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The man Leia had guessed was Kal-El was a difficult man to follow. They had kept up with him fairly well while they were still in the town, but once he arrived at a dented red vehicle parked around the corner, he had driven away too quickly for them to keep up, even running as quickly as they could. Finally, Han gave up the chase, slumping against the building.

"Great," he muttered. "Just great. There goes our one chance to get off this godforsaken rock."

Leia narrowed her eyes at him. "Maybe not," she said. "There's always a way."

Han looked askance at her. "What are you talking about?"

"I am Luke's sister. I ought to be able to use the Force, if he can. Maybe... I don't know. It's a stretch, but I could try to... sense him. Luke can do that. Who's to say I can't?"

"No offense, Princess, but you don't know anything about this 'Force'."

She glared at him. "For your information, I happen to know a great deal about the Force. Unlike you, I actually pay attention when Luke's doing whatever he does. It won't hurt to try, now will it?" She closed her eyes. Stretch out your mind, Luke had told her. Feel the world around you. Feel the life. Leia was suddenly hyperaware of her body, feeling the air brush gently against every inch of exposed skin. Bright lights began to pop behind her closed eyelids, and the people in the buildings around her suddenly became much more viscerally real to her than the abstract concepts they were otherwise. Her circle of expanded consciousness spread out to cover the entirety of the town, which she now realized was really very tiny. And...

There. Moving quickly down a road outside of the city. One mind, one presence, that seemed somehow brighter than the others. She followed him with her mind, tracking him closely as he drove out through the seemingly endless fields of crops. He changed directions, then quite suddenly stopped moving. There.

Leia's eyes snapped open and she drew in a shaky breath. She sagged back against the building, feeling suddenly very tired.

"Are you okay?" Han asked, his hands suddenly on her shoulders, peering into her face.

She nodded. "Yes. I'm perfectly alright." Trying to ignore how his sudden nearness had set her heart to beating uncomfortably fast, she straightened up. "I... I'm not sure I did it right, but I think he's outside the city. He's at a house, I think, not too far from here."

He stepped back from her, much to her relief. "Okay then. We'll head back to the Falcon and check on Luke. Then we'll go see about this Kryptonian guy."

"Excuse me?" she demanded. "Since when are you in charge?" She said it more heatedly than she really felt, trying her best to disguise how disconcerted she had been by his proximity to her just moments before. There was no time for that sort of complication, not with the Empire looming, ever more dangerous. "Who was it who knew that this would be a safe planet to land on? Who was it that recognized him in the first place? Who was it that found him just now?"

Han glared at her. "Alright then, what do you want to do, Fearless Leader?"

Leia paused, then sighed. "We go check on Luke, I guess."

He gave her a look, raising one eyebrow ironically. But he didn't comment, and so Leia lead the way down the street, moving purposefully in the direction of the field where they had left the damaged Millenium Falcon.

Ten minutes ago...

Luke sat up, rubbing his head. When he pulled his hand away, he saw blood on his fingers. That couldn't be good. He pulled himself to his feet, glancing around him. His surroundings felt familiar, but...

He shook his head, confused. Something was wrong with him. He could think clearly enough when he was focusing on the present, but thinking about the past was... difficult. Some details swam hazily to his struggling mind, but the majority of his recent memories were gone. Not a complete blank, more like he was looking at them through a very thick fog. He had been with old Ben Kenobi, who had rescued him from the Sand People... and... and... there had been something about a huge space station, and Princess Leia... and Darth Vader. The Emperor's right-hand man had been there, hadn't he?

Thinking about Vader gave Luke a sick feeling in his gut, and he directed his mind to the more pressing matter. Something was very, very wrong with him. He brought his hand up to his head again, and examined the blood that came away. He must have hit his head on something. That must be what was making his memory all muzzy.

The narrow confines of the space ship he stood in suddenly made Luke feel panicky and claustrophobic. Tucking a blaster into his belt for protection, he darted toward the hatch, desperate to escape a crushing sense that he'd forgotten something very important...

Leia entered the Falcon, and immediately hurried around the corner to where they'd left Luke. No one was there. "Luke?" she called.

"Where's the kid?" Han asked nonchalantly behind her.

She shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he woke up. Luke!" she yelled again, getting no response. "Look for him, will you? I'm going to go see if Chewbacca's managed to put the droids back together yet."

Within five minutes, it became clear that, although Chewie had managed to reconstruct C3P0 and R2D2, Luke was no longer on the Millenium Falcon. "This isn't good, is it?" Leia said, concern clear in her voice.

"You got that right, Princess."

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