Not a rapist. I can handle rapists anyday, but.." Suzaku almost started laughing. It figured Kallen would be able to, at least in her mind, tackle a rapist, but not something like a bear.

"Wait does Britannia even have bears? Speaking of we have bears? I never saw any at the kind of made me sad and-"

"Kallen, why are you calling me?"

"Oh yeah! There's this big lump in my bed and-"

He felt the strangest urge to drop the phone.

"Fine, want me to come over?"

There was an irritated snort.

"What do you think, dumbass? Get over here before I start screaming the roof down-!"

Heading over quickly, he glanced up at the apartments supposedly Kallen was staying in. It seemed decent enough, as he headed step after step until he finally reached her floor.

He noticed two things:

One: There was a loud shrieking come from all the way down the hallway.

Two: There were objects falling from out the window. Pretty large objects.

"Oh god are you here for that room? " Suzaku turned to see a very disgruntled looking man with black bags under his eyes stare at him sleepily, expression exhausted. "Uh...yes I am.." Suzaku said uneasily, the man's face lighting up as he grabbed his arms, looking almost as if he was about to cry. "That little girl will NOT shut up. Please...I'm begging you I have to get up at three in the morning and I am so tired..please..please!" He wailed, and Suzaku stared blankly at him before nodding with a gaping mouth, muttering, ' I'll just uh..head for the door now.'

And Suzaku was a brave boy. He did all the little boy things as a child and as a teenager he did all the manly-man things you would do as an adult. Well, he did it rather goofily but that wasn't the point.

Opening the door, Suzaku stared into the wide, dilated blue eyes of Kozuki Kallen, the impossibly copper eyelashes, the wide splash of sky blue in the center of cerulean, even the little specks of gold in the left eye.

(This is what he saw before Kallen latched onto him like a wild monkey and proceeded to make him spin around on stumbling feet, feeling as if he was hydroplaning, though he wasn't even driving and it wasn't even raining.)

"There's something in my bed, Suzaku."

Kallen whispered conspirationally, her breath a harsh whisper as she lifted almost manic blue eyes to his face, her little fingers wrapped firmly around his neck. Suzaku's eyes trailed to the small futon, chuckling slightly at the mess of her clothes around her bed, although-there were other clothes. Perhaps an extra set of an Ashford uniform? But wait didn't Kallen say she hadn't bought her uniform yet?

"...More like someone..Kallen." He said in a equally soft voice, curiously moving to pull the futon's blanket when the lump in the bed suddenly moved.

Suzaku jumped, Kallen bit her lip so hard it bled, and the thing in the bed yawned, the voice sounding oddly female to Suzaku. And it continued moving, wriggling about beneath the sheets as Kallen had several mini heartattacks in Suzaku's clumsy hold.

"We're doing this." He said gravely, with all the solemnity of a man who knows he is going to die. Kallen looked like a mental patient in an asylum, her hair in multiple directions and her eyes wide and frantic. "N-No wait let me get the broom..." She leapt out of his arms and ran to get the broom left by the apartment services and held it in her arms, trembling fingers closing over the thick wood.

"Okay n-now.." She spluttered, and Suzaku bit his lip and pulled the blanket back.






"Holy crap..she's naked!"


"'s naked.."

"Wow..this girl's naked."

C.C. smiled lazily as she raised a hand in hello.

"Hey there roomie."

"S-So you're my..wait you're my!?" Kallen was flailing around her small room, stumbling on C.C.'s various thrown items, one being a rather large yellow blob and the others clothes, empty pizza boxes, and Pizza Hut coupons.

"..Yeah, the people next door didn't like me too much where I lived so I figured they just didn't have good taste in pizza. By the way do you mind sharing that bed-thingy? I'd sleep on Cheese-kun but I feel like he gets all smothered when I do that. "

Kallen stared at her blankly; blinking once or twice. "Cheese-kun? " A slender finger pointed to the blob Suzaku was busy inspecting; his eyes slightly tightened as he muttered with a light shudder, "Creepy.." He mouthed to Kallen, 'It's like it's staring at me..' C.C. blinked as she slipped on her school uniform, a small smirk on her face.

"Cheese-kun says he questions your sexuality, " She said calmly, and Suzaku spluttered out a 'WHAT THE-', and C.C. calmly took out a magazine from her small bag, pointing to a rather provocative picture of two prettyboys holding hands and kissing. Kallen shrieked and covered her eyes and Suzaku felt like a magnet had been attached to it.

He just couldn't look away.

"To be honest I feel like you'd be on top, and hm...I think Lelouch would be pretty good with you-" Suzaku threw the magazine across the floor, the just professed yaoi-lover blinking with a small pout. "What? It'd be pretty kinky.." She said slyly, and Kallen blushed five shades of red at the very idea of Suzaku and Lelouch doing such things together.

"Look I stare too much at boobs to be intere-" Suzaku blinked once or twice as he realized what he had just said. Kallen stared with a slightly gaping mouth, her cheeks red. "So all those times when you linger on giving me a hug...pressing me so tightly.."She whispered, and hit him with her pillow.

He looked away, eyes narrowed. "Tch, no." He said sourly, and Kallen looked at her chest with something akin to fear in her eyes. She didn't notice both C.C. and Suzaku staring with shifty eyes at her chest. "You're pretty stacked, Japanese girl." C.C. drawled, and Kallen stared at her with a look of horror. "Don't ever say that again." She said lowly, and C.C. smiled lopsidedly.

"Wait who said you could room in here?!" Kallen said after a long pause; C.C. twirling a strand of strange green hair in her fingers and tilting her head. "Hm, that's right..nobody." She said calmly, and flopped back on her bed, yawning slightly. "I just walked in here and figured since it was empty that no one had taken it...when I saw that picture of your brother on the nightstand I figured who you were.." She said; and pumped her legs in the air as if she was riding a bicycle.

Suzaku was staring at those legs.

(And they were lookin' pretty damn goood-)

"Okay nevermind, you're not gay." C.C. said after smacking him in the face, leaving Suzaku to clutch his now red cheeks and Kallen to stare at him fearfully before glancing back at her chest.

She was never hugging Suzaku again.


"Hey roomie, can we order pizza?"

Suzaku was rather exhausted from thinking Kallen was being harassed by a rapist while he was heading over, so he tried to get some shuteye on the couch.
So he did. For a while. Until he realized that two lazy yellow eyes were watching him and that wasn't the worse thing, NO! It was that...hideous, odious yellow blob with the eyes closed in eternal bliss...the creepy 'w' mouth...the pimpin' top hat..

"Sorry Kallen I'm going home, bye!"

The Student Council of Ashford Academy stared in slight bewilderment as their latest exchange student all but dragged herself into the door, her expression haunted as she stumbled into the room, followed by a well-rested C.C. who held Cheese-kun and was currently peeking over Kallen's shoulder. Milly brightened. "Oh, look, it's Kallen! Hello there Kallen and welcome to Am-wait neverind this is Britannia! A-Anyway welcome!" She cried, and ran over and enfolded her in a well-bosomed hug, Lelouch peeking over her shoulder and pointing a silent finger to C.C., then to Kallen, mouthing with a look of understanding, "Are you okay?"

Kallen gave him one flat stare, and he winced, mouthing back, 'I'm so sorry. '

C.C. all but watched boredly; before seating herself in one of the chairs as Kallen tried to pull herself together. Milly smiled widely as she introduced her to the crew.

"This is Rivalz. He's kind of an idiot, but for some reason we keep him around. Say hi Rivalz!" Kallen bit back a snicker as Rivalz looked up from his laptop.

"Ignore her Kallen, I'm amazing. Milly's the na-" Milly turned and Kallen wasn't sure what she did but she knew that without the shadow of a doubt that Rivalz was never going to speak anything bad about her again. That and she almost thought he wet his pants.

"And that's C.C., do you know her?"

Kallen did her best not to cry, as she laughed shakily, the sounds strained and cracked as Milly, Lelouch and Suzaku all stared at her. "Y-Yeah I know her." She said with a low growl, eyes darting to C.C. who only winked at her.

"..Anyway, this is Shirley, she's our sweetie." Milly said gleefully, and Shirley looked up, Kallen recognizing her as the friendly redhead from yesterday. Her golden eyes lit up as she scooted over to her, grabbing her hands and smiling widely. "Oh my goodness hi Kallen!" She gushed, and shook her hand rather vigorously, eyes sparkling. "I'm so honored to meet you! Suzaku has said so much, hasn't he Lulu?" Kallen didn't miss the adoring slant to her eyes as she stared at Lelouch.

Lelouch smiled bemusedly. "Indeed he has, Shirley." Kallen felt awkward, she wasn't really good with crowds and this strange physical attention was..weird. She was like a boy in the sense she didn't do hugs. Or handholds. Or touching. Or generally anything that wasn't abusive.

"Uh...thanks, nice to meet you too?" She trailed off awkwardly, and Milly continued her introductions, pointing to a girl with rather beady eyes and glasses, saying cheerfully, "This is Nina! She's our resident tablebanger-I mean historian! " Kallen opened her mouth to say hello but Nina was suddenly behind her, whispering in her ear, " I'm also head of Euphemia's li Britannia's fanclub. Go near her and die, bitch." She rasped, leaving Kallen to shudder. She then giggled and squeezed her shoulders. "So nice to meet you Kallen, I hope you enjoy our country, hee-hee!"

Kallen stared with wide, frightened eyes, suddenly realizing that yes, there was such things as rapists living in schools. And her name was Nina. She had no clue who 'Euphemia li Britannia' was, but she sounded pretty important.

Shirley grabbed her hand and beamed. "Come on Kallen, we're going to have lunch outside!" She gushed, and Suzaku and C.C. exchanged amused looks before following her. Again, Kallen felt like someone was watching her and she couldn't quite place it.

C.C. ordered a Pizza Hut, and how it had made it to the school without the guards assaulting the poor delivery boy, no one knew. Lelouch looked exasperated at the whole thing, and not to mention very bored as Milly babbled to Kallen about various subjects; Kallen doing her best to listen while Suzaku sat on her right, smiling at her kindly. As they were sitting, Kallen noted a group of girl's eyeing Lelouch from afar. He looked disgruntled by this, and Kallen only snickered as she looked up at him.

"Looks like you're pretty popular, mister." She said with a small smirk, he frowning a bit as he sighed. "It's pretty annoying.." He said but instead of glaring at them and telling them to screw off, like Kallen would have, he smiled politely, and one of the girl's ventured to call, "Have a good lunch, Your Highness!" She giggled, and Kallen blinked a bit bewilderedly at the girl before Lelouch's cautious eyes watched her reaction, Kallen only tilting her head to one side as she chewed on the school lunch.

Amidst Suzaku's disturbed glances at C.C. and her blank eyes, Milly babbling to them all, Rivalz getting Shirley to deny constantly that no, she did not love Lulu, Kallen and Lelouch were staring at each other with slightly intense expressions.

Kallen lightened the mood by smiling a bit, "Nice nickname. You rule the school huh?" He looked a bit self-conscious, staring to the right as he said easily, "That's not it at all, although it would certainly be a lot easier.." She tilted her head to one side as she blinked. "Eh, is that right. You don't like the attention, huh? Aren't you a poor guy." She said with a small grin, and he blinked once or twice, smirking, immediately turning the tables of Kallen teasing Lelouch, to Lelouch now teasing Kallen. Damn him. His smile was so...BAD ( Actually it was a rather pretty smile, on a rather pretty boy) that Kallen's heart lurched in her throat.

"Is Miss Kozuki feeling bad for poor me?" He said demurely, and she glared before smacking him with her empty lunch bag, he snickering. "Careful, I'm fragile." And Suzaku piped along with him, "He sure as hell is, can't run to save his life." Kallen looked genuinely horrified. "You don't do sports?!" She shrieked, and the whole group was silent as Lelouch shot her a rather irritated glare.

"...I much prefer watching, thank you." He said cooly, and Kallen covered her mouth, before saying hotly, "Sports is great! If you can't run you should let me train you or something! " Her eyes were shining passionately and Suzaku muttered to the side, "Oh god she's at it again', only to get elbowed in the ribs by Milly (Ohoho, Suzaku-kun isn't this interesting!~)

He seemed somewhat shocked by the offer and only smiled a little bit, but the amused look in his eyes never left him. "That's kind of you Kallen, but I'm not sure-"

"Onii-sama!" A high-pitched voice echoed eagerly, Lelouch's face freezing momentarily before it slowly melded to a expression of restrained delight. Kallen marveled at the way his eyes lit up, the usually reserved and cool-as-ice student she had recently met seeming so warm suddenly, a smile on his face.

The source of the smile, the warmth, was a girl in an elegant pink dress and flowing brown hair, being wheeled over in a wheelchair, flanked by two rather serious looking people. Kallen marveled at the sheer elegance of the dress and the ornate designs on the wheelchair, or the swords (wait swords, damn that's cool! Ooh I want to hold one-) at their sides.

Her wide violet eyes lit up as she was lifted into the air by Lelouch, who twirled her around in one circle, the rest of the students other than Kallen and Suzaku coming over to greet her.

"Nunnally, " Lelouch said, in a voice almost reverent as held her close, the rather darling little girl beaming as she wrapped her arms around him. "Ah, Nunna-chan!" Milly gushed, and the girl giggled and waved at her, Lelouch blinking. "Is there a reason you're here, Nunnally?" She smiled slightly. "Oh, it's just that Father wants to see you.." The look on Lelouch's face changed from warm, gentle, to white and drawn.

"I-I see..." Kallen was utterly confused as the people beside Nunnally said, "If your Highness would please hurry to the car, we don't want to keep the Emperor waiting."

Emperor? Highness?

Kallen stared with a slightly open mouth as the two began heading towards the car, Lelouch mouthing sorry to Suzaku who only smiled sympathetically at him. Kallen also noticed most of the school was watching the slender student carrying the girl to the car.

"W-Who was that?" Kallen said finally, as they drove off.
"That's Nunnally vi Britannia, 87th in line to the throne. "

She blinked once or twice. "But she called Lelouch 'big brother'.."

Suzaku looked a bit sympathetic; patting her shoulder. "Kallen, ' He said slowly, "Lelouch's full name is also with the name vi Britannia. He's the 11th Prince of Britannia.."



"Wait what?"

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