A Note From Lara: Okay, okay, I know I shouldn't be working on a brand new fic, what with all the ones I've already got in-progress, and one of them completely on hold because I've got writer's block for that particular storyline... But this idea occurred to me last night when I was daydreaming, and I just COULDN'T go another day without writing it down and posting it...

To all those out there who've read my other work, I promise you I'll get my other stories updated as soon as I can as well, but this just had to be posted ASAP.

Okay, so the premise, as you already read, is a Star Wars-Smallville Crossover. This is set in Smallville season five, late in the season. Set some time during Star Wars Episode IV. I've made two changes to the SW plotline, and one to the SV one. SW- Luke knows Leia is his sister, and has been training her in the rudiments of using the Force, and he knows who his father is... (cue Imperial March) SV- Lois is in love with Clark (not openly, and in denial, of course) by this point.

Now, I've never been really clear how it would feel to anyone using the Force; like what the mindset would be, would there be any physical sensations accompanying it, etc. So I'm just giving my interpretation of how I think it would feel. I might also stretch the limits of the capabilities of the Force.

I mean, you can't expect me to put Luke Skywalker in a story with Supes with just the normal limits of the Force, plus a lightsaber, at his disposal. Sorry to those of you who believe that the standard Force would be enough to take on the Last Son of Krypton, but... no. Just... no. His only vulnerabilities are magic and kryptonite. Not the Force. I don't mean to offend any avid Star Wars fans with this. I love Star Wars, and I've seen every one of the movies at least six times each, but I'll be a Superman fan first and foremost, and to the end of time, so... yeah.

Now why are you still reading this? There's a story! Down there! (points)

Luke Skywalker groaned and pushed his mop of sandy brown hair out of his piercing blue eyes. It had taken them hours, but they'd finally shaken the Imperial ships that had been tailing the Millennium Falcon for some time. Unfortunately, the Falcon had been badly damaged in a firefight, and even working together, he and his best friend Han Solo couldn't fix it.

Their star drive was still working- barely. They had enough power for maybe one quick trip in hyperspace. If there wasn't an inhabitable planet nearby, they were in serious trouble. If they didn't die of starvation in deep space, Imperial cruisers would find them again, and then...

Luke shuddered at the thought of what awaited him if he ever found himself in the Empire's clutches. Within reach of Darth Vader, the Emperor's right-hand man, an evil Sith Lord, sworn enemy of the Jedi... his father...

He shook off the memory of their last clash with the empire's forces. It wasn't worth dwelling on.

The two droids, R2D2 and C3P0 were currently in one of the ship's storage bays, fiddling with the wiring that ran through the so-called 'smuggler pits'. There wasn't much chance they'd be able to fix whatever was wrong, but they might be able to cobble together some kind of patch for the system.

"Hey, Han, can you pull up the charts on where exactly we are?" he called to his friend in the cockpit. "Sure kid," the handsome smuggler yelled back. Han's copilot, a wookie named Chewbacca, punched a few switches on the Falcon's main control panel. A map of the local star systems came up on the screen. Little tags indicated inhabited planets.

There was a very long silence. Even Luke, with all the patience he had learned from Yoda, his Master, finally grew tired of waiting. "Well, is there anywhere we can land for repairs?" he asked finally.

Han sighed. "Hate to disappoint you, kid, but this is one of the very few places in the galaxy I've really never spent a lot of time in. I know basically zilch about any of these systems." Luke groaned again.

"Maybe Leia knows something," he muttered, disheartened. "Leia? Do you know anything about these systems?" he called to his twin sister.

Princess Leia, formerly of Alderon, emerged from somewhere in the back of the star ship. Her dark hair was bound up in two tight buns at each side of her head, her preferred hairstyle. Her loose white robes flowed around her as she stepped forward to give the charts a cursory glance.

"Actually, I do have a little knowledge about this area." She pointed at several little planetoids in the Andromeda system. "These three are Empire-controlled. Loyal to a fault. Bad idea to land there. Now here, this little system here, the Sol system... we might try there. Two inhabited planets. Well, only technically two. This planet, Mars, is formerly inhabited. The Martians went extinct some years ago."

Leia looked closer at the chart. "But the next planet in, closer to the system's star, called Earth, is a charming place or so I've heard. The primary sentient species is blissfully unaware of other intelligent life in the universe, completely uninvolved in our struggle with the Empire. These people call themselves 'humans'. They bear a very close resemblance to us, except for being slightly shorter, as a species. We should be able to mingle well enough until we find a way to get the Falcon repaired."

Luke caught Han's admiring look as they took in Leia's extensive knowledge of an obscure system. He'd suspected for some time that there was more between his friend and his twin than just friendly adversity. It was interesting to watch the bickering and banter. Every time they got near each other, especially lately, there was a faint... shiver... in the Force. Though it rarely lasted more than a second after they entered each other's presence, it intrigued him.

"Well then," Han said. "Earth it is. Strap in, Princess," he said to Leia in a mocking tone. "It's gonna be a helluva ride." Leia folded her arms and opened her mouth to make a tart reply, but Han deliberately punched the star drive, sending the Falcon zooming into hyperspace and throwing her against the wall of the cabin.

"Hey!" she gasped.

"Something wrong, Princess?" Han asked, smirking. His eyes never left the control panel of the damaged Millenium Falcon.

Luke simply smiled.

Thirteen minutes later (Earth time)...

"Alright people we're approaching the entrance corridor for Planet Earth," Han muttered. "And when I say 'strap in', I really do mean 'strap in'. This is gonna be rough any way you cut it."

Leia sat down quickly in the only remaining seat in the cockpit. The look on her face said that she clearly didn't want to repeat her previous experience. Luke shook his head in amusement, and made his way back to warn the droids that they were in for a bumpy landing.

As he disappeared into the bowels of the Falcon, Han began to swear loudly. "What is it?" Leia asked. Han beat against the controls. "Heat shield's jammed halfway activated. This baby could burn up in the atmosphere!" Chewbacca whined.

Her eyes narrowed, Leia glanced across at him in sudden apprehension. "What are our odds?" she asked. "Not great. The shield is partially activated, but I'm not sure it's enough to cover us, and if it is, it's going to be even rougher than it would've been otherwise," Han said, in the most serious tone she'd ever heard from him.

"Well, have you tried kicking it?" she said sarcastically. Han turned full around in his seat to stare at her, his mouth hanging open. He shook his head in half-disgusted surprise. After a moment, he snorted, and turned back to the console. He glanced at her again, and very deliberately kicked the machinery. There was a faint whirr, then nothing.

"Great," he muttered, scanning the readouts on his screen. "Now not only are the heat shields jammed, the drag flaps are fully extended. We're completely screwed." Chewbacca growled. "Shut it, Chewy," Han hissed.

Leia rolled her eyes.

"Okay kids, hold on tight. We're in for one helluva ride," Han said, focusing once again on the view of the small blue-green planet before them.

Leia was conscious of a jolt upon entry. They hit the atmosphere... hard. For something as movable as air, it gave surprising resistance to the underbelly of the little starcraft.

The ship jerked again and again as they were buffeted by airstreams in the upper atmosphere, dragged ever downward by gravity. The air inside the cockpit became stiflingly warm as the barely extended heat shields began to fail. Han muttered and pulled up on the controls. He cut the ship's engine, hoping that less propulsion would slow their headlong descent toward the planet's surface.

They were spinning out of control. Chewbacca was howling, Han was swearing, and Leia was holding tightly to her self control. It was all she could do to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs.

Through the spiderweb of cracks that was forming in the window, she could see the landmass they were headed toward. It was strangely shaped, tapering to a narrow point to the south, and wide to the north, with a narrow peninsula jutting out on the southeast. They seemed to be on a collision-course with the center of the continent.

She shook her head. She didn't want these to be her last thoughts, if they didn't come through this alright. At least the rebellion could continue without them...

Leia clenched her eyes tightly shut. She ran through all of her closest friends and family. Her brother... her adopted parents... An image of Han's laughing face popped into her head as a wave of regret swept through her, and then... impact.

She was briefly stunned. When she opened her eyes, she was staring through the broken-out window at a field of some kind of five-foot-tall stalks. Leia blinked.

"I guess we're alive," she whispered.

"Yep," Han said, extricating himself from his seat (not terribly difficult) and Chewbacca's terrified grasp (nearly impossible).

Suddenly, Leia realized that there was no sound coming from the back of the craft. "Luke!" she cried, launching herself to the rear. "Luke, are you alright?"

She found the droids, both of them damaged from impact, lying in a powered-down mode in the smugglers pits. Across the cabin from them lay Luke. His face was very pale, and there was a small trickle of blood running down his forehead. He didn't move.

"Luke!" Leia screamed, kneeling beside his prone figure.

"Hey, kid!" Han said loudly, standing behind her, looking equally concerned for his friend.

"Oh no," Leia whispered, turning to face him. "I think he's really hurt. What are we going to do?"

A Note From Lara: Okay, just FYI, this is the first first chapter (and no that wasn't a typo, I literally meant the first 'first chapter') I've ever written that DIDN'T involve the Last Son of Krypton in one way or another. But don't worry- We'll see everybody's favorite Boy Scout in chapter two... coming soon (I hope).

So the gang are stranded on Earth (in Kansas) with one badly damaged Falcon, two badly damaged droids, and one badly damaged Luke. What will they do now? Ooh...

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And also my rating: For now, PG-13, simply because I have no idea where this is going. Star Wars has a tendency to have a lot of violence, and I just love to write slightly dirty Smallville scenes (especially for Chlex and Clois). So...

And here are my pairings for this fic: Clois (I have NEVER written a fic where Clark's with anyone BUT Lois, and NEVER will), Lexana (because that's how it was on the show at the time, duh), Han-Leia (again, they're meant to be together, basically Clark and Lois, maybe in reverse gender-wise, but whatever), Chluke (it's a relationship that's never been tried, and with Luke being so similar to Clark, and Chloe always mooning after Clark... it could work. I'll just see where it goes). And that's all for pairings.

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