Ok I was bored so I'm going to make a series of one-shots. Here is the first one.

Pairing: Amuto IkutoxAmu

Summary: Amu needs to learn French. Ikuto is willing to help. What happens when he teaches her something else French.

I don't own the show or series 'Shugo Chara" in any way. It belongs to Peach Pit.

"ARGE! I'll never lean this!" Amu cried slamming her fists on her desk.

"What's the matter, desu?" Suu asked He Charas floated around her with concerned looks.

"I have to learn French. Why did I even take this class!?" Amu said as she plopped down on-top of her bed.

"Don't you remember Amu?" Ran said

"Class this semester you need to take another language class." Mr. Nikaidou sensei said. "On you way out please take a fourm with the choices. Hand them in tomorrow."

"Hinamori-san which class are you going to take?" Tadase asked

"I don't know."

"I'm think French. I hear it is the language of love." (I don't know if that is really true. But it goes nicely. )

"R-really?" Amu asked. She could feel her cheeks heating up.

"Yeah" Tadase answered

"Yeah. That was two months ago." Miki said

"Yeah, but." Amu said rolling over hugging her pillow. "I not sure if I feel the same way about him now than I did then." Amu closed her eyes. "What am I going to do? I have a French test in two days?"

"I could help you." A voice said

Amu jumped at hearing another voice besides hers and her Chara's. She turned around to see Ikuto leaning on the frame of the balcony door. "W-what do you want I-ikuto!?" Amu yelled

"What? I can't visit you?" Ikuto asked with a smirk steeping closer. AMu started turning pink.

Yoru popped out from behind Ikuto. "I think she wants you to visit! She always leaves her door open or unlocked, naya!"

"That's not it!" Amu yelled her face beat red.

"Then why are you so red?" Ikuto asked leaning down to Amu. He was now right in her face.

"G-G-GET OUT!" Amu screamed. Ikuto steeped back. Amu stood up and pushed Ikuto out. Of course having some trouble due to his larger size. She locked the door to the balcony in his face.

"Ikuto leaned to the door. His face up to it. "But I can teach you French."

Amu looked at him. She was still red. A few moments passed and she sigh. She opened the door and Ikuto walk in. "Fine. Teach me French but no funny bossiness. Got it?" Ikuto nodded. He walked over to Amu's bed and sat down. Yoru flew off to go fool around with Amu's Charas. Amu grabbed her book and sat a few inches away from Ikuto.

A Few minutes passed and Amu was doing pretty well. "Ok you have pretty much all the basic down. Now I'm going to teach you something that is also French."

Amu didn't know what he was talking about. "Whatever." She answered using her 'cool and spicy' attitude. She turned her head away from facing him. Ikuto smirked. He leaned closer to Amu until he was only a few inches away. He took his free hand and turned Amu's Head to him. She was red as a tomato. He leaned in closer. "I-ikuto! W-what are you doing?" Amu stuttered.

"Teaching you something French." He was now only a couple of cementers away.

"Ikut-" Amu was cut off my Ikuto's lips. They were soft. He kissed her in a passionate way. Amu's eyes widened. He kissed her! HE KISSED HER! Then she felt something on her lip. It was his tongue! She gasp and Ikuto took this chance to slip his tongue in. Amu didn't know what was happening or what do do. Ikuto's tongue played around. Amu was so surprised, but she wanted to enjoy it. So she decide took her arms and wrapped them around Ikuto playing with his hair. They stayed like that. Playing around with each other's tongues for a while.

Their Charas were peeking out from behind the lamp next to Amu's bed. Ran and Suu were giggling. Yoru was smiling. Miki was blushing at the two. In other words they were all happy for the two. They were all thinking the same thing. 'Finally!'

Amu and Ikuto finally brook apart a few more minutes. Amu was still a bit red and Ikuto was smiling not smirking but smiling. "So...How do you like your French lesson?"

"I think it's wonderful. But what was all that..With the tongue?

"That my Amu was a 'French Kiss" (That is what I heard it is. Well with the tongues. )

"Well may I say. It is a wonderful thing." Amu giggled.

"We better get back to you learning." Ikuto said.

"Lets." Amu said. She and Ikuto embraced each other in another heart felt kiss. After a few minutes they decided to stop."I guess it's time for me to go to bed and you to go home."

"AWWWW. I can't stay?" Ikuto pouted

"No. You know I still need to learn more French. How about tomorrow. Right after dinner?"

"Fine, but we will learn more French Language."

Amu rolled her eyes. "Yeah yeah. Just promise to come again tomorrow."

"I promises." He kissed amu on the lips before calling for Yoru. Yoru and the other flew out from behind the lamp.

"Bye! Yoru!(desu)" They all said.

"Bye, naya!" He called out.

Ikuto jumped off the balcony. Amu quickly ran to the edge with her Charas. They saw Ikuto jump from roof to roof heading home. Amu looked at at the sky full of stars. 'I though I loved Ikuto. Now. I definitely know I do' Amu put on her pajamas and went to bed having dreams of her and Ikuto. (NOT in the perverted way. You people and you perverted minds! XD The ones who aren't thinking perverted. thanks for not having perverted minds) Her Charas climbed into their eggs and went to sleep.

Ikuto was hopping roof to roof thinking of Amu and what had happen.'I now know I really do love her. She also showed she loves me back. By kissing back. What a wonderful night.'

Thanks for watching! I was thinking about what to write then somehow I started thinking about the French class I'm taking this year. Then the so called 'French Kiss' came to mind and so this was born. I finished this at 12:24 am! XD Well I will be taking some ideas if you have any. Ok her is what to do.

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