I finally decided to up-date this story. This is, as promised, NagihikoxRima. I've actually come to generally like this pairing. Not as much as Tadamu and Amuto, but I do like it. This pairing was requested by Gold'N'TurquiseTwistedInsanity and I got this plot idea from xxxUtauloverxxx, so thank you both very much!

Title: Unspoken Words

Pairing: NagihikoxRima

Rating: K

Summary: Now in her final year of High School Rima has come to terms with herself being in love with her friend Nagihiko. One problem, he's dating her best friend Amu. What is Rima going to do when her heart calls for Nagi, but doesn't want to hurt Amu?

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It was a cool Autumn morning and Mashiro Rima was slowly walking towards Seiyo High School. Her long golden blond hair blew behind her as she walked. She wore the typical black school uniform with her traditional white stockings, black Mary-Janes, and black bow headband. As she walked Rima thought of her long time friend Fujisaki Nagihiko. She had been denying herself that she held feelings towards the long purple haired ex-cross-dresser, but that ended somewhere before the end of their second year of High School. She had come to the fact that she was in love with him. There was just one thing in her way of telling him how she felt. Her best friend Hinamori Amu.

Amu and Rima had been best friends since Elementary School. Back then Amu had a confusing love triangle with Hotori Tadase and Tsukiyomi Ikuto. Then Ikuto left to look for him father in far off countries and left Amu in Tadase's care. They quickly got together, but for some unknown reason they broke up towards the beginning of their second year of High School. The two were still good friends, but you could see that there were still a few kinks in their relationship.

The next Summer Rima had built up the courage to tell Nagihiko how she felt unfortunately Kami-sama was not looking upon her. When all the old Guardians decided to get together to hang out Nagihiko had an announcement to make. He and Amu had been going out for about a week. Everyone congratulated the happy couple, even Tadase. Rima was to say the least; shocked. None the less she put on a smile and congratulated the two as well.

It was now about four months since then and the thought of Nagihiko going out with Amu still had a pull on her heart. She was mad and jealous at Amu for going out with him, let alone not telling her for a whole week. Even so, she couldn't stay mad at Amu, she was Rima's best friend. Rima was quickly pulled out of her thoughts when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Turning her head around Rima blushed a light pink color. It was Nagihiko.

"Yo, Rima-chan." He said with his usual smile. "How are you? We haven't spoken in a while." That was true; Rima was in the Moon class while Nagihiko was in the Star class, with Amu.

Rima turned her head forwards and shrugged his hand off her shoulder. "It has been. What's wrong with you? Too busy to visit your friends?" She started walking towards the school again.

Nagihiko laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head as he jogged to catch up to Rima. "Sorry about that. I've had basketball and dance practice." Nagihiko joined the basketball team when he entered the Middle School and had more free time since he wasn't part of the Guardians anymore. He also decided to continue his dance as well in which Temari disappeared a few days later and a little bit after Rhythm who disappeared a bit after he join the basketbsll team. "Add homework and dates with Amu and my plate is pretty full."

Rima lightly scowled. Of corse he had to tell her he was going on frequent dates with Amu. She knew that already because her girl time with Amu was cut in more half because of them. More than half! Rima scoffed. "Whatever."

"Nagi-kun! Rima-chan!" A girl voice called out. The two looked up to see Amu standing at the crosswalk a few yards in front of them and was waving her hands around. Tadase was standing a few feet away and smiled at them with a princely smile. "Over here." Nagihiko jogged to reach Amu and gave her a big hug with a small kiss on her cheek. Amu blushed lightly, but not as much as she did when she was younger. Rima's blood boiled, but she pushed it to the back of her mind and smiled then ran up to Amu.

"Hi Amu-chan. Do you want to hang out with me after school today?" Rima asked.

"Ah, sorry Rima-chan," Amu started as she scratched the side her her face. "Nagi-kun and I are going to take a walk after school and talk a bit. He's been pretty busy recently and this was his only free day for a while."

Rima's face saddened a bit. "Oh, OK."

Amu started panicking a bit, she hated it when Rima was sad. "Um, if it we don't stay out too long I'll call you right away and we can also hang out all day tomorrow since it's Saturday. I promise." Rima smiled a bit and nodded. The light to cross turned green and the four of them walked across the road to the school grounds.

The school day went relatively quickly for Rima. Nothing really happened. Soon before she knew it the end of the school day had come and everyone was leaving. After Rima finished her class job of reorganized the bookshelf in the back of the class room she gathered her things and headed towards the front of the school. Rima was allowed to walk home from school after some talking with her parents and some conditions. Rima had to go home right away unless she called to inform them of any last minute plans and she had to carry a bottle of pepper spray with her.

As Rima walked home she hear the sound of some people walking just a bit up ahead. Jumping behind some trees Rima peaked around to see who it was a was shocked to see it was Amu and Nagihiko. She couldn't hear what they were saying, but Amu's face was nervous and red. Then before Rima new it Nagihiko leaned forwards and kissed Amu; right on the lips. Rima dropped her bag in shock, but it went unnoticed by the kissing duo. Rima wanted to scream and run, but her feet were glued to the ground and her voice was dry. She just stood there from behind the tree and watched.

Then just as quickly as Nagihiko started it Amu ended it. She put her hands on him and pushed him away shaking her head. Rima noticed that it was red and she seemed a bit upset. Amu said something that Rima again couldn't hear. Nagihiko replied back a bit flustered. The two continued talking for a moment before the two were silent and still. Nagihiko looked at Amu then spoke something softly and held up a pinky. Amu nodded and locked pinkies with him before giving him a quick hug. Then Amu said something which seemed to shock Nagihiko and then started walking in the direction away from Rima.

Nagihiko shook off his shocked face them sighed heavily and started walking towards where Rima was hiding. Rima started to panic. She quickly gathered her stuff, but the pepper spray rolled out of her bag. Rima made a reach for it though she lost her balance and fell right into the path of Nagihiko.

"Rima-chan?" Nagihiko asked. "W-what are you-" Before he could finish Rima made a run for it away from Nagihiko. "Rima-chan! Wait!" Then the sound of feet following her reached her ears. Rima continued running for a minute or two before strong hand grabbed her shoulder again stopping her in her tracks. Turning her head Rima saw Nagihiko panting and gasping for breath. "F-finally caught up to you." He took a few deep breaths of air then straightened up. "I guess what they say about small people being fast was true."

Rima blushed and turned her head away. "I-if that's all you have to say to me then I'm going."

"Wait, this is yours." Rima turned back to Nagihiko to see her bottle of pepper spray in his hand. "I don't think you're parents would be very happy if you lost this." Rima just looked at the pepper spray then at Nagihiko who smiled. Blushing Rima snatched the bottle back and shoved it in her bag, turned around, and was still blushing. "Did you see me and Amu-chan?" Rima didn't answer, but Nagihiko saw her slightly nod her head. He left out a sigh. "Come on, lets go get some ice cream." Nagihiko grabbed Rima's hand wand started pulling her towards the park where an ice cream vender would surely be. Rima was blushing like elementary school Amu.

Once the two got some ice cream, vanilla for both of them, they sat on a bench by the trees and away from most of the occupants of the park. It was quiet, too quiet, and the tension could be cut with a knife. Rima just sat there with her small cup of ice cream and stared at it as Nagi sat next to her and slowly was eating his ice cream cone. After a few minutes Rima built up the courage to speak.

"I-I saw you two." She began. Nagihiko looked towards Rima as she talked, but she she had her head down and was staring at her now melting ice cream. "I saw you two, b-but I couldn't hear anything. I was t-too far away. I'm sorry."

"It's alright, there's nothing to be sorry about."

"But, I spied on you and Amu-chan as you two k-ki-" Rima couldn't bring herself to saw the word 'kissed'. The thought of it was a bit too painful for her.

"It's alright. Amu-chan and I, " Nagi said as his voice got noticeably softer. "We, no, she broke up with me."

Rima snapped her head up towards Nagihiko. Had she heard right? Amu broke up with Nagihiko. Two seemed happy that morning. What happened. Not that she wasn't happy that Nagihiko was single again, but Amu and Nagihiko were still her friends. She liked it when they were happy.

"We were just walking and talking a bit enjoying ourselves. Then Amu-chan said that she felt bad because she was dating me. She said that someone else out there deserved me more than she did. I tried to convincer her other wise by, well you know." Nagihiko was referring to the kiss. "Though it didn't change much. Amu-chan said that she loved me, but it was more of a love for a brother than a boyfriend. We argued a bit about it until she told me that, that," Nagihiko at this point went silent.

"W-what did Amu-chan say?" Rima quietly asked.

"She said she fell in love with Hotori-kun again and that they had decided to get back together."

Rima was shocked, but not too much. She had a feeling that the pink haired girl still had some feelings towards the former King and vise-versa. Rima was mad that Amu decided to date Nagihiko even though she was probably aware of these feelings. Though, if Rima remembered correctly Nagihiko asked her out and Amu was a bit too nice to deny a friend and she was still a bit shaky and over nervous about relationships. "I'm sorry Nagi." Rima spoke quietly.

Nagi turned his head towards Rima and stared at her wide eyed. Rima gave him an annoyed look that clearly said 'What?'. "T-that was first time you've ever called me Nagi. It's always Fujisaki-san or Nagihiko-san. You've never called me Nagi before."

Rima blushed at her slip up and turned back to her ice cream and quickly shoved some in her mouth. "It was an accident. Don't think of anything of it." She mumbled as she continued shoving ice cream in her mouth.

Nagihiko smiled, "I liked it. Can you continue calling me Nagi?"

Rima's face turned a few shades darker, but answered in a low muffled voice, "W-whatever."

Nagihiko smiled again and the two continued to eat their ice cremes. A few minutes later a rigging sound was heard. Rima quickly pulled her cell phone out of her bag. "Darn it. I forgot to call Mama." Rima answered the phone and put it to her ear. "Hello? Mama?...No I'm perfectly fine. I just ran into Fuji- I mean Nagi and we decide to get some ice cream... I'm sorry. I'll remember next time... Yes I'm on my way home now." Rima hung her phone up and put it back in her bag then stood up. "That was Mama. I need to go home now."

Nagihiko stood up as well and he threw out their remaining ice cream seeing as neither of them were going to finish them. "Alright. I'll walk you home. Give you extra protection."

Rima puffed out her cheeks, but was none the less happy that Nagihiko was going to walk her home. "F-fine. Do what you want."

"Right, now," Nagihiko held his hand out for Rima to take. "Shall we go Princess?"

Rima blushed and turned her head away. "Idiot." she said, Nagihiko just laughed and took Rima's hand and they started walking towards the direction on Rima's house.

After a bit of walking Rima decided to ask a question that had been inching her to ask. "Fuji- I mean Nagi," Nagihiko gave Rima a look to show her that she had his full attention. "W-what did Amu-chan say after she told you she was in love with Hotori-san again and that they were going to get back together?"

Nagihiko was quiet for a minute then spoke, "She said she couldn't date me when she was in love with Hotori-kun and that they were going to get back together. So that was the end." Nagihiko fell silent for a bit, then smiled and cheered up a bit. "I asked her if we could still be friends. She agreed fully and we pinky promised to still be friends. Then we went our separate ways." Rima a silent and just gave Nagihiko's hand a tight squeeze. About fifteen minutes later the two had nearly reached Rima's house. Then Rima stopped walking jerking Nagihiko back a bit.

"What's the matter Rima?" Nagihiko asked.

"Are you sad that Amu-chan broke up with you?" Rima asked quietly.

"Well I am a bit upset, but over all," Nagihiko paused at looked towards the sky that was now nearly completely dark out. The stars were coming out and the street lights had turned on, one was right about there heads lighting themselves up on the dark street. "I'm not that sad. I realize now that I loved Amu-chan like a sister rather than a girlfriend just like how she loved me as a brother rather then a boyfriend. I just didn't know it myself yet." Nagihiko took a sideways glance at Rima and gave a small grin. "Anyway Amu-chan told me something interesting too before she left."

Rima looked up to see Nagihiko staring directly at her with a grin on his face. "W-what are you looking at?"

"Nothing, Amu-chan just said that someone I know is in love with me." Rima's face flushed deep red. "She said she was a blond and that's about it." If possible Rima's face blushed even darker. "Maybe it's Fiyumi-san in my class. She's rather nice and sweet." Nagihiko said with a sly smile. Rima's body started shaking in a bit of anger. "She's really cute too."

That was it. Rima's snapped. She pulled her hand from Nagihiko and grabbed onto his school jacket's collar. Then with one quick motion she pulled Nagihiko the down and crashed her lips upon his. Rima's face was a crimson red by this point and she had her eyes forcefully closed. Nagihiko just stared at Rima, or what he could see of her. Rima's hair blocked most of his vision. As quickly as Rima started the kiss she ended it. She quickly tried to walk away from Nagihiko, but the purple haired boy was too fast and grabbed Rima by the writs and pulled her back into his chest and hugged her tightly.

Rima blushed again, her face was going to become permanently red if she continued blushing. "W-what!" She stammered out, "Let me go Nagi!" Rima tried to struggle out of his arms though Nagihiko just hugged her tighter.

"I'm sorry."


"I shouldn't had teased you." Nagihiko leaned back a bit and stared Rima in the eyes. "I know it was you all along. Forgive me."

Rima turned her head away again. "F-fine."

"That's my Rima-chan."

"Y-your R-rima-chan! What do you mea-" Rima was silenced when Nagihiko placed his own lips on hers. Unlike the other kiss this one was soft and passionate not quick and harsh. Rima was shocked at the movement, but quickly relaxed into the kiss. She then slowly snuck her arms around Nagihiko's torso and pulled him in closer. Nagihiko had bent down a bit so it would be easier for Rima since there was still a large height different between them. Rima then stood high on her toes to deepen the kiss and Nagihiko obliged by leaning in deeper. The two stayed there in each other's embrace and softly kissed. The kiss was soft, passionate, and seemed to last forever just as the love the two shared for each other was. Through the kiss the unspoken though clearly known words were spoken between the two.

I love you.


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