Once upon a time there was a half-japanese redhead,
her dorky best friend,
a handsome prince,

And a pizza-obsessed witch.


Kallen blinked a few times. And then a few more times. Suzaku had said something weird. Maybe he should have repeated that? It sure sounded weird…


Milly whistled. "Oh, so she had no idea, Suzaku-kun?" She mused, propping her arm under her chin. Suzaku glanced at Kallen, who stared bewilderedly back, her mouth slightly open, staring at where the car had driven off. He was mildly worried about her, but only slightly. Because, well, knowing Kallen she would—oh look, see? She's dragging him away so she can scream at him. Shirley flailed her arms. "W-Wait! Kallen do you like Lelou?" She almost shrieked, but covered her mouth when she realized Milly was downright leering at her.


"What the hell? What sort of asshole doesn't tell you something like that when you meet? I mean it's common courtesy to lay some fundamental things about you on the table! I think that, w-whatever the hell that was is pretty damn big!" She fumed. Suzaku, as supportive as ever, only turned into his shoulders and laughed, muffling the sound with a hand. Kallen slapped this hand, glaring at him. "Why didn't you tell me this before I got here? I stepped on his foot! I stepped on the Prince's foot! His FOOT Suzaku! What sort of thing to they do here if you do something like that? They gonna chop off my good slapping hand? I NEED that hand. " She hissed, grabbing his arm.

Suzaku stared at her blankly. "Kallen this isn't the old ages, Britannia doesn't chop off your hand, especially Lelouch of all people.." She knotted her brows. "And why's that?" She muttered. "Because, everyone who knows Lelouch just kind of knows that he's…"

"Breakable? A stick? A runt? A toothpick, a straw, a noo—" Suzaku felt the familiar sound of his foot being slightly grinded into the ground by a smaller, but far more lethal heel, a pair of angry, frustrated blue eyes staring up into his steady green.

"This sucks. I haven't even been here for three days and I already stepped on Lelouch—Prince Lelouch's foot! I mean I thought coming here would be hard, yeah, but I didn't think I'd have to deal with any other politically important figures. " Suzaku raised an eyebrow. "Kallen, you deal with me and my father all the time, or at least you used to. "

An exasperated growl of frustration left her mouth. "Yeah, because it's you Suzaku! " She huffed miserably, and Suzaku looked mildly offended. "Is that supposed to mean something? Some implication that being me is not a good thing and that you secretely thing I'm some sort of closet-retard, or better yet, for the last few years you thought I was some closet gay? " He mumbled, Kallen turning her head to raise an eyebrow.

"…Suzaku I never mentioned that aloud. Are you implying something?" She asked, twirling a strand of hair. Suzaku didn't know much to do at this point, and instead, just shook his head and sighed. "Nevermind. What I'm saying is that Lelouch believe it or not, is pretty normal. Well, somewhat." He mused, thinking a bit about Lelouch's OCD habits, the unnatural length of his eyelashes, the way he felt about certain outfits Suzaku found out of his own closet…and his abnormally large brain. Other than that he was pretty normal. Well, ignoring the media and the fact that his father was Emperor of an Empire.

Yeah no big deal. Why was she freaking out? Kallen turned to stare at him, shaking her head. " …I guess this place is going to be an interesting experience after all. " She muttered. He raised a brow. " I thought you did your homework? " Kallen glared at him. "How was I supposed to know? I thought I had a wild Britannian bear sleeping in my room last night and I clearly remember you coming unprepared only to find some bisexual green-haired bi—"

The redhead felt heavy breathing down her neck, as C.C. calmly dangled her arms over her shoulders. "I'm still discovering myself. So your first statement is a no. And the second statement is better left unsaid. " She said smoothly, before armlinking with Kallen. "Well, let's go." She said calmly. Kallen raised an eyebrow. "Go? Where?"

She smiled deviously. "We're going to have some heart-to-heart. You. Me. In a park..oh and I think you need to slap something. I sense that urge."

"I-I don't slap!"

"You slapped someone yesterday. And you slap in your sleep. Not that I didn't like it."


"Oh this is fun."

C.C. calmly dragged her 'roommate' out of Ashford's gates, leaving Suzaku to stare a bit mutely as he was left alone.

"Alright..I'll just wait here! Don't worry we can reschedule lunch! " He spat sarcastically, C.C. turning to flash him a bright grin.

"I heard that! I hope you leave your wallet somewhere I can find it. "


Suzaku sighed a bit. While he appreciated Kallen having some..(could you even call her a friend? Seriously? C.C. of all people? God no..she wasn't even remotely human. The whole class thought she was an alien and C.C. with that blob was pretty much some scary shit if you're stuck at your best friend's house watching those creepy yellow eyes staring at you ) that left him a bit..unoccupied. Which was very very boring.

Sighing he turned to resume his walk back to class, but realized it was pretty pointless at this rate, considering most of the class was now in an uproar since Lelouch and Nunnally were taken well, not much else to do at this point. Both of his best friends were gone, and he had to stay because the Japanese Ambassador skipping school put him in a really bad spot.

But right now he felt like the comedy humor in a bad chickflick movie, alone and ditched yet again. Although...most chickflick movies didn't have girl's with bright pink hair and eyes brighter than violets barrel straight into you, causing you to fall flat on your back, staring into a rather nice view.

By nice he meant her face, and by view he meant her face. Just her face. Staring a bit dazedly at the strange girl, he noted she was wearing an Ashford Uniform. And she was straddling his waist, staring at him like she had contracted AIDS, or worse, killed his old dog. (Which had already died by the way).

"Oh my goodness! Gracious! I am SO sorry! " She cried, scrambling off of him in a heap, her rosy hair falling neatly around her shoulders in these faint springy curls.
Suzaku was a bit distracted by how they flopped then sprang perfectly back into place, perfect rose-colored coils.

"D-Did I break anything? I mean are you going into shock? Oh no I knew I shouldn't have stopped shadowing the student! Oh dear..oh dear.."
She whispered shakily, looking like she was about to cry.

"..What just happened. " Was his only response, offering her a faint smile as he sat up, raking a hand through his chocolate covered curls. The girl brightened considerably, grabbing his hands as she said, "Oh you're alive! I thought you had died with your eyes open or something…" She said weakly, and Suzaku wanted to say that no, that didn't hurt but..it did hurt.

"No..I'm great.." She seemed relived at this, and beamed at him, causing her entire face to light up in every facet. "That's wonderful! Well, I was running, and well, I tripped, and then well, I'm here and um..he-hello!" She explained nervously, giggling some as she didn't release his hands.

She seemed to forget about them, and he decided to stare down at them, with their bright-magenta painted nails and only then did she remove them, gasping a bit, her cheeks pink. "O-Oh..well, I forgot that too..but yes, I'm terribly sorry. I'm usually not this clumsy.."

Suzaku could only offer a smile. "It's fine. I get that too sometimes, but it's mostly for my friend's sake. " As the girl observed him closely, he noted that she seemed to realize something, as she sat back, hand under her chin.

"You're the Japanese Ambassador, aren't you! Suzaku Kururugi! " She exclaimed, clapping her hands as if she had won the lottery. Suzaku blinked once or twice, he felt like he'd been doing this a lot lately. "Er..yeah. Big news, right? " He said modestly, a bit shy with this attention. The girl only smiled at him, grinning.

"Oh-hi-yo!" She sang, clapping her hands as if she had done an amazing thing just then. Suzaku blinked once or twice. It sounded like she had said, " OH! HI! YO!" in one big sentence.

"I..beg your pardon? " He muttered, staring at her like she had sprouted two heads. "It's Japanese, right? I've been taking classes!"

What sort of classes?

"It was good, right? Spot-on? " The way she clasped her hands and wiggled so eagerly, made him feel a bit guilty, so he lied.

"Er, yeah! Perfect! "

She beamed at him. "Wonderful! I'm truly honored to meet you, really! My brother tells me so much about you! I was hoping while I visited I might get a glance of you. I'm considering directing my schooling here…I think it'd be lovely!" She said brightly, clasping her fingers together in a perfect manicured triangle. He brushed himself off, blinking a bit dazed from all of this.

She was talking as if she knew him, and to go here just to see him? Sure she was shadowing, but she obviously had a brother that went here..so wait..

"Who's your brother?" He asked quizzically. She blinked at him, tilting her head, before she smiled warmly at him.

"My brother Lelouch! He may be my half-brother but I consider him a brother. Just as much as Nunnally is my dear little sister! I really had to meet the person who my siblings took so much interest in. "

He immediately shot up, dusting himself off. "P-Princess!" He exclaimed, immediately beginning to bend over to bow when a hand stopped him, the pinkhaired girl smiling sheepishly. "There really is no need for that..! Besides, I can't really shake your hand if you're hunched over like that. It's just silly. Besides we're going to become friends so I really can't have that, now can I?" The pink-haired girl said brightly, pushing him up straight as she offered her hand.

"I'm so sorry for bumping into you, Suzaku. Please call me Euphie! She was grinning at him as Suzaku struggled to find words.

The Third Princess..

Right under his nose. Literally more like right into his ribcage. He stared mutely into her face, the royal-violet eyes that were a trademark of the Britannian royal family…how had he missed that? Maybe because she had faceplanted into him. Yes that was a good excuse. Hopefully his father bought that.

He wasn't able to really form words, so shocked, and mainly because she was so familiar in this achingly soft way and he found his words just ran a bit dry. He wondered what Kallen would say. Probably nudge him in the shoulder and tell him to get his balls checked. Yep that sounded like her.

But no..this girl was..


But Euphemia li Britannia only smiled as she pulled his hand forward with her free hand so that it met her outstretched one,
and laughed as she looked up at him beneath dark eyelashes.

"It's okay, Suzaku. I like shy."


C.C. dragged Kallen down the sidewalk, Kallen hissing at her aloud, "Why are we missing school? Suzaku is going to look bad if I don't stay in class!" She seethed, and C.C. only turned and smiled sardonically. "That was too late once he joined Student Council. He's bound to look bad now. " She snerked, before calmly pointing at the white castles in the distance, the tall spires. Pendragon, Britannia's capital and where the common people spoke with the Emperor.

"You know how hard it is to sneak into that place? " She drawled, as they reached their destination.
A park. She pulled her down to sit with her as she gazed ahead at the white monstrosity in the distance.

"…I never tried." Kallen retorted irritably in response, crossing her arms as she tried not to worry about being missing. "I didn't expect you to, " C.C. murmured, amused as she crossed her legs.

"You walked into traffic at least four times while I pulled you without noticing, the chances of you finding your own apartment are pretty slim. "
She said bluntly, dodging Kallen's slap intended for her head.

"Why are we sitting here? " C.C. glanced at her. "It's a nice day outside, isn't it? Why wouldn't we?" Kallen gritted her teeth.
"No, really why are we out here?" C.C. hugged Cheese-kun against her chest, smiling a bit. "Shut-up. I'm telling a story."

"I met Lelouch sneaking into the imperial gates. They were doing some construction and I snuck in through one of the holes, and figured I might as well take a souvenir. " She began, head tilted back. Kallen stared.

"Y-You stole..?"

C.C. turned, golden eyes amused. "Almost, but the hole was near the gardens and imagine who was reading in the gardens against a tree? The look on his face was priceless. He looked so pissed. We were at least eight at the time, so we were still small. He told me my hair was ugly and I took his book and snuck out the hole." She continued, grinning some.

"He chased me of course, the guards wondered what he was doing but it was too late. We both started chasing each other around the city. Of course..not for long since he was panting the next five minutes. I asked him if he was a girl and he called me an alien. From then on we visited each other through that hole, until we met up at school. Now that hole is sealed but..I find otherways. He has a nice bed by the way." She added, staring at Kallen's confused expression.

"I thought he hated you." She snorted, and the green-haired girl only smirked. "We have an interesting relationship. If anything I know the side of him that few get to see, so at best, I know how he works. You could say we're best friends, but he'd die if I told him I said this. "

Kallen blinked puzzled. "Why are you telling me this?"

C.C. turned, smiling amusedly. "Because. I'd get arrested if I told you this story on school grounds. And also because I can tell that he is curious about you, so if he's going to take interest in you and Suzaku, you should see him the right way. Plus I didn't want to take that Chemistry Test." She added again, and Kallen shook her head, this girl was nuts.

"And what right way should I see him?" She asked curiously, feeling a bit better about it. Lelouch seemed the way she had met him earlier, minus the royalty part.

"As an idiot, an obsessive-compulsive idiot who has no athletic skills, fashion-sense better than a girl's, (if we count when he doesn't go to parties, because those are just awful) and his sole redeeming-feature is his brain. And his face. But even that makes you wonder if he's gay, right?" The girl laughed, calmly throwing a penny into the fountain in front of them.

"…yeah." Kallen said dully, since she had thought the exact same thing when she saw him. The other student smiled a catlike smile.

"I thought it best that you get an idea of the kind of person he is before you see him tomorrow. " Kallen opened her mouth to maybe get around to thanking her but C.C. cut her off.

"I'm hardly doing this for you. I wanted to get out of class. Not to mention you'd be nice leverage to humiliate Lelouch with. " She stood up, dusting herself off.

Kallen stood up also, not really believing this girl. Was she even for real? C.C. then began to stalk away, as graceful as a cat, but the moment was lost as she held Cheese-kun.

"Oh and don't think about telling the authorities. If you do, I'll send some interesting things to your mother. I saw your address from a letter you got. It's in your room. And let me tell you I have stocked up on some interesting things. "


"Well are you coming or not? If I leave you here you'll just end up stranded here like some retarted episode of Lost. Besides we need to get some food for the apartment. I'm starving."

"I-I never said you could liv—"

"..At night Kallen snuggles with a warm chocolate bunny named Wabbits and last night spoke about how long Lelouch's eyelashes were. "

"O-Okay fine!"


"That redhaired girl sure was pretty. Is she a friend of yours, brother?" Nunnally asked, as she wheeled beside her big brother after a rather extensive meeting. Something about where he was going with his education and what he saw himself doing for the nation afterwards. A lot of mundane talk that he wasn't particularly interested in at this point. He was more interested in simpler things. Like his sister going to school, seeing her smile.

It was true, most of his life was boring, uneventful, and surrounded with unwanted attention. But lately..

"Life is happening everywhere. Even in this huge place."

He smiled a bit at his sister. "You could say that. She's..certainly an interesting individual. " For one her foot hurt like a bitch. Two, she had no sense of manners and she was socially awkward with girls her age. But it was fun watching her get heated up on a topic, even more fun to see the way she was with Suzaku..smiling and laughing, somehow it made her seem more feminine.

And the words she said..were always double-mxeaning. There was some sort of confrontation in the words she'd spoken to him..as if she was challenging him to contradict her. Such a feisty, confrontational girl. He'd dismiss her as weird but she wasn't like the other girls, (he couldn't call C.C. a girl. They were practically siblings. He'd die if he said that aloud.) and frankly, it was refreshing in a mundane day to day.

And he could use her. His father did suggest learning Japanese..and Suzaku was busy with getting accumulated into his father's work so...

"Big brother?" Nunnally looked up at him anxiously.


"You have a kind of evil look on your face..um..like you're going to do something really bad."

"Nonsense. Don't worry.." He smiled a bit wider as he took out his phone and texted Suzaku. He had the information he needed.


It was getting darker outside, and both were broke as they walked down the sidewalk towards their apartment. Begrudgingly Kallen had to accept the terms. They were horrible, black-handed, sneaky terms but they were what she had to follow up with so she relented.

All until she heard a buzzing in her pocket. She took out her phone, with it's bunny-keychain, (C.C.'s eyes took that in with evil wickedness) and answered it.


"Hi Kallen."

"...How did you get my number? "

"Suzaku, obviously. I hope you had a nice lunch."

"...It was..interesting, h-hey we need to talk!"

"Sure. "

Kallen turned as she stared at the door of the apartment, blinking bewilderedly. There, smirking like the arrogant bastard he was, stood Lelouch, waving the phone with a devious smirk on his face. Behind her she heard C.C.'s laughter, and in front of her, stood the person she had been recently musing over.

Without skipping a beat, Kallen trudged up the steps, pulled her hand back, and slapped him in the face.

Behind her C.C. twirled a strand of hair.

"I told you that you had an urge.."


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